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3月份65个城市房价上涨 一二线楼市政策继续收紧

A股早盘大跌5% 地产股全线下跌 说明

实木家具不是沾“洋”就贵 特价家具多为“洋实木”

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1.家居市场冷清 营销手段无新意顾客不买账
2.二线房价涨幅扩大 地方酝酿新轮调控为楼市降温
3.木林森竞购欧司朗部分照明业务 乐观预期2016年第2季谈成
5.中国LED灯饰再次席卷印度市场 “印度制造”仍路漫漫
6.今年多地信贷宽松 报告预计房地产将触底反弹


1. 3月5日,第十二届全国人民代表大会第四次会议在人民大会堂举行开幕会,国务院总理李克强作政府工作报告。
2. Surveys indicate that a majority of women suffer or have suffered gender prejudice when looking for a job, because employers do not want to grant maternity leave. To avoid possible gender discrimination from employers as a result of their entitlement to maternity leave and increase their employment competitiveness, some female job seekers have reportedly chosen to get married and have their children before graduating from universities.
3. 澳大利亚
4. 买家和卖家
5. 6. Gene therapy comes good.
6. 有些模子对人体危险?


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1、江苏楼市调控满月:成交趋于理性 投资增速回落
2、武汉5月份房价继续上涨 二手房涨幅大于新房
3、家居行业“明码实价”推行难? 专家:社会各方须共同发力
5、温州商品房去库存化周期为13.85个月 大幅缩短
6、需求量上升求职数下降 中介是否值得年轻人深爱....


      西西软件园 Fund shareholders weren’t wasting any time reacting to this year of disappointment. Collectively, they’ve added just $35 billion to active stock-picking funds in the last 11 months, less than a quarter of the $162 billion they added in 2013, which was the first year of positive flows for the industry since 2007. This is not to say that they were sitting still. ETFs and passive index funds took in over $206 billion in net deposits through Thanksgiving, and Vanguard surpassed the $3 trillion mark sometime in late summer. Investors seem to have decided that they’d rather bet on the horses than the jockeys, after all.