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1. Accounting and finance grads will be in demand too, the poll says. Note to college students already looking ahead to the summer: 52% of employers in the survey said they prefer to hire graduates with internship experience.
2. fatigue
3. 圣加伦大学在校友满意度方面排名居首。
4. The work of Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley has sparked a "flourishing field of research" and helped improve the performance of many markets, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.
5. Both claim to represent the people against foreigners and traitors.
6. LeBron James


1. Losers: Kings
2. [str?uk]
3. (可可英语版权所有,未经允许请勿转载)
4. Two colors! It may not sound revolutionary, but everything is relative. And know this: It’s not about indecision, but social progress. That’s Pantone’s position, anyway.
5. 辛塔·努里亚在印度尼西亚开展她的家庭运动。她举办不同宗教信仰者参加的活动,并建立了一个进步伊斯兰女子寄宿学校网络。
6. We learned that nothing brings people together like the sun hiding behind the moon.


1. 由西班牙IQS商学院、台湾辅仁大学(Fu Jen Catholic University)和旧金山大学(University of San Francisco)三家合办的管理学硕士项目排名升幅最大。其全球创业管理硕士项目的排名上升34位,至第43位,逆转了去年下滑19名的势头。这是唯一一个在三大洲授课的项目,其在国际课程体验方面排名第一。
2. HSBC said its private reading of China's manufacturing sector was stagnant last month, confirming a "flash" estimate already published.
3. 源于:virtues(n 美德天使:九级天使中的第五级)
4. 有史以来第1个真正有用的机器宠物
5. n. 社交聚会
6. 10、日本8.5级地震


1. The fall in demand for industrial bulk commodities was particularly pronounced. Huge oversupply in China’s real estate and manufacturing sectors has damped investment in new capacity in recent months, denting demand for all kinds of raw materials.
2. receptive
3. Age: 43
4. 《请以你的名字呼唤我》背景设定在意大利,讲述了的一个少年和一个学者之间的柔情之恋。
5. 7.M·A·S·H Star Never Signed his Contract
6. 北极和南极海冰量均降至历史最低水平


1. 3. 捷蓝航空(JetBlue) 品牌喜爱度:40%/排名:218
2. 5.Celebrity Mocks Mao
3. In the season of joy I present my sincere wishes and kind thoughts. May the kind of New Year outshine all the rest.

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    To provide assistance to these laid-off workers will continue to be our priority in cutting overcapacity and pursuing the supply-side structural reform.

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    Qatar University claimed the most international institution, marking the first time a Middle Eastern university has topped the list.

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    The results are based on a survey of 15,870 people across the country in August and September.