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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That's pretty positive," continued D'Artagnan; "but after all,it is but a menace."
2.  "I believe not; nevertheless I believe she runs some great perilfrom which your Grace alone can extricate her."
3.  "I am glad they please you."
4.  "What is that?" said the soldier, uneasy at perceiving thatall was not over.
5.  Milady saw the trouble. She felt by intuition the flame of theopposing passions which burned with the blood in the veins of theyoung fanatic. As a skillful general, seeing the enemy ready tosurrender, marches toward him with a cry of victory, she rose,beautiful as an antique priestess, inspired like a Christianvirgin, her arms extended, her throat uncovered, her hairdisheveled, holding with one hand her robe modestly drawn overher breast, her look illumined by that fire which had alreadycreated such disorder in the veins of the young Puritan, and wenttoward him, crying out with a vehement air, and in her melodiousvoice, to which on this occasion she communicated a terribleenergy:
6.  "Our conditions said, 'No revenge,' you will please torecollect."


1.  At length, M. de Treville himself returned. The injured man hadrecovered his senses. The surgeon declared that the situation ofthe Musketeer had nothing in it to render his friends uneasy, hisweakness having been purely and simply caused by loss of blood.Then M. de Treville made a sign with his hand, and all retiredexcept D'Artagnan, who did not forget that he had an audience,and with the tenacity of a Gascon remained in his place.When all had gone out and the door was closed, M. de Treville, onturning round, found himself alone with the young man. The eventwhich had occurred had in some degree broken the thread of hisideas. He inquired what was the will of his persevering visitor.D'Artagnan then repeated his name, and in an instant recoveringall his remembrances of the present and the past, M. de Trevillegrasped the situation.
2.  "To London."
3.  At the noise made by D'Artagnan in entering, Aramis lifted up hishead, and beheld his friend; but to the great astonishment of theyoung man, the sight of him did not produce much effect upon theMusketeer, so completely was his mind detached from the things ofthis world.
4.  One day when oppressed with a mortal weariness of mind, withouthope in the negotiations with the city; without news fromEngland, the cardinal went out, without any other aim than to beout of doors, and accompanied only by Cahusac and La Houdiniere,strolled along the beach. Mingling the immensity of his dreamswith the immensity of the ocean, he came, his horse going at afoot's pace, to a hill from the top of which he perceived behinda hedge, reclining on the sand and catching in its passage one ofthose rays of the sun so rare at this period of the year, sevenmen surrounded by empty bottles. Four of these men were ourMusketeers, preparing to listen to a letter one of them had justreceived. This letter was so important that it made them forsaketheir cards and their dice on the drumhead.
5.  "Go up," said the host; "she is still in her chamber."Athos availed himself of the permission, ascended the stairswith his lightest step, gained the landing, and through theopen door perceived Milady putting on her hat.
6.  As he passed the Hotel des Gardes, he took a glance in to thestables. Three of the four horses had already arrived.Planchet, all astonishment, was busy grooming them, and hadalready finished two.


1.  At length a fresh discharge was heard, and this time theballs came rattling among the stones around the fourfriends, and whistling sharply in their ears. TheRochellais had at last taken possession of the bastion."These Rochellais are bungling fellows," said Athos; "howmany have we killed of them--a dozen?"
2.  No time was to be lost. D'Artagnan sprang up with a bound,and at the same instant the ball from the other musket toreup the gravel on the very spot on the road where he hadthrown himself with his face to the ground.
3.  "That's all right, my dear Aramis, take care of yourself," saidhe; "I will go alone in search of Athos."
4.  "By Guards brought by the men in black whom you put to flight.""Why did he not tell them his name? Why did he not tell them heknew nothing about this affair?"
5.   It resulted from this that the real stake in this game,which two most powerful kingdoms played for the goodpleasure of two amorous men, was simply a kind look fromAnne of Austria.
6.  "No, madame, on the honor of a soldier, on the faith of aChristian."


1.  The first and the most natural was that it might be anambuscade of the Rochellais, who might not be sorry to killone of his Majesty's Guards, because it would be an enemythe less, and this enemy might have a well-furnished pursein his pocket.
2.  "Because you do not love me, madame! If you loved me, you wouldview all this otherwise. If you loved me, oh, if you loved me,that would be too great happiness, and I should run mad. Ah,Madame de Chevreuse was less cruel than you. Holland loved her,and she responded to his love."
3.  "But I ought to be gone, too. And the disappearance of hismoney; how am I to justify it if I am here?"
4、  "Silence!" said D'Artagnan, pressing her hand more closely."How is there still time?" asked the man in the cloak."I go to the Louvre; I ask for Mme. Bonacieux; I say that I havereflected; I renew the affair; I obtain the letter, and I rundirectly to the cardinal."
5、  Nevertheless, it was necessary to finish. The watch might comeup and take all the combatants, wounded or not, royalists orcardinalists. Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan surrounded Bicarat,and required him to surrender. Though alone against all and witha wound in his thigh, Bicarat wished to hold out; but Jussac, whohad risen upon his elbow, cried out to him to yield. Bicarat wasa Gascon, as D'Artagnan was; he turned a deaf ear, and contentedhimself with laughing, and between two parries finding time topoint to a spot of earth with his sword, "Here," cried he,parodying a verse of the Bible, "here will Bicarat die; for Ionly am left, and they seek my life."




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      Toward four o'clock in the morning the doctor arrived; but sincethe time Milady stabbed herself, however short, the wound hadclosed. The doctor could therefore measure neither the directionnor the depth of it; he only satisfied himself by Milady's pulsethat the case was not serious.

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      And without waiting for the answer of the newcomer to this proofof affection, M. de Treville seized his right hand and pressed itwith all his might, without perceiving that Athos, whatever mightbe his self-command, allowed a slight murmur of pain to escapehim, and if possible, grew paler than he was before.The door had remained open, so strong was the excitement producedby the arrival of Athos, whose wound, though kept as a secret,was known to all. A burst of satisfaction hailed the last wordsof the captain; and two or three heads, carried away by theenthusiasm of the moment, appeared through the openings of thetapestry. M. de Treville was about to reprehend this breach ofthe rules of etiquette, when he felt the hand of Athos, who hadrallied all his energies to contend against pain, at lengthovercome by it, fell upon the floor as if he were dead."A surgeon!" cried M. de Treville, "mine! The king's! The best! Asurgeon! Or, s'blood, my brave Athos will die!"

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       "Was that affair hot?"

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      "Ah, PARDIEU! My dear dame," said D'Artagnan, springing from hishorse, and throwing the bridle to Planchet, "you restore me tolife; where is this dear Aramis? Let me embrace him, I am in ahurry to see him again."

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    {  On the day after these events had taken place, Athos not havingreappeared, M. de Treville was informed by D'Artagnan and Porthosof the circumstance. As to Aramis, he had asked for leave ofabsence for five days, and was gone, it was said, to Rouen onfamily business.

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      It could not be said that it was wine which produced thissadness; for in truth he only drank to combat this sadness, whichwine however, as we have said, rendered still darker. Thisexcess of bilious humor could not be attributed to play; forunlike Porthos, who accompanied the variations of chance withsongs or oaths, Athos when he won remained as unmoved as when helost. He had been known, in the circle of the Musketeers, to winin one night three thousand pistoles; to lose them even to thegold-embroidered belt for gala days, win all this again with theaddition of a hundred louis, without his beautiful eyebrow beingheightened or lowered half a line, without his hands losing theirpearly hue, without his conversation, which was cheerful thatevening, ceasing to be calm and agreeable.}

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      "Granted; but if you please, let us not theologize, Aramis. Youmust have had enough for today. As for me, I have almostforgotten the little Latin I have ever known. Then I confess toyou that I have eaten nothing since ten o'clock this morning, andI am devilish hungry."

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      "No, sire."

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       Athos recognized his comrade, and phlegmatic as he was, heburst into a laugh which was quite excused by the strangemasquerade before his eyes--petticoats falling over hisshoes, sleeves tucked up, and mustaches stiff withagitation.

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    {  D'Artagnan pursued his way. He had given his word not to watchMme. Bonacieux, and if his life had depended upon the spot towhich she was going or upon the person who should accompany her,D'Artagnan would have returned home, since he had so promised.Five minutes later he was in the Rue des Fossoyeurs."Poor Athos!" said he; "he will never guess what all this means.He will have fallen asleep waiting for me, or else he will havereturned home, where he will have learned that a woman had beenthere. A woman with Athos! After all," continued D'Artagnan,"there was certainly one with Aramis. All this is very strange;and I am curious to know how it will end."

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      "She believes that someone has written to the Duke of Buckinghamin her name."