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1.天津武清多个新盘封盘 已无投资客“到访”
2.二线楼市强力调控下现分化 南京“风来”等降温
3.在线短租孕育百亿市场 分享经济激活长尾效应
4.经济观察:2018楼市总体平淡 中国房企转型在路上
6.警方扫黑除恶端掉“小区服务队” 业主:解气!


1. vt. 谣传
2. "In the aftermath of recessions, there's always a period of jobless recovery," says John Challenger, CEO of global outplacement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas. "We're certainly not optimistic about seeing much improvement in the unemployment rate in 2010."
3. The price of gold has risen 15 per cent since the beginning of 2017 to trade at $1,334.78 a troy ounce.
4. 这项研究需要对夫妻互动时的情绪进行庞大的纵向研究。
5. "We are quite interested in looking at China's efforts and experience in combating corruption. It's a problem we are faced with in South Africa, and one we are tackling with a lot of vigor.Recently, the South African government introduced new measures to combat corruption. This is interesting, because it was immediately after a visit by our minister for public services, who met with the minister here who is responsible for anti-corruption measures.So this is one of the examples of the usefulness of this interaction between our leadership and the leadership of the People's Republic of China."
6. 《体育画报》泳装专刊模特凯特·阿普顿位于2015全球美女榜第八。这位时尚名模去年曾是本榜单亚军。今年她也入选了《人物》杂志最性感女性榜单。


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3、京东家居事业部出海 能否扛起另一半天?
4、远离恶性竞争 门窗企业还需回归产品
5、佛山照明证券虚假陈述案引关注 遇第二波“索赔潮”
6、燕郊7月开始众多楼盘降价 业内称只是暂时....


      西西软件园 History will look back on 2012 as the year when China anointed its "fifth generation" of leaders and shifted to a slower growth trajectory, writes Yukon Huang. This transition will take place against a backdrop of daunting internal challenges — increasing social unrest, widening income disparities and both ecological and man-made disasters — and of escalating external tensions, stemming from America's "pivot" to Asia and simmering regional worries about China's economic rise.
      Xinhua reported in 2015 that the MOE and five other central government departments were putting together a task force to ensure that football thrives in the country's schools.