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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes," said the count, "yes."
2.  "Well, then, go, -- wait for me there, and I will soon joinyou."
3.  "Valentine, would you rather denounce your stepmother?"
4.  "The sitting is adjourned, gentlemen," said the president;"fresh inquiries will be made, and the case will be triednext session by another magistrate." As for Andrea, who wascalm and more interesting than ever, he left the hall,escorted by gendarmes, who involuntarily paid him someattention. "Well, what do you think of this, my finefellow?" asked Debray of the sergeant-at-arms, slipping alouis into his hand. "There will be extenuatingcircumstances," he replied.
5.  But, instead of growing easier, Dantes' pains appeared toincrease in violence. The old patron, who was obliged tosail in the morning in order to land his cargo on thefrontiers of Piedmont and France, between Nice and Frejus,urged Dantes to try and rise. Edmond made great exertions inorder to comply; but at each effort he fell back, moaningand turning pale.
6.  "Yes, quite; but why all these precautions?"


1.  "No, I did not know it."
2.  "I only fear one thing; namely, to find a man who will notfight."
3.  "Ah, Valentine, I assure you you are mistaken."
4.  Dantes approached the upper rock, which now, without anysupport, leaned towards the sea. The intrepidtreasure-seeker walked round it, and, selecting the spotfrom whence it appeared most susceptible to attack, placedhis lever in one of the crevices, and strained every nerveto move the mass. The rock, already shaken by the explosion,tottered on its base. Dantes redoubled his efforts; heseemed like one of the ancient Titans, who uprooted themountains to hurl against the father of the gods. The rockyielded, rolled over, bounded from point to point, andfinally disappeared in the ocean.
5.  "No," said Valentine, "you might meet some one; stay."
6.  "Nor I, nor I," chorused the sailors.


1.  "But I come expressly for that purpose."
2.  "Half-past six o'clock has just struck, M. Bertuccio," saidthe count severely; "I ordered dinner at that hour, and I donot like to wait;" and he returned to his guests, whileBertuccio, leaning against the wall, succeeded in reachingthe dining-room. Five minutes afterwards the doors of the.drawing-room were thrown open, and Bertuccio appearing said,with a violent effort, "The dinner waits."
3.  "Well, then, Signor Aladdin," replied the singularamphitryon, "you heard our repast announced, will you nowtake the trouble to enter the dining-room, your humbleservant going first to show the way?" At these words, movingaside the tapestry, Sinbad preceded his guest. Franz nowlooked upon another scene of enchantment; the table wassplendidly covered, and once convinced of this importantpoint he cast his eyes around him. The dining-room wasscarcely less striking than the room he had just left; itwas entirely of marble, with antique bas-reliefs ofpriceless value; and at the four corners of this apartment,which was oblong, were four magnificent statues, havingbaskets in their hands. These baskets contained fourpyramids of most splendid fruit; there were Sicilypine-apples, pomegranates from Malaga, oranges from theBalearic Isles, peaches from France, and dates from Tunis.The supper consisted of a roast pheasant garnished withCorsican blackbirds; a boar's ham with jelly, a quarter of akid with tartar sauce, a glorious turbot, and a giganticlobster. Between these large dishes were smaller onescontaining various dainties. The dishes were of silver, andthe plates of Japanese china.
4.  "It was not I who made that promise," cried Morcerf; "itmust have been some one else whom you have rescued in thesame manner, and whom you have forgotten. Pray speak of it,for I shall not only, I trust, relate the little I do know,but also a great deal I do not know."
5.   "I am coming, mademoiselle," replied he. "Barrois will openthe door for you," said Valentine, addressing Morrel. "Andnow remember one thing, Monsieur Officer, that mygrandfather commands you not to take any rash or ill-advisedstep which would be likely to compromise our happiness."
6.  "Yes; and if you wish to know his name, I will tell it, --he is named Villefort." The explosion, which had been solong restrained from a feeling of respect to the court ofjustice, now burst forth like thunder from the breasts ofall present; the court itself did not seek to restrain thefeelings of the audience. The exclamations, the insultsaddressed to Benedetto, who remained perfectly unconcerned,the energetic gestures, the movement of the gendarmes, thesneers of the scum of the crowd always sure to rise to thesurface in case of any disturbance -- all this lasted fiveminutes, before the door-keepers and magistrates were ableto restore silence. In the midst of this tumult the voice ofthe president was heard to exclaim, -- "Are you playing withjustice, accused, and do you dare set your fellow-citizensan example of disorder which even in these times his neverbeen equalled?"


1.  "How do I know?" replied Danglars; "gone, as every prudentman ought to be, to look after his own affairs, most likely.Never mind where he is, let you and I go and see what is tobe done for our poor friends."
2.  "Oh, madame, I do not presume to call myself your friend,but at all times I am your most respectful servant." Thecountess left with an indescribable pang in her heart, andbefore she had taken ten steps the count saw her raise herhandkerchief to her eyes. "Do not my mother and you agree?"asked Albert, astonished.
3.  "A change."
4、  "You do not reply to my question," replied the inspectorimpatiently.
5、  "What do you mean by that question?"




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      "And what may it be?"

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      "May I depend on it?"

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       "No, certainly not," said the count with a haughtyexpression.

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      At eight o'clock in the morning Albert had arrived atBeauchamp's door. The valet de chambre had received ordersto usher him in at once. Beauchamp was in his bath. "Here Iam," said Albert.

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    {  "The receipt of M. de Monte Cristo is as good as money; takeit to Rothschild's or Lafitte's, and they will take it offyour hands at once."

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      "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo with a slight cough which inmoments of extreme emotion helped him to disguise a blush,or his pallor, or the intense interest with which helistened; "indeed, Maximilian, did you hear that?"}

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      The soldiers looked at Dantes with an air of stupidcuriosity. In an instant he was placed in the stern-sheetsof the boat, between the gendarmes, while the officerstationed himself at the bow; a shove sent the boat adrift,and four sturdy oarsmen impelled it rapidly towards thePilon. At a shout from the boat, the chain that closes themouth of the port was lowered and in a second they were, asDantes knew, in the Frioul and outside the inner harbor.

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      "And has he conformed to all that the letter specified?"

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       "When shall you send your invitations?"

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    {  "So much the better. As Villefort observes, it is a greatact of folly to have left such a man between Corsica, wherehe was born, and Naples, of which his brother-in-law isking, and face to face with Italy, the sovereignty of whichhe coveted for his son."

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      "He did; saying at the same time, `You see I thus destroythe only proof existing against you.'"