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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Hurstwood was arraying himself in one of his perfection vestsbefore the glass at the time.
2.  In this situation her thoughts went out to her sister in VanBuren Street, whom she had not seen since the night of herflight, and to her home at Columbia City, which seemed now a partof something that could not be again. She looked for no refugein that direction. Nothing but sorrow was brought her bythoughts of Hurstwood, which would return. That he could havechosen to dupe her in so ready a manner seemed a cruel thing.
3.  "Why don't you keep part of your money and buy yourself one?" shesuggested, worried over the situation which the withholding ofCarrie's money would create.
4.  The next morning at breakfast his son said:
5.  "'Under the Gaslight.'"
6.  "Thank you," she answered, with some trepidation and went out.


1.  During the last three months of the Warren Street connection,Hurstwood took parts of days off and hunted, tracking thebusiness advertisements. It was a more or less depressingbusiness, wholly because of the thought that he must soon getsomething or he would begin to live on the few hundred dollars hewas saving, and then he would have nothing to invest--he wouldhave to hire out as a clerk.
2.  "Well, if you will marry me then," she said, "I'll go."
3.  "Now, we'll see how the little girl does," he said to Drouet, ina tone which no one else could hear.
4.  Carrie sat still, looking out. She was wondering what she coulddo. They would be expecting her to go home this week.
5.  Carrie stood looking while the lady retired to her office.
6.  "Of course I do," she answered.


1.  The misfortune of the Hurstwood household was due to the factthat jealousy, having been born of love, did not perish with it.Mrs. Hurstwood retained this in such form that subsequentinfluences could transform it into hate. Hurstwood was stillworthy, in a physical sense, of the affection his wife had oncebestowed upon him, but in a social sense he fell short. With hisregard died his power to be attentive to her, and this, to awoman, is much greater than outright crime toward another. Ourself-love dictates our appreciation of the good or evil inanother. In Mrs. Hurstwood it discoloured the very hue of herhusband's indifferent nature. She saw design in deeds andphrases which sprung only from a faded appreciation of herpresence.
2.  He was really planning to slip out and away. He would see whatthese detectives would do--what move his employers at Chicagowould make--then he would slip away--down to New York, where itwas easy to hide. He knew enough about that city to know thatits mysteries and possibilities of mystification were infinite.
3.  "It's not so," said Carrie, "and I'm not going with anybody else.You have been as miserable and inconsiderate as you can be. Ihate you, I tell you, and I wouldn't live with you anotherminute. You're a big, insulting"--here she hesitated and used noword at all--"or you wouldn't talk that way."
4.  At last a lady in opera cape and rustling skirts came down FifthAvenue, accompanied by her escort. Hurstwood gazed wearily,reminded by her both of Carrie in her new world and of the timewhen he had escorted his own wife in like manner.
5.   Carrie hastened away. She did not quarrel now with Hurstwood'sidleness. She had a place--she had a place! This sang in herears.
6.  "Well, I've tried to get something," he exclaimed. What do youwant me to do?"


1.  He arose from his chair and went and looked out into the street.The long drizzle had begun. Pedestrians had turned up collars,and trousers at the bottom. Hands were hidden in the pockets ofthe umbrellaless; umbrellas were up. The street looked like asea of round black cloth roofs, twisting, bobbing, moving.Trucks and vans were rattling in a noisy line and everywhere menwere shielding themselves as best they could. He scarcelynoticed the picture. He was forever confronting his wife,demanding of her to change her attitude toward him before heworked her bodily harm.
2.  "Supposing, then, you just sign this."
3.  "I don't know," said Carrie. "I feel real bad."
4、  In the course of his present stay in Chicago, Drouet paid someslight attention to the secret order to which he belonged.During his last trip he had received a new light on itsimportance.
5、  Everything he discovered in his line advertised as anopportunity, was either too expensive or too wretched for him.Besides, winter was coming, the papers were announcing hardships,and there was a general feeling of hard times in the air, or, atleast, he thought so. In his worry, other people's worriesbecame apparent. No item about a firm failing, a familystarving, or a man dying upon the streets, supposedly ofstarvation, but arrested his eye as he scanned the morningpapers. Once the "World" came out with a flaring announcementabout "80,000 people out of employment in New York this winter,"which struck as a knife at his heart.




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      Hurstwood smiled grimly, and the boy laughed.

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      She had secured her hat and jacket and slipped the latter on overher little evening dress. Some wisps of wavy hair had loosenedfrom the bands at the side of her head and were straggling overher hot, red cheeks. She was angry, mortified, grief-stricken.Her large eyes were full of the anguish of tears, but her lidswere not yet wet. She was distracted and uncertain, deciding anddoing things without an aim or conclusion, and she had not theslightest conception of how the whole difficulty would end.

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       The manager started, hit as he was by a problem which was moredifficult than hers. He gave no sign of the thoughts thatflashed like messages to his mind.

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      "Why, George," she said; "what's the matter with you?"

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    {  "Let's stop in and have a rarebit," he suggested one midnight.

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      "You can't do it, you know," said the detective, eyeing himcoolly.}

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      "Not since you came back," she laughed.

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      Hopelessly he turned back into Broadway again and slopped onwardand away, begging, crying, losing track of his thoughts, oneafter another, as a mind decayed and disjointed is wont to do.

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       "Well," said Hanson, after a while, sticking his hands out beforehim, "what can you do?"

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    {  "Well, I'll be in the barber shop," said the other. "I want toget a shave."

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      The old illusion that here was some one who needed her aid beganto grow in Carrie's mind. She truly pitied this sad, lonelyfigure. To think that all his fine state should be so barren forwant of her; that he needed to make such an appeal when sheherself was lonely and without anchor. Surely, this was too bad.