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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "One of the most dangerous classes in the world," said he, "is thedrifting and friendless woman. She is the most harmless and oftenthe most useful of mortals, but she is the inevitable inciter of crimein others. She is helpless. She is migratory. She has sufficient meansto take her from country to country and from hotel to hotel. She islost, as often as not, in a maze of obscure pensions andboarding-houses. She is a stray chicken in a world of foxes. Whenshe is gobbled up she is hardly missed. I much fear that some evil hascome to the Lady Frances Carfax."
2.  "A simple case, and yet, in some ways, an instructive one," Holmesremarked, as we travelled back to town. "It hinged from the outsetupon the pince-nez. But for the fortunate chance of the dying manhaving seized these, I am not sure that we could ever have reached oursolution. It was clear to me, from the strength of the glasses, thatthe wearer must have been very blind and helpless when deprived ofthem. When you asked me to believe that she walked along a narrowstrip of grass without once making a false step, I remarked, as youmay remember, that it was a noteworthy performance. In my mind I setit down as an impossible performance, save in the unlikely case thatshe had a second pair of glasses. I was forced, therefore, to considerseriously the hypothesis that she had remained within the house. Onperceiving the similarity of the two corridors, it became clear thatshe might very easily have made such a mistake, and, in that case,it was evident that she must have entered the professor's room. Iwas keenly on the alert, therefore, for whatever would bear out thissupposition, and I examined the room narrowly for anything in theshape of a hiding-place. The carpet seemed continuous and firmlynailed, so I dismissed the idea of a trap-door. There might well bea recess behind the books. As you are aware, such devices are commonin old libraries. I observed that books were piled on the floor at allother points, but that one bookcase was left clear. This, then,might be the door. I could see no marks to guide me, but the carpetwas of a dun colour, which lends itself very well to examination. Itherefore smoked a great number of those excellent cigarettes, and Idropped the ash all over the space in front of the suspected bookcase.It was a simple trick, but exceedingly effective. I then wentdownstairs, and I ascertained, in your presence, Watson, withoutyour perceiving the drift of my remarks, that Professor Coram'sconsumption of food had increased- as one would expect when he issupplying a second person. We then ascended to the room again, when,by upsetting the cigarette-box, I obtained a very excellent view ofthe floor, and was able to see quite clearly, from the traces upon thecigarette ash, that the prisoner had in our absence come out fromher retreat. Well, Hopkins, here we are at Charing Cross, and Icongratulate you on having brought your case to a successfulconclusion. You are going to headquarters, no doubt. I think,Watson, you and I will drive together to the Russian Embassy."-THE END-
3.  "Yes, I guess that is so. You're like a surgeon who wants everysymptom before he can give his diagnosis."
4.  "I have solved it."
5.  "Put it down! Down, this instant, Watson- this instant, I say!"His head sank back upon the pillow and he gave a deep sigh of reliefas I replaced the box upon the mantelpiece. "I hate to have mythings touched, Watson. You know that I hate it. You fidget mebeyond endurance. You, a doctor- you are enough to drive a patientinto an asylum. Sit down, man, and let me have my rest!"The incident left a most unpleasant impression upon my mind. Theviolent and causeless excitement, followed by this brutality ofspeech, so far removed from his usual suavity, showed me how deepwas the disorganization of his mind. Of all ruins, that of a noblemind is the most deplorable. I sat in silent dejection until thestipulated time had passed. He seemed to have been watching theclock as well as I, for it was hardly six before he began to talk withthe same feverish animation as before.
6.  "I think that I see my way to clearing James McCarthy," said Holmes."Have you an order to see him in prison?"


1.  "So you see our savage friend was very orthodox in his ritual. It isgrotesque, Watson," Holmes added, as he slowly fastened hisnotebook, "but, as I have had occasion to remark, there is but onestep from the grotesque to the horrible."
2.  "I do not think so," he said, at last.
3.  So it proved; for in the morning I found my friend standing on thehearthrug with his back to the fire and a smile of completesatisfaction upon his face.
4.  "But how?"
5.  "You mean that she lives with him?"
6.  "Yes, sir, one telegram."


1.  "How long ago?"
2.  "But Percy?"
3.  "Exactly. That's what I said. But then, when the man commitsburglary in order to break images which are not his own, that bringsit away from the doctor and on to the policeman."
4.  "Before examining the room I cross-questioned the servants, but onlysucceeded in eliciting the facts which I have already stated. Oneother detail of interest was remembered by Jane Stewart, thehousemaid. You will remember that on hearing the sound of thequarrel she descended and returned with the other servants. On thatfirst occasion, when she was alone, she says that the voices of hermaster and mistress were sunk so low that she could hardly hearanything, and judged by their tones rather than their words thatthey had fallen out. On my pressing her, however, she rememberedthat she heard the word David uttered twice by the lady. The pointis of the utmost importance as guiding us towards the reason of thesudden quarrel. The colonel's name, you remember, was James."There was one thing in the case which had made the deepestimpression both upon the servants and the police. This was thecontortion of the colonel's face. It had set, according to theiraccount, into the most dreadful expression of fear and horror whicha human countenance is capable of assuming. More than one personfainted at the mere sight of him, so terrible was the effect. It wasquite certain that he had foreseen his fate, and that it had causedhim the utmost horror. This, of course, fitted in well enough with thepolice theory, if the colonel could have seen his wife making amurderous attack upon him. Nor was the fact of the wound being onthe back of his head a fatal objection to this, as he might haveturned to avoid the blow. No information could be got from the ladyherself, who was temporarily insane from an acute attack ofbrain-fever.
5.   "Sit down, sir, sit down! There was another, more practical, reason.I want that yellow diamond!"
6.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


1.  "Well, well," said Holmes, "well talk about it when we've hadsomething to eat."
2.  "'Kindly let me see them.'
3.  A week passed. The inquest had thrown no light upon the matter andhad been adourned for further evidence. Stackhurst had made discreetinquiry about his subordinate, and there had been a superficial searchof his room, but without result. Personally, I had gone over the wholeground again, both physically and mentally, but with no newconclusions. In all my chronicles the reader will find no case whichbrought me so completely to the limit of my powers. Even myimagination could conceive no solution to the mystery. And thenthere came the incident of the dog.
4、  He was not disappointed, for presently the old fellow arrived with avery worried and puzzled expression upon his austere face."I've had a telegram, Mr. Holmes. I can make nothing of it." Hehanded it over, and Holmes read it aloud.
5、  "Well, it is quite possible, but the case is not clear to me yet.""Not clear? Well, if that isn't clear, what could be clear? Hereis a young man who learns suddenly that, if a certain older mandies, he will succeed to a fortune. What does he do? He says nothingto anyone, but he arranges that he shall go out on some pretext to seehis client that night. He waits until the only other person in thehouse is in bed, and then in the solitude of a man's room he murdershim, burns his body in the wood-pile, and departs to a neighbouringhotel. The blood-stains in the room and also on the stick are veryslight. It is probable that he imagined his crime to be a bloodlessone, and hoped that if the body were consumed it would hide all tracesof the method of his death- traces which, for some reason, must havepointed to him. Is not all this obvious?"




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      "Not a day. He has been laid up with a hack, and once he slipped hisknee-cap, but that was nothing."

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      "Why should he be missing?" asked the European Secretary. "Hewould take the letter to an Embassy in London, as likely as not.""I fancy not. These agents work independently, and their relationswith the Embassies are often strained."

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       "'Why should we give it?'

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      "Gone to the nearest public-house. That is the centre of countrygossip. They would have told you every name, from the master to thescullery-maid. Williamson? It conveys nothing to my mind. If he isan elderly man he is not this active cyclist who sprints away fromthat young lady's athletic pursuit. What have we gained by yourexpedition? The knowledge that the girl's story is true. I neverdoubted it. That there is a connection between the cyclist and theHall. I never doubted that either. That the Hall is tenanted byWilliamson. Who's the better for that? Well, well, my dear sir,don't look so depressed. We can do little more until next Saturday,and in the meantime I may make one or two inquiries myself."Next morning, we had a note from Miss Smith, recounting shortlyand accurately the very incidents which I had seen, but the pith ofthe letter lay in the postscript:

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    {  1892

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      Holmes smiled and rubbed his hands.}

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      "No, there is nothing."

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      by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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       "That only two glasses were used, and that the dregs of both werepoured into a third glass, so as to give the false impression thatthree people had been here. In that way all the beeswing would be inthe last glass, would it not? Yes, I am convinced that this is so. Butif I have hit upon the true explanation of this one smallphenomenon, then in an instant the case rises from the commonplaceto the exceedingly remarkable, for it can only mean that LadyBrackenstall and her maid have deliberately lied to us, that not oneword of their story is to be believed, that they have some very strongreason for covering the real criminal, and that we must constructour case for ourselves without any help from them. That is the missionwhich now lies before us, and here, Watson, is the Sydenham train."The household at the Abbey Grange were much surprised at our return,but Sherlock Holmes, finding that Stanley Hopkins had gone off toreport to headquarters, took possession of the dining-room, locked thedoor upon the inside, and devoted himself for two hours to one ofthose minute and laborious investigations which form the solid basison which his brilliant edifices of deduction were reared. Seated ina corner like an interested student who observes the demonstrationof his professor, I followed every step of that remarkable research.The window, the curtains, the carpet, the chair, the rope- each inturn was minutely examined and duly pondered. The body of theunfortunate baronet had been removed, and all else remained as wehad seen it in the morning. Finally, to my astonishment, Holmesclimbed up on to the massive mantelpiece. Far above his head hungthe few inches of red cord which were still attached to the wire.For a long time he gazed upward at it, and then in an attempt to getnearer to it he rested his knee upon a wooden bracket on the wall.This brought his hand within a few inches of the broken end of therope, but it was not this so much as the bracket itself which seemedto engage his attention. Finally, he sprang down with an ejaculationof satisfaction.

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    {  He snatched it from her in his eagerness, and smoothing it outupon the table he drew over the lamp and examined it intently. I hadleft my chair and was gazing at it over his shoulder. The envelope wasa very coarse one and was stamped with the Gravesend postmark and withthe date of that very day, or rather of the day before, for it wasconsiderably after midnight.

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      "Still pulling at my sleeve, she led me away from the cottage. As wewent I glanced back, and there was that yellow livid face watchingus out of the upper window. What link could there be between thatcreature and my wife? Or how could the coarse, rough woman whom Ihad seen the day before be connected with her? It was a strangepuzzle, and yet I knew that my mind could never know ease againuntil I had solved it.