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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And the result of that letter" --
2.  "Let me hear, then," said the count, "who this deeplyregretted son was; for I always understood you were abachelor."
3.  During this conversation, Dantes, after having exchanged acheerful shake of the hand with all his sympathizingfriends, had surrendered himself to the officer sent toarrest him, merely saying, "Make yourselves quite easy, mygood fellows, there is some little mistake to clear up,that's all, depend upon it; and very likely I may not haveto go so far as the prison to effect that."
4.  "But, father, take care; when our turn comes, our revengewill be sweeping."
5.  "And then?"
6.  "What? That French officer" --


1.  "Yes, madame, he shall live," said Monte Cristo, surprisedthat without more emotion Mercedes had accepted the heroicsacrifice he made for her. Mercedes extended her hand to thecount.
2.  "Are you well fed?" said the inspector.
3.  "May I, at least, return?" asked Morrel.
4.  "My dear friend," said Lucien with an air of sovereigncontempt, "do I ever read the papers?"
5.  "They are all the same price."
6.  Unfortunately, in this world of ours, each person viewsthings through a certain medium, and so is prevented fromseeing in the same light as others, and Madame Danglars,therefore, very much regretted that the marriage of Eugeniehad not taken place, not only because the match was good,and likely to insure the happiness of her child, but becauseit would also set her at liberty. She ran therefore toDebray, who, after having like the rest of Paris witnessedthe contract scene and the scandal attending it, had retiredin haste to his club, where he was chatting with somefriends upon the events which served as a subject ofconversation for three-fourths of that city known as thecapital of the world.


1.  "Laugh, if you will; the Countess G---- , who knew LordRuthven, declared that the count was a vampire."
2.  "Yes. -- in the principality, but not in the prince."
3.  "Do not think I wish to turn you out, my dear Debray,"continued Danglars; "oh, no, not at all. An unexpectedoccurrence forces me to ask my wife to have a littleconversation with me; it is so rarely I make such a request,I am sure you cannot grudge it to me." Debray mutteredsomething, bowed and went out, knocking himself against theedge of the door, like Nathan in "Athalie."
4.  "Have a care how far you pledge yourself, my good friend,for I may remind you of your promise at some, perhaps, notvery distant period, when I, in my turn, may require youraid and influence."
5.   "Yes; what do you think of her?"
6.  "I should avail myself of your offer with pleasure," repliedthe host, "but, unfortunately, if I go there, it will be, inall probability, incognito."


1.  "The price of his blood!" she murmured.
2.  "Yes, but where?"
3.  Haidee looked up abruptly, as if the sonorous tones of MonteCristo's voice had awakened her from a dream; and sheresumed her narrative. "It was about four o'clock in theafternoon, and although the day was brilliant out-of-doors,we were enveloped in the gloomy darkness of the cavern. Onesingle, solitary light was burning there, and it appearedlike a star set in a heaven of blackness; it was Selim'sflaming lance. My mother was a Christian, and she prayed.Selim repeated from time to time the sacred words: `God isgreat!' However, my mother had still some hope. As she wascoming down, she thought she recognized the French officerwho had been sent to Constantinople, and in whom my fatherplaced so much confidence; for he knew that all the soldiersof the French emperor were naturally noble and generous. Sheadvanced some steps towards the staircase, and listened.`They are approaching,' said she; `perhaps they bring uspeace and liberty!' -- `What do you fear, Vasiliki?' saidSelim, in a voice at once so gentle and yet so proud. `Ifthey do not bring us peace, we will give them war; if theydo not bring life, we will give them death.' And he renewedthe flame of his lance with a gesture which made one thinkof Dionysus of Crete.* But I, being only a little child, wasterrified by this undaunted courage, which appeared to meboth ferocious and senseless, and I recoiled with horrorfrom the idea of the frightful death amidst fire and flameswhich probably awaited us.
4、  This visit had infused new vigor into Dantes; he had, tillthen, forgotten the date; but now, with a fragment ofplaster, he wrote the date, 30th July, 1816, and made a markevery day, in order not to lose his reckoning again. Daysand weeks passed away, then months -- Dantes still waited;he at first expected to be freed in a fortnight. Thisfortnight expired, he decided that the inspector would donothing until his return to Paris, and that he would notreach there until his circuit was finished, he thereforefixed three months; three months passed away, then six more.Finally ten months and a half had gone by and no favorablechange had taken place, and Dantes began to fancy theinspector's visit but a dream, an illusion of the brain.
5、  "Is there any need of that! Does not his appearance speakfor him? And he is very rich."




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      "Yes," returned Franz, finding that the count was coming tothe point he wished.

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      "My poor child," replied Monte Cristo, "that is merelybecause your father and myself are the only men who haveever talked to you."

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       Debray was, for a moment, surprised, but immediatelyrecovering himself, he bowed with an air which seemed tosay, "As you please, madame."

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      "`He was right,' said Luigi. `Do you desire it as ardentlyas you say?' -- `Yes.' -- `Well, then, you shall have it!'

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    {  "That's well," said Monte Cristo; "I remain here a day ortwo -- arrange accordingly." As Bertuccio was leaving theroom to give the requisite orders, Baptistin opened thedoor: he held a letter on a silver waiter.

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      "Where is he?"}

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      The man said, in a low voice: "I wish -- I wish you to spareme the walk back to Paris. I am very tired, and as I havenot eaten so good a dinner as you, I can scarcely stand."The young man shuddered at this strange familiarity. "Tellme," he said -- "tell me what you want?"

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      Monte Cristo raised his head once more, and this time he wascalm as a child awaking from its sleep. "Maximilian," saidhe, "return home. I command you not to stir -- attemptnothing, not to let your countenance betray a thought, and Iwill send you tidings. Go."

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       "Of what country?"

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    {  "What is it?"

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      "Can it be?" cried Mercedes, shuddering.