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1. “能自己当老板,经营自己的公司,我感到很骄傲,”凯蒂在刚过去的夏天对福布斯100位名人封面故事说,“我是一名企业家,并且没有刻意回避这一身份。事实上,我很珍惜自己当老板的体验。”
2. Song “Chinese Zodiac” (Lee-Hom Wang)
3. A record 27,817 civil service jobs are being offered this year by central government departments and subsidiaries.
4. 单词supply 联想记忆:
5. 一有机会就炫一下小卷毛。
6. grant


1. 民主党能在中期选举中重新夺回美国众议院多数党地位吗?
2. China’s investment in Europe and the US has reached record highs, despite the slowdown in the country’s domestic economy.
3. ment补,修-修改
4. “An employee baked a cake with her resignation letter written on top.”
5. We will improve the property rights protection system.
6. In 2016, 1,576 foreigners became permanent Chinese residents, an increase of 163% on the previous year, according the Ministry of Public Security.


1. [?'fekn]
2. 7、《海底总动员2》
3. "Their political leanings are even affecting how they experience weather, which is pretty fascinating," said Cox.
4. This has given “edtech” start-ups, such as Silicon Valley-based Coursera and London-based FutureLearn, a foothold in the market. Expect them to continue this year, perhaps with a merger with a bricks-and-mortar higher education establishment.
5. 201107/145539.shtml
6. 欧盟完成与墨西哥现有贸易协议的(重新)谈判也是如此。在与墨西哥签订协议上,布鲁塞尔很可能比特朗普先冲过终点线。


1. 普斯·格洛(Pussy Galore)在本书中回归,这也是首次有邦女郎在邦德身边昙花一现后,拥有了自己的故事线。
2. Though Hand was British Petroleum's SVP of Global Brand, Marketing and Innovation, for several years, she's on a much more environmentally friendly mission today. Project Frog aims to revamp the construction industry with simple-to-build spaces (they takes days, rather than months to construct) that consume about 50% less energy than traditional buildings for sectors like education and healthcare. Hand's plan seems to be working: revenue is expected to more than double this year.
3. 愿你拥有新年所有美好的祝福。
4. 这种增长为中国电影业未来的发展奠定了坚实的基础。
5. Property prices in Hong Kong have surged over the past decade, but hit a peak in September when jitters about China’s economy took hold.
6. The surviving cat, since named Trooper, has recovered and found a new home.


1. Anti-dumping cases were much easier to bring in the US than in the EU where companies first had to pass a public interest test.
2. 但英国法庭可能会沉重打击优步叫车应用。2017年,总部位于加州的该公司未能让上诉法官相信,其两名伦敦司机是独立的合同工。2018年,这个判例案件将会打到上诉法院,而且还可能打到最高法院。如果优步败诉,被要求承担起雇主的责任,那将会产生深远的影响。
3. 最佳电视电影:《神探夏洛克:可恶的新娘》(Sherlock: The Abominable Bride [Masterpiece], PBS)

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