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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  relationship-comes over from Greece to interfere. He imprudentlyputs himself into the power of the young man and his olderassociate. They seize him and use violence towards him in order tomake him sign some papers to make over the girl's fortune-of whichhe may be trustee-to them. This he refuses to do. In order tonegotiate with him they have to get an interpreter, and they pitchupon this Mr. Melas, having used some other one before. The girl isnot told of the arrival of her brother and finds it out by themerest accident.
2.  "When you like and where you like."
3.  "Well, sir, when a man does one queer thing, or two queer things,there may be a meaning to it, but when everything he does is queer,then you begin to wonder. I believe Shoscombe Prince and the Derbyhave turned his brain."
4.  "For my own part," the Duke continued, "I have advised the police toturn their attention to the south of France. I have already saidthat I do not believe that the Duchess would encourage so monstrous anaction, but the lad had the most wrongheaded opinions, and it ispossible that he may have fled to her, aided and abetted by thisGerman. I think, Dr. Huxtable, that we will now return to the Hall."I could see that there were other questions which Holmes wouldhave wished to put, but the nobleman's abrupt manner showed that theinterview was at an end. It was evident that to his intenselyaristocratic nature this discussion of his intimate family affairswith a stranger was most abhorrent, and that he feared lest everyfresh question would throw a fiercer light into the discreetlyshadowed corners of his ducal history.
5.  "Oh, yes! In a hundred other ways he has helped him. Everybody abouthere speaks of his kindness to him."
6.  "It had been used for the storage of wood, but the billets, whichhad evidently been littered over the floor, were now piled at thesides, so as to leave a clear space in the middle. In this space lay alarge and heavy flagstone with a rusted iron ring in the centre towhich a thick shepherd's-check muffler was attached.


1.  "What have you done, Holmes?" I asked.
2.  We found The Three Gables a very different establishment to theorderly household of the previous day. A small group of idlers hadassembled at the garden gate, while a couple of constables wereexamining the windows and the geranium beds. Within we met a grayold gentleman, who introduced himself as the lawyer, together with abustling, rubicund inspector, who greeted Holmes as an old friend."Well, Mr. Holmes, no chance for you in this case, I'm afraid.Just a common, ordinary burglary, and well within the capacity ofthe poor old police. No experts need apply."
3.  Sherlock Holmes was not disappointed in his expectations. Two dayslater he received a bulky envelope, which contained a short notefrom the detective, and a typewritten document which covered severalpages of foolscap.
4.  "Friday!" he cried. "Only three clear days. I believe the rascalwants to put himself out of danger's way. But he won't, Watson! By theLord Harry, he won't! Now, Watson, I want you to do something for me.""I am here to be used, Holmes."
5.  Holmes gave an exclamation of satisfaction.
6.  "'Nothing. There lies the inexplicable part of it. The message wasabsurd and trivial. Ah, my God, it is as I feared!'


1.  Binders, reapers, steam and hand plows, drills, harrows, farmers'carts, buckboards, and all other appliances.
2.  "Who by?"
3.  We had not got halfway to the door before she had overtaken us andwas holding his arm. She had turned in a moment from steel to velvet."Come and sit down, gentlemen. Let us talk this matter over. Ifeel that I may be frank with you, Mr. Holmes. You have the feelingsof a gentleman. How quick a woman's instinct is to find it out. I willtreat you as a friend."
4.  "I saw her in conversation with her maid."
5.   "Yes, a provisional one. But I shall be surprised if it does notturn out to be correct. This woman's first husband is in thatcottage."
6.  Holmes had been examining the cover of the notebook with hismagnifying lens.


1.  Holmes was accessible upon the side of flattery, and also, to do himjustice, upon the side of kindliness. The two forces made him lay downhis gum-brush with a sigh of resignation and push back his chair."Well, well, Mrs. Warren, let us hear about it then. You don'tobject to tobacco, I take it? Thank you, Watson- the matches! Youare uneasy, as I understand, because your new lodger remains in hisrooms and you cannot see him. Why, bless you, Mrs. Warren, if I wereyour lodger you often would not see me for weeks on end.""No doubt, sir, but this is different. It frightens me, Mr.Holmes. I can't sleep for fright. To hear his quick step moving hereand moving there from early morning to late at night, and yet never tocatch so much as a glimpse of him- it's more than I can stand. Myhusband is as nervous over it as I am, but he is out at his work allday, while I get no rest from it. What is he hiding for? What has hedone? Except for the girl, I am all alone in the house with him, andit's more than my nerves can stand."
2.  "I can assure you," said Holmes, "that every essential is alreadyknown. We know that you were pressed for money; that you took animpress of the keys which your brother held; and that you entered intoa correspondence with Oberstein, who answered your letters through theadvertisement columns of the Daily Telegraph. We are aware that youwent down to the office in the fog on Monday night, but that youwere seen and followed by young Cadogan West, who had probably someprevious reason to suspect you. He saw your theft, but could notgive the alarm, as it was just possible that you were taking thepapers to your brother in London. Leaving all his private concerns,like the good citizen that he was, he followed you closely in thefog and kept at your heels until you reached this very house. There heintervened, and then it was, Colonel Walter, that to treason you addedthe more terrible crime of murder."
3.  The Count looked sharply at his companion. "Oh, you want to knowthat, do you? How the devil should I be able to tell you where it is?""You can, and you will."
4、  Billy had appeared in answer to a ring.
5、  "You say he was painting. What was he painting?"




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      "Disease?" said I.

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      "This promises to be a most interesting and unusual case," saidhe. "You gave me a few particulars in your letter, Mr. HiltonCubitt, but I should be very much obliged if you would kindly goover it all again for the benefit of my friend, Dr. Watson.""I'm not much of a story-teller," said our visitor, nervouslyclasping and unclasping his great, strong hands. "You'll just ask meanything that I don't make clear. I'll begin at the time of mymarriage last year, but I want to say first of all that, though I'mnot a rich man, my people have been at Riding Thorpe for a matter offive centuries, and there is no better known family in the County ofNorfolk. Last year I came up to London for the Jubilee, and Istopped at a boardinghouse in Russell Square, because Parker, thevicar of our parish, was staying in it. There was an American younglady there- Patrick was the name- Elsie Patrick. In some way we becamefriends, until before my month was up I was as much in love as mancould be. We were quietly married at a registry office, and wereturned to Norfolk a wedded couple. You'll think it very mad, Mr.Holmes, that a man of a good old family should marry a wife in thisfashion, knawing nothing of her past or of her people, but if yousaw her and knew her, it would help you to understand.

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       "I was sure of it from the first." The two sat down together inthe bow-window of the club. To anyone who wishes to study mankind thisis the spot," said Mycroft. "Look at the magnificent types! Look atthese two men who are coming towards us, for example."

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      "He seemed to me like a man who was literally bowed down by care.His back was curved as though he carried a heavy burden. Yet he wasnot the weakling that I had at first imagined, for his shoulders andchest have the framework of a giant, though his figure tapers awayinto a pair of spindled legs."

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    {  "But what other is there?" cried the banker with a gesture ofdespair. "If his motives were innocent, why does he not explain them?""It is our task to find that out," replied Holmes; "so now, if youplease, Mr. Holder, we will set off for Streatham together, and devotean hour to glancing a little more closely into details."My friend insisted upon my accompanying them in their expedition,which I was eager enough to do, for my curiosity and sympathy weredeeply stirred by the story to which we had listened. I confess thatthe guilt of the banker's son appeared to me to be as obvious as itdid to his unhappy father, but still I had such faith in Holmes'sjudgment that I felt that there must be some grounds for hope aslong as he was dissatisfied with the accepted explanation. He hardlyspoke a word the whole way out to the southern suburb, but sat withhis chin upon his breast and his hat drawn over his eyes, sunk inthe deepest thought. Our client appeared to have taken fresh heartat the little glimpse of hope which had been presented to him, andhe even broke into a desultory chat with me over his business affairs.A short railway journey and a shorter walk brought us to Fairbank, themodest residence of the great financier.

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      by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle}

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      "And is that all?"

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      "I should be so glad if I could be of use."

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       "Very good, Mr. Holmes, I will tell him that you are here."After an hour's delay, the great nobleman appeared. His face wasmore cadaverous than ever, his shoulders had rounded, and he seemed tome to be an altogether older man than he had been the morningbefore. He greeted us with a stately courtesy and seated himself athis desk, his red beard streaming down on the table.

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    {  "You certainly do things thoroughly, Mr. Holmes."

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      I have so deep a respect for the extraordinary qualities of Holmesthat I have always deferred to his wishes, even when I leastunderstood them. But now all my professional instincts were aroused.Let him be my master elsewhere, I at least was his in a sick room."Holmes," said I, "you are not yourself. A sick man is but achild, and so I will treat you. Whether you like it or not, I willexamine your symptoms and treat you for them."