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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Laugh if you please -- I really think so. So I will notabandon this bouquet."
2.  "He!" cried Albert; "yes, it is indeed he who has so longpursued my father with jealous hatred. He, the man who wouldbe popular, cannot forgive the Count of Morcerf for beingcreated a peer; and this marriage broken off without areason being assigned -- yes, it is all from the samecause."
3.  "Who, then, urged you to write? Tell me."
4.  "What did he answer?"
5.  Valentine was alone; two other clocks, slower than that ofSaint-Philippe du Roule, struck the hour of midnight fromdifferent directions, and excepting the rumbling of a fewcarriages all was silent. Then Valentine's attention wasengrossed by the clock in her room, which marked theseconds. She began counting them, remarking that they weremuch slower than the beatings of her heart; and still shedoubted, -- the inoffensive Valentine could not imagine thatany one should desire her death. Why should they? To whatend? What had she done to excite the malice of an enemy?There was no fear of her falling asleep. One terrible ideapressed upon her mind, -- that some one existed in the worldwho had attempted to assassinate her, and who was about toendeavor to do so again. Supposing this person, wearied atthe inefficacy of the poison, should, as Monte Cristointimated, have recourse to steel! -- What if the countshould have no time to run to her rescue! -- What if herlast moments were approaching, and she should never againsee Morrel! When this terrible chain of ideas presenteditself, Valentine was nearly persuaded to ring the bell, andcall for help. But through the door she fancied she saw theluminous eye of the count -- that eye which lived in hermemory, and the recollection overwhelmed her with so muchshame that she asked herself whether any amount of gratitudecould ever repay his adventurous and devoted friendship.
6.  "But they believe I am shut up alone here."


1.  "Where will he receive me?"
2.  "What for?" asked Eugenie.
3.  "I recognized you, some time since, as the insolent dandywho so gracefully mounted his horse in the Champs Elysees."
4.  "You know, mother, M. de Monte Cristo is almost an Oriental,and it is customary with the Orientals to secure fullliberty for revenge by not eating or drinking in the housesof their enemies."
5.  "Yes; and I wrote, and will show you my correspondence, ifyou like." Albert and Beauchamp looked at each other. "Sir,"said Beauchamp, who had not yet spoken, "you appear toaccuse the count, who is absent from Paris at this moment,and cannot justify himself."
6.  "Ah, my father!" said Franz, interrupting himself. "Iunderstand now why they murdered him." Valentine could nothelp casting one glance towards the young man, whose filialenthusiasm it was delightful to behold. Villefort walked toand fro behind them. Noirtier watched the expression of eachone, and preserved his dignified and commanding attitude.Franz returned to the manuscript, and continued: --


1.  "Repeat it to me."
2.  "The one with a white dress and so many diamonds -- the fairone."
3.  "No, mother, -- capital 3,000 francs. And I have an idea ofour leading a delightful life upon this 3,000 francs."
4.  "A sort of book, written upon strips of cloth."
5.   "A marchioness."
6.  "I? What could put such an idea into your head?"


1.  "Is he in bed?"
2.  "Everything points to the conclusion, sire," said theminister of police, "that death was not the result ofsuicide, as we first believed, but of assassination. GeneralQuesnel, it appears, had just left a Bonapartist club whenhe disappeared. An unknown person had been with him thatmorning, and made an appointment with him in the RueSaint-Jacques; unfortunately, the general's valet, who wasdressing his hair at the moment when the stranger entered,heard the street mentioned, but did not catch the number."As the police minister related this to the king, Villefort,who looked as if his very life hung on the speaker's lips,turned alternately red and pale. The king looked towardshim.
3.  "You have forgotten then?"
4、  "Do you invent, then," said Fernand impatiently.
5、  "Yes, if you will not consent to retract that infamouscalumny."




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      Monte Cristo remembered that on that very spot, on the samerock, he had been violently dragged by the guards, whoforced him to ascend the slope at the points of theirbayonets. The journey had seemed very long to Dantes, butMonte Cristo found it equally short. Each stroke of the oarseemed to awaken a new throng of ideas, which sprang up withthe flying spray of the sea.

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      The court of Saint-Bernard has its own particular apartmentfor the reception of guests; it is a long rectangle, dividedby two upright gratings placed at a distance of three feetfrom one another to prevent a visitor from shaking handswith or passing anything to the prisoners. It is a wretched,damp, nay, even horrible spot, more especially when weconsider the agonizing conferences which have taken placebetween those iron bars. And yet, frightful though this spotmay be, it is looked upon as a kind of paradise by the menwhose days are numbered; it is so rare for them to leave theLions' Den for any other place than the barrierSaint-Jacques or the galleys!

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      "I did!"

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    {  Then the landing began. Dantes reflected, as he worked, onthe shout of joy which, with a single word, he could evokefrom all these men, if he gave utterance to the oneunchanging thought that pervaded his heart; but, far fromdisclosing this precious secret, he almost feared that hehad already said too much, and by his restlessness andcontinual questions, his minute observations and evidentpre-occupation, aroused suspicions. Fortunately, as regardedthis circumstance at least, his painful past gave to hiscountenance an indelible sadness, and the glimmerings ofgayety seen beneath this cloud were indeed but transitory.

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      "Certainly," said Andrea, "I shall not overtake my friend,but I shall kill your horse, therefore I had better stop.Here are thirty francs; I will sleep at the Red Horse, andwill secure a place in the first coach. Good-night, friend."And Andrea, after placing six pieces of five francs each inthe man's hand, leaped lightly on to the pathway. The cabmanjoyfully pocketed the sum, and turned back on his road toParis. Andrea pretended to go towards the Red Horse inn, butafter leaning an instant against the door, and hearing thelast sound of the cab, which was disappearing from view, hewent on his road, and with a lusty stride soon traversed thespace of two leagues. Then he rested; he must be nearChapelle-en-Serval, where he pretended to be going. It wasnot fatigue that stayed Andrea here; it was that he mightform some resolution, adopt some plan. It would beimpossible to make use of a diligence, equally so to engagepost-horses; to travel either way a passport was necessary.It was still more impossible to remain in the department ofthe Oise, one of the most open and strictly guarded inFrance; this was quite out of the question, especially to aman like Andrea, perfectly conversant with criminal matters.}

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      "It is frank, at least," said Morrel. "But I am sure thatthe count does not regret having once deviated from theprinciples he has so boldly avowed."

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      "What do you wish to see first?" asked the abbe.

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       "Will you come into the garden?" said Debray, advancingtowards the back staircase.

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    {  "My dear Albert," said Debray, "what you tell us is soextraordinary."

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      "Tell me," continued he, "was he not about my height,perhaps a little taller, with his chin imprisoned, as itwere, in a high cravat; his coat closely buttoned up, andconstantly taking out his pencil?"