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工业4.0大势之下 LED照明智能化或呈现两大趋势

成交下降 地产中介嗅到了楼市下行的味道 说明

建设银行芜湖分行违规发放住房按揭贷款 领两张罚单

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3.共有产权房供应增加 一二手房价格倒挂
4.坚持“房住不炒” 别让房租步房价后尘
5.下半年家居业步入深度调整 机遇与危机并存
6.门窗企业寻求新突破 结合互联网+现新趋势


1. 因城施策去库存。
2. The biggest story of the festival had nothing to do with films. It was about shoes. On Tuesday trade magazine Screen reported that a group of women had been denied access to a screening of Todd Haynes' Carol because their footwear – flat shoes with rhinestones – was unsuitable for the red carpet. Further tales came tumbling forth, social media erupted in indignation and soon enough we were soon dealing with a fully fledgedscandale. The Cannes press office rushed out a garbled statement: “Rules have not changed throughout the years (Tuxedo, formal dress for Gala screenings) and there is no specific mention about the height of the women's heels as well as for men's. Thus, in order to make sure that this rule is respected, the festival's hosts and hostesses were reminded of it.” Well, that cleared that up. Perhaps wisely, press screenings are exempt from any dress code: scruffy journalists are free to ascend the Palais' steps in flip flops and trainers.
3. The government also needs to adopt the Internet Plus governance to ensure that government services will be more easily accessible for our people.
4. romantic
5. Among the amenities spread through its three terminals are two 24-hour movie theaters screening the latest blockbusters for free, a rooftop swimming pool and a butterfly garden.
6. Official data indicates a total of 81 feature length films, including 47 Chinese titles, surpassed the 100 million yuan box office threshold.


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1、住房供求总体偏松 供求关系将进入新阶段
2、12月百城新房均价连跌8个月 70个城市环比下跌
3、资产荒致信贷大增流向房产市场 为去库存留隐患
4、12月 年底楼市平稳“收官”
5、受房地产投资下滑影响 建材业过半亏损产能过剩
6、5月份北京二手房成交量14个月最高 未来新房房源将大增....


      西西软件园 Economists say that both the residential and commercial markets in Hong Kong will be hurt by the same factors: slower growth in China, the depreciation of the renminbi, a crackdown on corruption on the mainland, and predictions that the US’s low interest-rate environment is due to end. However, government cooling measures introduced in 2012 to reduce speculative investment in Hong Kong property are an additional damper on the residential sector.
      The new data released yesterday represent the first snapshot of global trade for 2015. But the figures also come amid growing concerns that 2016 is already shaping up to be more fraught with dangers for the global economy than previously expected.