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1. 2. How to write a CV
2. The official said that some posts are more popular than others because they do not have strict requirements on education or work backgrounds of the applicants, and the jobs that have drawn thousands of applicants in recent years generally fall into such a category.
3. 在经济大幅放缓和复苏不顺的过程中,美联储的计划几乎都没有按照原先设定的那样去实施,美联储官员们现在也公开承认了这一事实。美联储主席贝南克(Ben Bernanke)上个月在其最后一次新闻发布会上表示,美联储对于增长步伐感到失望,同时也没有完全弄明白其中的原因。
5. 想一想再看
6. 泡沫气球


1. 3. Jeonju, South Korea-Hundreds of traditional Korean houses remain in central Jeonju's Hanok village.
2. [k?n's?:v?tiv]
3. [r?f]
4. China has made huge progress in easing its residence and entry policies for foreigners since September 2015, which has helped attract more talent from overseas, as well as boost international exchanges and the economy, according to a ministry statement.
5. plat平坦+form形状→形状平的地方→平台,月台
6. 胡润研究院称,只有资本净值超过80亿元的女性才有资格入围中国女富豪榜前50名。


1. “I saw a woman die and I saw the president of the United States refuse to unequivocally condemn the people who killed her.”
2. A disturbing and often bleak analysis of the automated future of work has been named 2015’s business book of the year.
3. 一些最近发表的科学论文说,高空急流中这种持续较长的怪现象,由于全球变暖正在导致北极地区海洋中的冰迅速融化而变得更可能发生,但许多主要的科学家还没有被这种观点说服。
4. 他也是个妥妥儿的喜欢刺激事的家伙。
5. pro在前面+tect盖上+ion→保护
6. 源于:sloth(n (对工作)懒惰)slou=slow,ch吃:吃得慢-无精打采的样子


1. n. 批准,认可,同意,赞同
2. Consider:
3. Directing for a Mini-Series or Movie: Susanne Bier, “The Night Manager”
4. 2016年重庆市GDP增长了10.7%,达到了1.76万亿元人民币。贵州和西藏分别实现了10.5%和10%的GDP增长。
5. 10月份,南非减持美国政府债券到103亿美元。
6. The most striking thing about the UK’s looming exit from the EU is how few details we still know about what Brexit will bring. And that it has been more than a year since the referendum.


1. Like many child stars, Maddie speaks of being old before her time.
2. consult
3. 是的,当你到处面试的时候,去MIA没有借口借口很牵强的时候十分明显。可以在私人时间比如午饭时间电话面试。也可以利用节假日或者带薪假期进行长时间的现场面试,这样面试的时候你不会因为要赶回来上班感到紧张压迫。同时也可以帮助你面试进行的顺利,而且你也没占用工作的时间,Kay说。

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    Chinese insurers saw their profits implode in the first six months of 2016.

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    Last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine conducted random quality inspections on 1,013 batches of such products, including consumer goods such as toys, paper diapers, clothing and kitchenware, with 415 found to be substandard, accounting for 40.9 percent of all sampled products, according to Han Yunping, spokesman for the administration.

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