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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I warn you, Master Caderousse, that you are mistaken."
2.  "It has been long enough to inflict on me a great andundeserved misfortune. I would fain fix the source of it onman that I may no longer vent reproaches upon heaven."
3.  "I believe all you tell me without questioning its meaning;for instance, you told me to live, and I did live; you toldme to hope, and I almost did so. I am almost inclined to askyou, as though you had experienced death, `is it painful todie?'"
4.  "He will sleep an hour."
5.  "Shall I call him?"
6.  "It is desirable I should know the real cause."


1.  "Ah," said Villefort, with a startling accent; "does shewish that?" -- The man drew back and said, "If you wish togo alone, sir, I will go and tell my mistress." Villefortremained silent for a moment, and dented his pale cheekswith his nails. "Tell your mistress," he at length answered,"that I wish to speak to her, and I beg she will wait for mein her own room."
2.  "I had not for a moment the idea of keeping it, but I knewthat at Paris there was an asylum where they receive suchcreatures. As I passed the city gates I declared that I hadfound the child on the road, and I inquired where the asylumwas; the box confirmed my statement, the linen proved thatthe infant belonged to wealthy parents, the blood with whichI was covered might have proceeded from the child as well asfrom any one else. No objection was raised, but they pointedout the asylum, which was situated at the upper end of theRue d'Enfer, and after having taken the precaution ofcutting the linen in two pieces, so that one of the twoletters which marked it was on the piece wrapped around thechild, while the other remained in my possession, I rang thebell, and fled with all speed. A fortnight after I was atRogliano, and I said to Assunta, -- `Console thyself,sister; Israel is dead, but he is avenged.' She demandedwhat I meant, and when I had told her all, -- `Giovanni,'said she, `you should have brought this child with you; wewould have replaced the parents it has lost, have called itBenedetto, and then, in consequence of this good action, Godwould have blessed us.' In reply I gave her the half of thelinen I had kept in order to reclaim him if we became rich."
3.  "Well."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Short or tall?"
6.  "So then," he exclaimed, turning pale with anger, "sevenconjoined and allied armies overthrew that man. A miracle ofheaven replaced me on the throne of my fathers afterfive-and-twenty years of exile. I have, during thosefive-and-twenty years, spared no pains to understand thepeople of France and the interests which were confided tome; and now, when I see the fruition of my wishes almostwithin reach, the power I hold in my hands bursts, andshatters me to atoms!"


1.  Monte Cristo was engaged in examining this portrait with noless care than he had bestowed upon the other, when anotherdoor opened, and he found himself opposite to the Count ofMorcerf in person. He was a man of forty to forty-fiveyears, but he seemed at least fifty, and his black mustacheand eyebrows contrasted strangely with his almost whitehair, which was cut short, in the military fashion. He wasdressed in plain clothes, and wore at his button-hole theribbons of the different orders to which he belonged. Heentered with a tolerably dignified step, and some littlehaste. Monte Cristo saw him advance towards him withoutmaking a single step. It seemed as if his feet were rootedto the ground, and his eyes on the Count of Morcerf."Father," said the young man, "I have the honor ofpresenting to you the Count of Monte Cristo, the generousfriend whom I had the good fortune to meet in the criticalsituation of which I have told you."
2.  "And with what did you contrive to make that?" inquiredDantes.
3.  "But," said Andrea, "why do you not act on the advice yougave me? Why do you not realize a six months', a year'sadvance even, and retire to Brussels? Instead of living theretired baker, you might live as a bankrupt, using hisprivileges; that would be very good."
4.  "Ah, you do not know with what I am threatened. I shall hearthis morning that M. Danglars make a speech at the Chamberof Deputies, and at his wife's this evening I shall hear thetragedy of a peer of France. The devil take theconstitutional government, and since we had our choice, asthey say, at least, how could we choose that?"
5.   "He was supercargo."
6.  "How? M. Noirtier?"


1.  "I am not going there to be imprisoned," said Dantes; "it isonly used for political prisoners. I have committed nocrime. Are there any magistrates or judges at the Chateaud'If?"
2.  "Do you know," said Franz, "I have a very great inclinationto judge for myself of the truth or exaggeration of youreulogies."
3.  "I am giving them the slip," said Eugenie; "this woman towhom we have given twenty louis may betray us for forty; wewill soon alter our direction." And the young girl jumpedinto the britzska, which was admirably arranged for sleepingin, without scarcely touching the step. "You are alwaysright," said the music teacher, seating herself by the sideof her friend.
4、  "I believe I did."
5、  "My journeys became more and more extensive and moreproductive. Assunta took care of all, and our little fortuneincreased. One day as I was setting off on an expedition,`Go,' said she; `at your return I will give you a surprise.'I questioned her, but in vain; she would tell me nothing,and I departed. Our expedition lasted nearly six weeks; wehad been to Lucca to take in oil, to Leghorn for Englishcottons, and we ran our cargo without opposition, andreturned home full of joy. When I entered the house, thefirst thing I beheld in the middle of Assunta's chamber wasa cradle that might be called sumptuous compared with therest of the furniture, and in it a baby seven or eightmonths old. I uttered a cry of joy; the only moments ofsadness I had known since the assassination of the procureurwere caused by the recollection that I had abandoned thischild. For the assassination itself I had never felt anyremorse. Poor Assunta had guessed all. She had profited bymy absence, and furnished with the half of the linen, andhaving written down the day and hour at which I haddeposited the child at the asylum, had set off for Paris,and had reclaimed it. No objection was raised, and theinfant was given up to her. Ah, I confess, your excellency,when I saw this poor creature sleeping peacefully in itscradle, I felt my eyes filled with tears. `Ah, Assunta,'cried I, `you are an excellent woman, and heaven will blessyou.'"




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      "Take some more wine, my dear Cavalcanti," said the count,pouring out for him a second glass of Alicante; "youremotion has quite overcome you."

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      "It must be farther off than even that."

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       "One who will be your best friend, Dantes, for he is myfriend, my cousin, my brother; it is Fernand -- the manwhom, after you, Edmond, I love the best in the world. Doyou not remember him?"

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      "I will do more than I promise," said Dantes.

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    {  "Sir," said Valentine, "my grandfather wishes for a notary."At this strange and unexpected demand M. de Villefort andhis father exchanged looks. "Yes," motioned the latter, witha firmness which seemed to declare that with the help ofValentine and his old servant, who both knew what his wisheswere, he was quite prepared to maintain the contest. "Do youwish for a notary?" asked Villefort.

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      The inspector asked if they had anything else to ask for.They shook their heads. What could they desire beyond theirliberty? The inspector turned smilingly to the governor.

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      "But," asked Morrel, "will the house of Thomson & Frenchconsent?"

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       "He is," said Monte Cristo; "when the valet de chambre camein just now, he told me of his arrival."

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    {  "Pray go, Valentine," said; M. de Villefort, "and see whatthis new fancy of your grandfather's is." Valentine rosequickly, and was hastening joyfully towards the door, whenM. de Villefort altered his intention.

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      "What have we all done, then, dear grandpapa?" saidValentine; "you no longer seem to love any of us?" The oldman's eyes passed rapidly from Villefort and his wife, andrested on Valentine with a look of unutterable fondness."Well," said she; "if you love me, grandpapa, try and bringthat love to bear upon your actions at this present moment.You know me well enough to be quite sure that I have neverthought of your fortune; besides, they say I am already richin right of my mother -- too rich, even. Explain yourself,then." Noirtier fixed his intelligent eyes on Valentine'shand. "My hand?" said she.