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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I don't know whether you can or not. I mean I don't knowwhether I can. I shall be living with my sister, and----"
2.  "You wouldn't care, if you had," she returned.
3.  When Carrie got back on the stage, she found that over night herdressing-room had been changed.
4.  Hurstwood was home before her. He had not thought she would beso long seeking.
5.  "Did you see that in the 'Herald' this morning about Nat Goodwin,Harris?"
6.  He never moved but what, if there was any danger of his conductbeing misconstrued or ill-reported, he looked carefully about himand counted the cost of every inch of conspicuity.


1.  "You don't say so," would be the reply.
2.  "Out for a little stroll, are you, this evening?"
3.  After he had studied his paper a few moments longer, he felt thathe ought to modify matters in some way or other. Evidently hiswife was not going to patch up peace at a word. So he said:
4.  "Well, you'll have to call at his office."
5.  "Well, you do look great," he said. "I never saw anybody improveso. You're taller, aren't you?"
6.  At every first adventure, then, into some untried evil, the mindwavers. The clock of thought ticks out its wish and its denial.To those who have never experienced such a mental dilemma, thefollowing will appeal on the simple ground of revelation.


1.  "Oh, no, it won't," said Carrie seriously.
2.  The following morning the train pulled safely into Montreal andthey stepped down, Hurstwood glad to be out of danger, Carriewondering at the novel atmosphere of the northern city. Longbefore, Hurstwood had been here, and now he remembered the nameof the hotel at which he had stopped. As they came out of themain entrance of the depot he heard it called anew by a busman.
3.  "No," she answered; "I haven't, so far."
4.  "What is your address?" inquired a young lady behind the counter,taking up the curtailed conversation.
5.   "All right," replied Hurstwood, sitting down in silence. He wassick of the grind of this thing.
6.  "So I was," he exclaimed. "I couldn't help the interruption, butI made up for it afterward by working until two."


1.  While this was still in his mind, the incident with Oeslogge andCarrie occurred. There had been a good deal to irritate him, butthis seemed much the worst. Never before had she accused him ofstealing--or very near that. She doubted the naturalness of solarge a bill. And he had worked so hard to make expenses seemlight. He had been "doing" butcher and baker in order not tocall on her. He had eaten very little--almost nothing.
2.  She was now one of a group of oriental beauties who, in thesecond act of the comic opera, were paraded by the vizier beforethe new potentate as the treasures of his harem. There was noword assigned to any of them, but on the evening when Hurstwoodwas housing himself in the loft of the street-car barn, theleading comedian and star, feeling exceedingly facetious, said ina profound voice, which created a ripple of laughter:
3.  The short gentleman turned about towards Carrie, and she aroseand came forward.
4、  Below stairs, he halted in the lobby to look for a barber shop.For the moment, he was in fine feather. His recent victory overCarrie seemed to atone for much he had endured during the lastfew days. Life seemed worth fighting for. This eastward flightfrom all things customary and attached seemed as if it might havehappiness in store. The storm showed a rainbow at the end ofwhich might be a pot of gold.
5、  "She asks only in return," said Carrie, scarcely hearing thesmall, scheduled reply of her lover, and putting herself evenmore in harmony with the plaintive melody now issuing from theorchestra, "that when you look upon her your eyes shall speakdevotion; that when you address her your voice shall be gentle,loving, and kind; that you shall not despise her because shecannot understand all at once your vigorous thoughts andambitious designs; for, when misfortune and evil have defeatedyour greatest purposes, her love remains to console you. Youlook to the trees," she continued, while Hurstwood restrained hisfeelings only by the grimmest repression, "for strength andgrandeur; do not despise the flowers because their fragrance isall they have to give. Remember," she concluded, tenderly, "loveis all a woman has to give," and she laid a strange, sweet accenton the all, "but it is the only thing which God permits us tocarry beyond the grave."




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      She went over the tangle again and again. Here, in the morning,Drouet would expect to see her in a new jacket, and that couldn'tbe. The Hansons expected her to go home, and she wanted to getaway, and yet she did not want to go home. In the light of theway they would look on her getting money without work, the takingof it now seemed dreadful. She began to be ashamed. The wholesituation depressed her. It was all so clear when she was withDrouet. Now it was all so tangled, so hopeless--much worse thanit was before, because she had the semblance of aid in her handwhich she could not use.

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      She sat with Minnie, in the kitchen, holding the baby until itbegan to cry. Then she walked and sang to it, until Hanson,disturbed in his reading, came and took it. A pleasant side tohis nature came out here. He was patient. One could see that hewas very much wrapped up in his offspring.

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       At last, however, troubles became too thick. The hounding ofcreditors, the indifference of Carrie, the silence of the flat,and presence of winter, all joined to produce a climax. It waseffected by the arrival of Oeslogge, personally, when Carrie wasthere.

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      "Twenty-nine Ogden Place."

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    {  "Tired of it?"

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      "What do you want to know?" asked Hurstwood.}

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      "Oh, I've got a room down in the Bowery," he answered. "There'sno use trying to tell you here. I'm all right now."

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      "Is it?" said Carrie.

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       Carrie smiled and coloured slightly. He was so innocently frankwith her that she drew nearer in friendship. The old call of theideal was sounding.

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    {  At this moment Bamberger was exclaiming, "Pearl, you are jokingwith me.""Look at that now," said the director, whispering behind hishand. "My Lord! what can you do with a man who drawls out asentence like that?"

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      "I don't know; I guess so, if they'll take me."