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政策效果显现 楼市加速回暖推动经济稳定

财政下沉式城镇化样本:佛山“新市民”养成路 说明

互联网时代 家居卖场陷销售分水岭

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1.定制家具问题多 新标准2016年起实施
2.煤炭钢铁去产能有望加量 或扩至水泥等四大行业
4.上半年广东省家具主营业务收入超千亿元 木质家具势头最强
5.楼市调控政策持续 二手市场理性回落价格平稳
6.“新一线”城市成95后就业首选 购房等政策成主因


1. IDC believes that the rising disposable income of Chinese people has resulted in greater consumption, which contributed to the rapid growth of the domestic smartphone market.
2. Remedy: Make a budget. If you don’t know how much money you need to live the lifestyle you feel comfortable with, you can’t accurately project whether switching jobs for a $10K pay bump is actually a good deal. Making a pros and cons list when comparing your current job with a new opportunity is also helpful. If the only advantage a job offers is a bigger pay check, you can weigh that against longer hours, a more onerous commute and increased reporting responsibilities. Keep in mind that research shows that increases in happiness based on earnings peak at about $75K. Incomes above this level don’t increase your feeling of well-being on a day-to-day basis. So, if you think a jump up to $85 or $90K will make you feel less morose when your alarm goes off, you might want to look at addressing some of the non-monetary factors in your life that are contributing to your dissatisfaction.
3. 在咨询公司Brand Finance的《2017年全球500强》报告中,搜索巨头谷歌超过了iPhone的制造商苹果公司,成为了全世界市值最高的公司。
4. Yes. Mr Meade is the candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. His main rival is the hard leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a passionate orator who can work a crowd. Mr Meade has a lot to overcome: he will have to convince voters that they can trust him, after he put up petrol prices by 20 per cent overnight in January, triggering a surge in inflation. He will also have to reveal himself as his own man, not just a clone of an unpopular government that has failed spectacularly to rein in rampant corruption and crime. But backed by the formidable PRI get-out-the-vote machine, he could prove unstoppable. In Mexico’s one-round-only system, 30 per cent of the vote might be enough.
5. 源于:strike(v 打击;军事进攻;铸造;敲钟;罢工)
6. 眼见克莱斯勒的市场份额呈现死亡式螺旋下降,菲亚特会最终认识到这个不中用的公司还真就是不中用了。预计菲亚特会在8月前扬言彻底和克莱斯勒分道扬镳,除非全美汽车工人联合会(UAW)和美国纳税人作出更多让步。


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1、原料价格上涨 卫浴厂商:产品“缩水”很无奈
2、绿色建筑将引领建材产业绿色升级 为新型城镇增色
3、房企内部腐败频发 有人一次贪污数千万
4、湖北出台新规 建材市场须明码标价售后服务不收费
6、成都卖场顽疾众多生存堪忧 居家综合体是新方向....


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