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1. vigor(n 精力;活力)
2. Form without content. Which is why devolving to such familiar forms seems like a safe bet, and why it really isn’t. It’s empty and disposable — which is in turn why the 1960s keep being identified as a “trend,” with the associated implication that at some point they will also be identified as “over.” Even though that “over” has yet to come.
3. China's online game revenue in 2008 was CNY20.8 billion, accounting for about 27% global share, ahead of South Korea at 21% and slightly behind the U.S. at 29%, according to an earlier report by Shanghai-based market research firm iResearch. The firm also predicted that China is likely to surpass the U.S. to become the world's largest by the end of 2009.
4. 她说,零售业务“起步不久,好坏参半”。她表示,亚太所有国家都有大量工作要做,并补充称,澳大利亚的事例证明,就吸引散户兴趣而言,监管改变可以带来显著不同。
5. Targeted poverty alleviation
6. Two United States cities have seen significant increases in costs, with Los Angeles rising 19 places to enter the top 10.


1. bend的过去式和过去分词 adj. 下定决心的,弯曲的
2. It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…
3. 养老保险基金收不抵支的省份正在增多。作为去年养老保险基金入不敷出的6个省份之一,黑龙江的企业养老保险可支付月数最多仅为1个月。
4. 3. In Cannes, they speak English
5. While many young children try and avoid school work at all costs, the star professes to be a keen student because she wants to avoid the trap of becoming 'a stupid dancer.'
6. 担忧是围绕向下流动(downward mobility)和文化变迁,而愤怒是针对移民和冷漠的精英。


1. 200911/88512.shtmlA 1936 Nobel Peace Prize discovered at a South American pawn shop has been sold at auction in Baltimore for $1.16 million.
2. 有关她在片中角色的细节尚未披露。
3. 在去年11月29日,共计约有93万人参加国家公务员考试,同比下降了60000人。不过,提供的2.7万个招聘岗位则创下了新高。
4. polish
5. Caveat Lector! Ten Predictions for 2010
6. 不过,10月份社会消费品零售总额增速放缓至10%,低于经济学家的预期。经济学家曾预期,10月份的增速将与9月份一致,同为10.7%。


1. On Saturday night they sang Stars from Les Miserables, the song performed the character Javert in the long-running musical.
2. ['trit?bl]
3. SplashData has revealed its list of the worst passwords of 2017, using data from more than 5 million passwords leaked this year – and, once again, ‘123456’ and ‘password’ top the list.
4. The Peoria, Ill.-based maker of heavy equipment authorized $10 billion in stock repurchases in January and expected to buy back $1.7 billion of its shares in the first quarter this year to complete its previous $7.5 billion repurchase initiative. The ongoing buybacks are "a result of our record cash flow," said CEO Doug Oberhelman.
5. We will speed up the reform of SOEs and state capital.
6. Over 11 million new urban jobs, and a registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent.


1. 《伯德小姐》
2. 马丁沃尔夫(Martin Wolf)
3. 很多企业家已经有了Gmail邮箱地址,但并不是每个企业家都知道谷歌文档(Google Docs)的强大用途。利用谷歌文档,你可以即时创建可分享的文档、工作表和演示文稿。更重要的是,团队的每名成员都可以通过网络更新这些文档。好好使用它的“修订”功能吧!

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