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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, PARDIEU! Is that you?" said Porthos to D'Artagnan. "Youare right welcome. Excuse my not coming to meet you; but," addedhe, looking at D'Artagnan with a certain degree of uneasiness,"you know what has happened to me?"
2.  Lord de Winter rose, saluted her ironically, and went out.Milady breathed again. She had still four days before her. Fourdays would quite suffice to complete the seduction of Felton.A terrible idea, however, rushed into her mind. She thought thatLord de Winter would perhaps send Felton himself to get the ordersigned by the Duke of Buckingham. In that case Felton wouldescape her--for in order to secure success, the magic of acontinuous seduction was necessary. Nevertheless, as we havesaid, one circumstance reassured her. Felton had not spoken.As she would not appear to be agitated by the threats of Lord deWinter, she placed herself at the table and ate.
3.  "Have me arrested on the part of the queen," said he, "and I--Iwill appeal to his Eminence.
4.  "There goes one!" cried Athos, at the end of five hundred paces."But why did that man attack Porthos rather than any other one ofus?" asked Aramis.
5.  "Amen!" said Athos, "and we will return to that subjectlater, if such be your pleasure; but what for the momentengaged my attention most earnestly, and I am sure you willunderstand me, D'Artagnan, was the getting from this woman akind of carte blanche which she had extorted from thecardinal, and by means of which she could with impunity getrid of you and perhaps of us."
6.  "Then run to the door, and open it yourself."


1.  The cardinal turned and said in a loud voice, "Rochefort!" Thechevalier, who no doubt was near the door, entered immediately."Rochefort," said the cardinal, "you see Monsieur d'Artagnan. I receivehim among the number of my friends. Greet each other, then; and be wiseif you wish to preserve your heads."
2.  "The devil!" said Athos. "I would propose to you to stakePlanchet, but as that has already been done, the Englishman wouldnot, perhaps, be willing."
3.  With these words he held out to the queen the two studs thecardinal had given him.
4.  Athos, whose keen eye lost nothing, perceived a faintly sly smilepass over the lips of the young Gascon as he replied, "We had ashort discussion upon dress."
5.  "Except you, Athos, who never had one."
6.  Then they saw from the other bank the executioner raise both his armsslowly; a moonbeam fell upon the blade of the large sword. The twoarms fell with a sudden force; they heard the hissing of the scimitarand the cry of the victim, then a truncated mass sank beneath the blow.The executioner then took off his red cloak, spread it upon the ground,laid the body in it, threw in the head, tied all up by the four corners,lifted it on his back, and entered the boat again.In the middle of the stream he stopped the boat, and suspending hisburden over the water cried in a loud voice, "Let the justice of God bedone!" and he let the corpse drop into the depths of the waters, whichclosed over it.


1.  "Then you are ignorant of what has become of your wife since herflight."
2.  "And does that hinder you from letting me know the secondreason?"
3.  At eight o'clock in the evening Athos ordered the horses to be saddled,and Lord de Winter and his friends notified that they must prepare forthe expedition.
4.  D'Artagnan thought this could not last long, and continued tolook with all his eyes and listen with all his ears.He was right; at the end of some seconds two sharp taps wereheard inside. The young woman in the street replied by a singletap, and the shutter was opened a little way.
5.   An instant after, the broken door was removed, and the pale faceof Athos appeared, who with a rapid glance took a survey of thesurroundings.
6.  "Fore Gad, these Frenchmen have no consideration!""I had forgotten that England was an island, and that you werethe king of it."


1.  "Well, gentlemen," said the brave captain, "I hope you have been wellamused during your excursion."
2.  M. Bonacieux was at his door. D'Artagnan's intention was to goout without speaking to the worthy mercer; but the latter made sopolite and friendly a salutation that his tenant felt obliged,not only to stop, but to enter into conversation with him.Besides, how is it possible to avoid a little condescensiontoward a husband whose pretty wife has appointed a meeting withyou that same evening at St. Cloud, opposite D'Estrees'spavilion? D'Artagnan approached him with the most amiable air hecould assume.
3.  "Present yourself at the wicket of the Louvre, on the side of theRue de l'Echelle, and ask for Germain."
4、  "You are very fortunate," said Athos, rising; "I wish Icould say as much!"
5、  "I wished to know the detail," said she, "because, havingmany relatives in business, I was almost sure of obtainingthings at a hundred per cent less than you would payyourself."




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      And with all the swiftness of his legs, already a little fatiguedhowever, with the perambulations of the day, D'Artagnan directedhis course toward M. de Treville's.

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      M. de Treville received him as if he had seen him that samemorning; only, when pressing his hand a little more warmly thanusual, he informed him that the company of Dessessart was on dutyat the Louvre, and that he might repair at once to his post.

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      "Honor! Luckily for the rascal, for I should have left him deadon the spot, I assure you."

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    {  The cardinal rang a second time. The officer reappeared."Place this man in the care of his guards again, and let him waittill I send for him."

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      "Neffer," replied the Swiss, enchanted that a man like Athoscould envy him anything. "Neffer, neffer!"}

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      In the meantime, the forty pistoles of King Louis XIII, like allother things of this world, after having had a beginning had anend, and after this end our four companions began to be somewhatembarrassed. At first, Athos supported the association for atime with his own means.

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      "What did you say?" asked M. de Treville, glancing round to seeif they were surely alone, and then fixing his questioning lookupon D'Artagnan.

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       "But where are you going, monsieur, where are you going?""I am going down by the window, in order to be there the sooner,"cried D'Artagnan. "You put back the boards, sweep the floor, goout at the door, and run as I told you."

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    {  *Haberdasher

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      "Oh, you render me the happiest of men! Do not forget thisevening--do not forget that promise."