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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Planchet began to weep. We will not venture to say whetherit was from terror created by the threats or from tendernessat seeing four friends so closely united.
2.  "You played very willingly with us without knowing ournames," said Athos, "by the same token that you won ourhorses."
3.  "Some of that at the bottom, near the laths. There are twenty-five bottles of it left; all the rest were broken by my fall.Bring six of them."
4.  "Listen," said the young man to the sentinel. "On no pretenseleave the door, for you know that last night my Lord punished asoldier for having quit his post for an instant, although I,during his absence, watched in his place."
5.  "Now," said Planchet, "let us bind him to a tree."This being properly done, they drew the Comte de Wardes close tohis servant; and as night was approaching, and as the wounded manand the bound man were at some little distance within the wood,it was evident they were likely to remain there till the nextday.
6.  This measure somewhat reassured Bonacieux. If they meant toexecute him at La Greve, it could scarcely be worth while to gaghim, as they had nearly reached the place of execution. Indeed,the carriage crossed the fatal spot without stopping. Thereremained, then, no other place to fear but the Traitor's Cross;the carriage was taking the direct road to it.


1.  Nevertheless, whether the passengers were really touched by theurbanity of Planchet or whether this time nobody was posted onthe young man's road, our two travelers arrived at Chantillywithout any accident, and alighted at the tavern of Great St.Martin, the same at which they had stopped on their firstjourney.
2.  Bonacieux kissed his wife's hand, and set off at a quick pace."Well," said Mme. Bonacieux, when her husband had shut the streetdoor and she found herself alone; "that imbecile lacked but onething to become a cardinalist. And I, who have answered for himto the queen--I, who have promised my poor mistress--ah, my God,my God! She will take me for one of those wretches with whom thepalace swarms and who are placed about her as spies! Ah,Monsieur Bonacieux, I never did love you much, but now it isworse than ever. I hate you, and on my word you shall pay forthis!"
3.  "Oh, it's nothing, nothing!" cried Milady. "I remember now."Milady looked around her, as if in search of something."It is there," said Felton, touching the bag of money with hisfoot.
4.  Although warned that the man she had loved so much was in great danger,the queen, when his death was announced to her, would not believe thefact, and even imprudently exclaimed, "it is false; he has just writtento me!"
5.  "Oh, delightful! In this way we shall not be separated for an instant.""Well, go down to her, then, to make your request. I feel my head alittle confused; I will take a turn in the garden.""Go and where shall I find you?"
6.  D'Artagnan bowed to the duke, and made his way as quickly aspossible to the riverside. Opposite the Tower of London he foundthe vessel that had been named to him, delivered his letter tothe captain, who after having it examined by the governor of theport made immediate preparations to sail.


1.  "Instead of putting the letter in the post, which is never safe,I took advantage of the journey of one of my lads to Paris, andordered him to convey the letter to this duchess himself. Thiswas fulfilling the intentions of Monsieur Porthos, who haddesired us to be so careful of this letter, was it not?""Nearly so."
2.  "Do you know," said Porthos, "that to twist that damnedMilady's neck would be a smaller sin than to twist those ofthese poor devils of Huguenots, who have committed no othercrime than singing in French the psalms we sing in Latin?""What says the abbe?" asked Athos, quietly.
3.  "Ah, ah!" said Athos. "This clever person is your relative,then?"
4.  "This time, in spite of my terrors, in spite of my agony, I beganto feel a devouring hunger. It was forty-eight hours since I hadtaken any nourishment. I ate some bread and some fruit; then,remembering the narcotic mixed with the water I had drunk, Iwould not touch that which was placed on the table, but filled myglass at a marble fountain fixed in the wall over my dressingtable.
5.   "Why is it not done already?"
6.  The queen was in the midst of her women--Mme. de Guitaut, Mme. deSable, Mme. de Montbazon, and Mme. de Guemene. In a corner wasthe Spanish companion, Donna Estafania, who had followed her fromMadrid. Mme. Guemene was reading aloud, and everybody waslistening to her with attention with the exception of the queen,who had, on the contrary, desired this reading in order that shemight be able, while feigning to listen, to pursue the thread ofher own thoughts.


1.  "I am the son of him who served in the Religious Wars underthe great King Henry, the father of his gracious Majesty.""That is well. It is you who set out seven or eight monthsago from your country to seek your fortune in the capital?""Yes, monseigneur."
2.  "I must beg your Eminence to observe," said Milady, "thatsince the affair of the diamond studs, about which the dukealways suspected me, his Grace distrusts me."
3.  "As to remitting a letter with safety to her Majesty," saidAramis, coloring, "I will take that upon myself. I know aclever person at Tours--"
4、  "Oh, he would kill me!"
5、  At length a fresh discharge was heard, and this time theballs came rattling among the stones around the fourfriends, and whistling sharply in their ears. TheRochellais had at last taken possession of the bastion."These Rochellais are bungling fellows," said Athos; "howmany have we killed of them--a dozen?"




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      "Ten pistoles."

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      "Ready money is needful for the present time, and we mustlearn how to make sacrifices. Go, D'Artagnan, go; Grimaudwill accompany you with his musketoon."

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       D'Artagnan went straight to M. de Treville's. He had reflectedthat in a few minutes the cardinal would be warned by this cursedstranger, who appeared to be his agent, and he judged, withreason, he had not a moment to lose.

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    {  "The count is here," said the officer, "and requests to speakwith your Eminence instantly."

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      "But," said D'Artagnan, "shall we not pursue that woman?""Later," said Athos. "I have measures to take."}

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      "I do not know whether I ought to tell you what I suspect.""Monsieur, I beg you to observe that I ask you absolutelynothing. It is you who have come to me. It is you who have toldme that you had a secret to confide in me. Act, then, as youthink proper; there is still time to withdraw."

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      Milady followed him with her eyes, and made a gesture ofsatisfaction.

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       "I was not deceived," said he; "here is Monsieur D'Artagnan; and you arehis friends, Messieurs Athos, Porthos, and Aramis."The persons whose names were thus pronounced looked at the stranger withastonishment. It seemed to all three that they knew him."Gentlemen," resumed the newcomer, "you are, as I am, in search of awoman who," added he, with a terrible smile, "must have passed this way,for I see a corpse."

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    {  D'Artagnan at once perceived the ground which the vindictivecreature wished to reach.

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      "I know not."