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米兰家具展遭“鄙视” 龙江家具产业加快步伐谋转型

房价上行态势放缓 土地市场启动“控地王”模式 说明

广州楼市5月成交量下降 租价相对平稳

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1.LED行业:未来是规模企业的天下 微利才是常态
2.房地市场产分化明显 投资增幅三季度或将见底
3.济南多数房企销售指标难完成 新盘不敢定价
4.房地产库存在三四线城市 控制房价暴涨已有成效
5.三季度机构“看多”楼市 未来成交量或进一步上升
6.“五一”小长假铁路运输方案发布 预计旅客发送量同比增长10.9%


1. The government is keen to encourage lending to small and medium-sized borrowers, many of whom do not have credit histories. Analysts estimate the number of Chinese consumers who are financially active but without access to credit to be 500m.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo, the superstar footballer who earned 61 million pound last year, usurped long-term leader Floyd Mayweather Jnr into first place. The retired boxer, who fought just once in the last 12 months, earned pound 30 million.
3. 詹妮弗?劳伦斯如今是好莱坞最炙手可热的年轻女演员之一,所以她成为众多男人心中无法抗拒的女人一点也不让人惊讶。
4. “Airbnb is here to stay,” Mr. Gottsegen said. “Instead of fighting it, we should wrap our arms around it and make it better.”
5. Meanwhile, a salesman from online travel company Tuniu Corp told the Financial Times that it had on Friday “removed all tours to South Korea due to the Thaad issue”. A search for South Korean tours on the website returns the message: “Sorry, we have not found a relevant product.”
6. The result doesn't look much like a nose—it's a bottle filled with liquid nutrient that cultivates bacteria. But give the “nose” a blood sample and let it sniff for a few days, and the bottle's dots will change color to indicate what bacteria, if any, it identifies.


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3、当“离家出走”成常态 LED企业发展还靠谁?
4、房主收买家定金后房市看涨 毁约欲涨价10万
6、家居产品频现“质量门” 乱象何时了?....


      西西软件园 通过比较不同地区指定类别的生活成本,《经济学人智库》指出,亚洲城市在食品上的购买成本最高,其中韩国首尔的食品价格最高。欧洲城市则是在休闲娱乐用品上的成本最高。
      Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both won for their startlingly gaunt performances in the Texas HIV drama 'Dallas Buyers Club.' Leonardo DiCaprio, a nine-time Golden Globe nominee, won his second Globe for best actor in a comedy for his uninhibited work in 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' He thanked director Martin Scorsese for his mentorship ('Wolf' is their fifth film together) and for 'allowing me to stalk you to make this movie.'