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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I do not know whether the wine of Chios producesmelancholy, but certainly everything appears to me black inthis house," said Debray.
2.  "Have pity on Valentine! Listen -- it is impossible! I wouldas willingly accuse myself! Valentine, whose heart is pureas a diamond or a lily."
3.  "Come," said he to the abbe, "I am anxious to see yourtreasures."
4.  "Very well, at ten o'clock;, you are still at the Hotel desPrinces?"
5.  "Yes," said Valentine, "he was very fond of me."
6.  "Do you not think, on reflection," said he to him, "that youhave done wrong in thus speaking of your mother-in-law inthe presence of M. Debray?"


1.  "Why so?" asked the young man, surprised.
2.  "Do not give yourselves the trouble, excellency," returnedSignor Pastrini, with the smile peculiar to the Italianspeculator when he confesses defeat; "I will do all I can,and I hope you will be satisfied."
3.  "Yes, I promised you." The Count watched Albert, waving hishand to him. When he had mounted his phaeton, Monte Cristoturned, and seeing Bertuccio, "What news?" said he. "Shewent to the Palais," replied the steward.
4.  "I knew that," said Monte Cristo; "she has been dead theseten years."
5.  Monte Cristo took the gong and struck it once. In about thespace of a second a private door opened, and Ali appeared,bringing two chibouques filled with excellent latakia. "Itis quite wonderful," said Albert.
6.  "No, he still persists in looking upon you as the mostincomprehensible and mysterious of beings."


1.  "Well, then, that green preserve is nothing less than theambrosia which Hebe served at the table of Jupiter."
2.  "All you were showing me. And you really understand none ofthese signals?"
3.  "Ah, see there, now!" said Caderousse; "and I did notrecognize them! Hallo, Dantes! hello, lovely damsel! Comethis way, and let us know when the wedding is to be, forFernand here is so obstinate he will not tell us."
4.  "Well, what then?"
5.   "Because if you do not possess the 175,000 francs I reclaim,you must have lent them to your friends, and M. Debray isone of your friends."
6.  "There was, above all, one room," continued Monte Cristo,"very plain in appearance, hung with red damask, which, Iknow not why, appeared to me quite dramatic."


1.  Tears, entreaties, prayers, have availed me nothing.Yesterday, for two hours, I was at the church ofSaint-Phillippe du Roule, and for two hours I prayed mostfervently. Heaven is as inflexible as man, and the signatureof the contract is fixed for this evening at nine o'clock. Ihave but one promise and but one heart to give; that promiseis pledged to you, that heart is also yours. This evening,then, at a quarter to nine at the gate.
2.  "Pray take notice," said the countess, "that my presentresidence is 22 Rue de Rivoli, and that I am at home to myfriends every Saturday evening. So now, you are bothforewarned." The young men bowed, and quitted the box. Uponreaching their stalls, they found the whole of the audiencein the parterre standing up and directing their gaze towardsthe box formerly possessed by the Russian ambassador. A manof from thirty-five to forty years of age, dressed in deepblack, had just entered, accompanied by a young womandressed after the Eastern style. The lady was surpassinglybeautiful, while the rich magnificence of her attire drewall eyes upon her. "Hullo," said Albert; "it is Monte Cristoand his Greek!"
3.  "Well, I believe, my dear Edmond, though I have not seen himlately."
4、  "To find such a wife as my father found." Monte Cristoturned pale, and looked at Albert, while playing with somemagnificent pistols.
5、  "Him!"




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      Apprised in time of the visit paid him, Monte Cristo had,from behind the blinds of his pavilion, as minutely observedthe baron, by means of an excellent lorgnette, as Danglarshimself had scrutinized the house, garden, and servants."That fellow has a decidedly bad countenance," said thecount in a tone of disgust, as he shut up his glass into itsivory case. "How comes it that all do not retreat inaversion at sight of that flat, receding, serpent-likeforehead, round, vulture-shaped head, and sharp-hooked nose,like the beak of a buzzard? Ali," cried he, striking at thesame time on the brazen gong. Ali appeared. "SummonBertuccio," said the count. Almost immediately Bertuccioentered the apartment. "Did your excellency desire to seeme?" inquired he. "I did," replied the count. "You no doubtobserved the horses standing a few minutes since at thedoor?"

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      "Certainly; pray do so."

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       "I did so, but he excused himself on account of Madame deMorcerf being obliged to go to Dieppe for the benefit of seaair."

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      "There has been no arrest."

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    {  "And you?"

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      "No, sire, for that would only betoken for us seven years ofplenty and seven years of scarcity; and with a king as fullof foresight as your majesty, scarcity is not a thing to befeared."}

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      "An excellent one," said Valentine. "He pretends the air ofthe Faubourg St. Honore is not good for me."

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      Emmanuel hesitated a moment, but his desire to make Juliedecide immediately made him reply.

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       "I am patient, but go on."

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    {  "It is a frightful story, count," said Albert, terrified atthe paleness of Haidee's countenance, "and I reproach myselfnow for having been so cruel and thoughtless in my request."

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      "Well, then, we will go into Paris. But how will you passthrough the barrier without exciting suspicion? It seems tome that you are in more danger riding than on foot."