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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Let this victim to Baal be sent,
2.  D'Artagnan looked much disconcerted.
3.  "Well, monsieur?" asked D'Artagnan.
4.  "I do not think he is; as you see, his shutter is closed, and youcan see no light shine through the chinks of the shutters.""All the same, it is well to be certain."
5.  "I am recruiting myself," said Porthos, "I am recruiting myself.Nothing weakens a man more than these devilish strains. Did youever suffer from a strain, Athos?"
6.  "That is to say," cried Bonacieux, who saw he had taken a falsestep, "that is to say--"


1.  "Silence, Laporte, you may be overheard. Patrick, let no one enter.Oh, I cannot tell what she says to me! My God, I am dying!"And the duke swooned.
2.  "Madame," said he, with dignity, "there will shortly be a ball atthe Hotel de Ville. I wish, in order to honor our worthyaldermen, you should appear in ceremonial costume, and above all,ornamented with the diamond studs which I gave you on yourbirthday. That is my answer."
3.  When the young Guardsman and the three Musketeers werewithout witnesses, they looked at one another with an airwhich plainly expressed that each of them perceived thegravity of their situation.
4.  "With what view?"
5.  "I have a miraculous balsam for wounds--a balsam given to me bymy mother and of which I have made a trial upon myself.""Well?"
6.  "But where and when shall I see you again?" cried D'Artagnan."A note which you will find at home will tell you. Begone,begone!"


1.  Not a word about the sapphire. Was the Gascon determined tokeep it as a weapon against Milady, or else, let us befrank, did he not reserve the sapphire as a last resourcefor his outfit? It would be wrong to judge the actions ofone period from the point of view of another. That whichwould now be considered as disgraceful to a gentleman was atthat time quite a simple and natural affair, and the youngersons of the best families were frequently supported by theirmistresses. D'Artagnan gave the open letter to Kitty, whoat first was unable to comprehend it, but who became almostwild with joy on reading it a second time. She couldscarcely believe in her happiness; and D'Artagnan was forcedto renew with the living voice the assurances which he hadwritten. And whatever might be--considering the violentcharacter of Milady--the danger which the poor girl incurredin giving this billet to her mistress, she ran back to thePlace Royale as fast as her legs could carry her.The heart of the best woman is pitiless toward the sorrowsof a rival.
2.  "Oh, he would kill me!"
3.  In fact, fortune changed; and as the king began to lose what hehad won, he was not sorry to find an excuse for playingCharlemagne--if we may use a gaming phrase of whose origin weconfess our ignorance. The king therefore arose a minute after,and putting the money which lay before him into his pocket, themajor part of which arose from his winnings, "La Vieuville," saidhe, "take my place; I must speak to Monsieur de Treville on anaffair of importance. Ah, I had eighty louis before me; put downthe same sum, so that they who have lost may have nothing tocomplain of. Justice before everything."
4.  "My faith, gentlemen," said Porthos, turning round upon hischair and twisting his mustache, "that's a fair bet, Ihope."
5.   D'Artagnan pressed nothing but a corpse in his arms. The young manuttered a cry, and fell by the side of his mistress as pale and as icyas herself.
6.  "He, that man!"


1.  That was the very evening when the abduction of Mme.Bonacieux took place. D'Artagnan trembled; and he likewiserecollected that during the past half hour the poor womanhad passed close to him, without doubt carried away by thesame power that had caused her disappearance.
2.  "The doubles the offense," said Porthos, disengaging his arm fromthat of the procurator's wife; "for if you are rich, MadameCoquenard, then there is no excuse for your refusal.""When I said rich," replied the procurator's wife, who saw thatshe had gone too far, "you must not take the word literally. Iam not precisely rich, though I am pretty well off.""Hold, madame," said Porthos, "let us say no more upon thesubject, I beg of you. You have misunderstood me, all sympathyis extinct between us."
3.  "My very own. You have brought me something?"
4、  "You say either too much or too little; speak, madame. In thename of heaven, explain yourself."
5、  "The day after my return to Lille, my brother in his turn succeeded inmaking his escape; I was accused of complicity, and was condemned toremain in his place till he should be again a prisoner. My poor brotherwas ignorant of this sentence. He rejoined this woman; they fledtogether into Berry, and there he obtained a little curacy. This womanpassed for his sister.




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      "Well," said Porthos to Aramis, "we must do something.""Monsieur is full of generosity," said Athos.

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      "Then you are ignorant of what has become of your wife since herflight."

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       At the cries of M. de Treville, the whole assemblage rushed intothe cabinet, he not thinking to shut the door against anyone, andall crowded round the wounded man. But all this eager attentionmight have been useless if the doctor was so loudly called forhad chanced to be in the hotel. He pushed through the crowd,approached Athos, still insensible, and as all this noise andcommotion inconvenienced him greatly, he required, as the firstand most urgent thing, that the Musketeer should be carried intoan adjoining chamber. Immediately M. de Treville opened andpointed the way to Porthos and Aramis, who bore their comrade intheir arms. Behind this group walked the surgeon; and behind thesurgeon the door closed.

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      "You may perceive, madame, by my uniform, that I am an officer inthe English navy," replied the young man.

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    {  "Well, Tempter, what more do you want with me?" said D'Artagnan."You want me to throw again, do you not?"

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      "Does not your Eminence fear that the punishment inflictedupon Ravaillac may deter anyone who might entertain the ideaof imitating him?"}

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      "Here's half a pistole. Tomorrow morning."

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      However brilliant had been the part played by Porthos in theduel, it had not made him forget the dinner of theprocurator's wife.

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       "I am quite ready," said D'Artagnan; "but in the first placeI should like to be certain of one thing."

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    {  "Gentlemen," said Jussac, "it is with great regret that Ipronounce the thing impossible. Duty before everything.Sheathe, then, if you please, and follow us."

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      "Do you know whom I have encountered here?"