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1. A police raid of an illegal food store in southern China has exposed tonnes of rancid, decades-old chicken feet being 'processed' to be sold to unassuming customers.
2. To Japanese creators Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada for developing the SpeechJammer, a device that uses delayed auditory feedback to shut up participants in a discussion. This kind of system has been used in speech therapy to reduce stuttering among those with that particular speech disturbance.
3. 在数年的停滞之后薪酬将会加速提升
4. It is a struggle for power contained by understandings and institutions.
5. 然后,他用那把小提琴砸穿了那幅画。
6. 在Ross家附近的拐角处,一群男人坐在一家别墅的遮阳门廊,喝着啤酒,听着音乐。一个不愿意透露姓名的男人说,他从小就认识逮捕的这两个人。


1. trans转移+port拿,运→移动着拿→运输
2. celebrity
3. adj. 传统的
4. 对学习充满热情
5. Please accept my season\'s greetings.
6. n. 薄片,切片


1. 年度故事将是纽约对911主谋穆罕默德(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed)的审判。
2. 大型制药公司正在与美国癌症协会合作,以大幅折扣价为非洲患者提供抗癌药物。在整个非洲大陆,每年有45万人死于癌症,但其中有很多种癌症是可以治疗的,比如乳腺癌、宫颈癌和前列腺癌等。
3. 《好时光》
4. 互联网P2P借贷平台在中国发展迅猛,但随之而来的是众多的诈骗案件。
5. 而新上榜的中国公司则包括万科、中铁公司和中国太平保险。
6. 如果在“消极情感”和“社交抑制”两个维度得分均为10分或10分以上,那么你就是一个有D型人格特征的人。


1. Of the 200 nominated companies, 101 are privately-owned, while the rest are State-owned enterprises. The total value of these 200 listed brands has risen by 36 percent year-on-year to reach $696 billion, with the top 10 accounting for 46 percent of the total value.
2. 推进生态保护和建设。
3. Baby Driver
4. 4. Precious metals: 'Going dark! Economic cycles point downward'
5. May the glow of New Year candle fill your heart with peace and pleasure and make your New Year bright.
6. 不过,这一增幅低于8月份到9月份3个百分点的增加幅度,意味着近期的房地产限购措施或许产生了一定效果。


1. Hopefully the experts come up with a better plan than one that fell flat earlier this year. The country's tourism body unveiled a 'Beautiful China' logo in February to market the country overseas, but the campaign was mocked for its contrast with the many photos of China's not-so-beautiful cities shrouded in pollution.
2. adj. 被识别的;经鉴定的;被认同者 v. 鉴定(id
3. 世界杯锦标赛即将到来。 我想告诉你永葆美丽的一些要诀。

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