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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But consider the matter seriously, Eugenie!"
2.  "Yes."
3.  "And do you account me that title?"
4.  Morrel looked towards Noirtier for permission to retire. Theold man, who had preserved all his usual coolness, made asign to him to do so. The young man pressed Valentine's handto his lips, and then left the house by a back staircase. Atthe same moment that he quitted the room, Villefort and thedoctor entered by an opposite door. Barrois was now showingsigns of returning consciousness. The crisis seemed past, alow moaning was heard, and he raised himself on one knee.D'Avrigny and Villefort laid him on a couch. "What do youprescribe, doctor?" demanded Villefort. "Give me some waterand ether. You have some in the house, have you not?"
5.  "With your tastes, and means of gratifying them," continuedDanglars, "you will exhibit a splendor that must effectuallyput us poor miserable millionaires quite in the shade. If Imistake not you are an admirer of paintings, at least Ijudged so from the attention you appeared to be bestowing onmine when I entered the room. If you will permit me, I shallbe happy to show you my picture gallery, composed entirelyof works by the ancient masters -- warranted as such. Not amodern picture among them. I cannot endure the modern schoolof painting."
6.  "At what hour shall we come?" asked the young man.


1.  "Yes, he is that; he does not himself know the amount of hisfortune."
2.  "Why, when I found myself utterly destitute, I thought myold friends would, perhaps, assist me. So I went toDanglars, who would not even receive me. I called onFernand, who sent me a hundred francs by hisvalet-de-chambre."
3.  "And if it were, Mercedes, poor and lone as you are, yousuit me as well as the daughter of the first shipowner orthe richest banker of Marseilles! What do such as we desirebut a good wife and careful housekeeper, and where can Ilook for these better than in you?"
4.  "Do you find any dazzling sensation before the eyes?"
5.  "No one, but you appeared to be so. From the manner in whichyou walked and talked together, one would have thought youwere two school-girls telling your secrets to each other."
6.  "Oh, all this is a family history, as Chateau-Renaud toldyou the other day," observed Maximilian. "This humblepicture would have but little interest for you, accustomedas you are to behold the pleasures and the misfortunes ofthe wealthy and industrious; but such as we are, we haveexperienced bitter sorrows."


1.  "Shall we see you again to give us any information?"inquired the countess.
2.  "Yes. sir, I will give my attention to the subject."
3.  "And what did you do with the child?" asked Monte Cristo."It was an embarrassing load for a man seeking to escape."
4.  "You mean a mischance."
5.   "Well, I hope you will make a handsome wedding-present theday you marry Mademoiselle Danglars."
6.  "No, sir," said Albert, coldly; "there are circumstances inwhich one cannot, except through cowardice, -- I offer youthat refuge, -- refuse to admit certain persons at least."


1.  "Listen," said the abbe, extending his hand over the woundedman, as if to command him to believe; "this is what the Godin whom, on your death-bed, you refuse to believe, has donefor you -- he gave you health, strength, regular employment,even friends -- a life, in fact, which a man might enjoywith a calm conscience. Instead of improving these gifts,rarely granted so abundantly, this has been your course --you have given yourself up to sloth and drunkenness, and ina fit of intoxication have ruined your best friend."
2.  "But you cannot break it off in this way; the Morcerfs aredepending on this union."
3.  Morrel was dreaming, and Monte Cristo was looking at thedreamer.
4、  "Go on, then, for I see I shall not get to the Chamber thismorning, and I must make up for it."
5、  "It is not their fault that they are bandits, but that ofthe authorities."




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      "Why, that I should think it very amusing," replied Franz,"if it had happened to any one but poor Albert."

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      "Have you no friends who could assist you?" Morrel smiledmournfully. "In business, sir," said he, "one has nofriends, only correspondents."

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       "No," replied the turnkey; "you destroy everything. Firstyou break your jug, then you make me break your plate; ifall the prisoners followed your example, the governmentwould be ruined. I shall leave you the saucepan, and pouryour soup into that. So for the future I hope you will notbe so destructive."

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      "Then you know him?" almost screamed the countess. "Oh, praydo, for heaven's sake, tell us all about -- is he a vampire,or a resuscitated corpse, or what?"

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    {  "While the rest slept, then, we went away a short distance;we severed our fetters with a file the Englishman had givenus, and swam away."

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      "Come, dear ones," said Morrel, rising from his seat, "letus go and see, and heaven have pity upon us if it be falseintelligence!" They all went out, and on the stairs metMadame Morrel, who had been afraid to go up into the study.In a moment they were at the Cannebiere. There was a crowdon the pier. All the crowd gave way before Morrel. "ThePharaon, the Pharaon!" said every voice.}

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      All day Dantes walked up and down his cell. He sat downoccasionally on his bed, pressing his hand on his heart. Atthe slightest noise he bounded towards the door. Once ortwice the thought crossed his mind that he might beseparated from this unknown, whom he loved already; and thenhis mind was made up -- when the jailer moved his bed andstooped to examine the opening, he would kill him with hiswater jug. He would be condemned to die, but he was about todie of grief and despair when this miraculous noise recalledhim to life.

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      "Ah, lips that say one thing, while the heart thinksanother," murmured Edmond. "But, never mind, he is aneighbor who has done us a service on a time, so he'swelcome."

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       "He replied -- he replied, that the death was not a naturalone, and must be attributed" --

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    {  "Then it is settled?"

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      "No, I will go and speak to him myself." Morrel went out,called Baptistin, and whispered a few words to him. Thevalet ran directly. "Well, have you sent?" asked MonteCristo, seeing Morrel return.