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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, we will wait, -- a week, a month, two months, if needbe, -- and meanwhile your strength will return. Everythingis in readiness for our flight, and we can select any timewe choose. As soon as you feel able to swim we will go."
2.  "What have I to fear, except from you?"
3.  "Could you ever have credited such a thing, my dearDanglars?" asked M. Morrel, as, on his return to the portfor the purpose of gleaning fresh tidings of Dantes, from M.de Villefort, the assistant procureur, he overtook hissupercargo and Caderousse. "Could you have believed such athing possible?"
4.  "Oh, as for the composition of the letter, there is nothingto be said; but as regards the competency of the document, Icertainly have doubts."
5.  "Ah, in such a case one supposes" --
6.  "Now, then, go," said the marquis.


1.  "Yes, we know that."
2.  "Never mind that foolish girl, Villefort," said themarquise. "She will soon get over these things." So saying,Madame de Saint-Meran extended her dry bony hand toVillefort, who, while imprinting a son-in-law's respectfulsalute on it, looked at Renee, as much as to say, "I musttry and fancy 'tis your dear hand I kiss, as it should havebeen."
3.  "Nay, be not discouraged. Would it not be expecting too muchto hope to succeed at your first attempt? Why not try tofind an opening in another direction from that which has sounfortunately failed?"
4.  "With a post-chaise and valet de chambre?"
5.  "You shall see." Gaetano consulted with his companions, andafter five minutes' discussion a manoeuvre was executedwhich caused the vessel to tack about, they returned the waythey had come, and in a few minutes the fire disappeared,hidden by an elevation of the land. The pilot again changedthe course of the boat, which rapidly approached the island,and was soon within fifty paces of it. Gaetano lowered thesail, and the boat came to rest. All this was done insilence, and from the moment that their course was changednot a word was spoken.
6.  The next day Danglars was again hungry; certainly the air ofthat dungeon was very provocative of appetite. The prisonerexpected that he would be at no expense that day, for likean economical man he had concealed half of his fowl and apiece of the bread in the corner of his cell. But he had nosooner eaten than he felt thirsty; he had forgotten that. Hestruggled against his thirst till his tongue clave to theroof of his mouth; then, no longer able to resist, he calledout. The sentinel opened the door; it was a new face. Hethought it would be better to transact business with his oldacquaintance, so he sent for Peppino. "Here I am, yourexcellency," said Peppino, with an eagerness which Danglarsthought favorable to him. "What do you want?"


1.  "But what have you done?" asked Franz. "Speak out, there's aworthy fellow."
2.  "True, I had forgotten that."
3.  "You must teach me a small part of what you know," saidDantes, "if only to prevent your growing weary of me. I canwell believe that so learned a person as yourself wouldprefer absolute solitude to being tormented with the companyof one as ignorant and uninformed as myself. If you willonly agree to my request, I promise you never to mentionanother word about escaping." The abbe smiled. "Alas, myboy," said he, "human knowledge is confined within verynarrow limits; and when I have taught you mathematics,physics, history, and the three or four modern languageswith which I am acquainted, you will know as much as I domyself. Now, it will scarcely require two years for me tocommunicate to you the stock of learning I possess."
4.  "Yes, your excellency; excuse me, but, as you will see, Ionly tell you what is absolutely necessary. Just at thistime the famous massacres took place in the south of France.Three brigands, called Trestaillon, Truphemy, and Graffan,publicly assassinated everybody whom they suspected ofBonapartism. You have doubtless heard of these massacres,your excellency?"
5.   "Yes, yes," signed Noirtier. Maximilian tried to speak, buthe could articulate nothing; he staggered, and supportedhimself against the wainscot. Then he pointed to the door.
6.  "`Yes,' said Caderousse. `Give me the pocket-book, LaCarconte, and find a bag somewhere.'


1.  "And if it were, Mercedes, poor and lone as you are, yousuit me as well as the daughter of the first shipowner orthe richest banker of Marseilles! What do such as we desirebut a good wife and careful housekeeper, and where can Ilook for these better than in you?"
2.  "That the owner of the horse was Lord Ruthven himself."
3.  "A Lutheran?"
4、  "Before you quit us, count," said Julie, "will you permit usto express to you all that the other day" --
5、  "My son," said the abbe, "you, who are a sailor and aswimmer, must know as well as I do that a man so loadedwould sink before he had done fifty strokes. Cease, then, toallow yourself to be duped by vain hopes, that even your ownexcellent heart refuses to believe in. Here I shall remaintill the hour of my deliverance arrives, and that, in allhuman probability, will be the hour of my death. As for you,who are young and active, delay not on my account, but fly-- go-I give you back your promise."




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      "I was at the house of Monte Cristo an hour since," saidMorrel; "we were speaking, he of the sorrow your family hadexperienced, and I of your grief, when a carriage rolledinto the court-yard. Never, till then, had I placed anyconfidence in presentiments, but now I cannot help believingthem, Valentine. At the sound of that carriage I shuddered;soon I heard steps on the staircase, which terrified me asmuch as the footsteps of the commander did Don Juan. Thedoor at last opened; Albert de Morcerf entered first, and Ibegan to hope my fears were vain, when, after him, anotheryoung man advanced, and the count exclaimed -- `Ah, here isthe Baron Franz d'Epinay!' I summoned all my strength andcourage to my support. Perhaps I turned pale and trembled,but certainly I smiled; and five minutes after I left,without having heard one word that had passed."

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      "But, after all these arrangements, he does not comehimself," said Chateau-Renaud. "Albert is ten minutes aftertime."

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       "Ah, Caderousse," said Andrea, "how covetous you are! Twomonths ago you were dying with hunger."

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      "Was this Englishman protecting you?"

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    {  "You are a worthy daughter of Epirus, Haidee, and yourcharming and poetical ideas prove well your descent fromthat race of goddesses who claim your country as theirbirthplace. Depend on my care to see that your youth is notblighted, or suffered to pass away in ungenial solitude; andof this be well assured, that if you love me as a father, Ilove you as a child."

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      "And what did you do then?"}

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      "Well, then" --

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      The extension provided for by the agent of Thomson & French,at the moment when Morrel expected it least, was to the poorshipowner so decided a stroke of good fortune that he almostdared to believe that fate was at length grown weary ofwasting her spite upon him. The same day he told his wife,Emmanuel, and his daughter all that had occurred; and a rayof hope, if not of tranquillity, returned to the family.Unfortunately, however, Morrel had not only engagements withthe house of Thomson & French, who had shown themselves soconsiderate towards him; and, as he had said, in business hehad correspondents, and not friends. When he thought thematter over, he could by no means account for this generousconduct on the part of Thomson & French towards him; andcould only attribute it to some such selfish argument asthis: -- "We had better help a man who owes us nearly300,000 francs, and have those 300,000 francs at the end ofthree months than hasten his ruin, and get only six or eightper cent of our money back again." Unfortunately, whetherthrough envy or stupidity, all Morrel's correspondents didnot take this view; and some even came to a contrarydecision. The bills signed by Morrel were presented at hisoffice with scrupulous exactitude, and, thanks to the delaygranted by the Englishman, were paid by Cocles with equalpunctuality. Cocles thus remained in his accustomedtranquillity. It was Morrel alone who remembered with alarm,that if he had to repay on the 15th the 50,000 francs of M.de Boville, and on the 30th the 32,500 francs of bills, forwhich, as well as the debt due to the inspector of prisons,he had time granted, he must be a ruined man.

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       "Yes, and that's all settled!" exclaimed Caderousse, who, bya last effort of intellect, had followed the reading of theletter, and instinctively comprehended all the misery whichsuch a denunciation must entail. "Yes, and that's allsettled; only it will be an infamous shame;" and hestretched out his hand to reach the letter.

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    {  "Each time you have applied to me," said the doctor, "it hasbeen too late; still I will go. But let us make haste, sir;with the enemies you have to do with there is no time to belost."

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      "My name must rest unknown, -- merely say I am a Frenchmantravelling for pleasure." As soon as Gaetano had transmittedthis answer, the sentinel gave an order to one of the menseated round the fire, who rose and disappeared among therocks. Not a word was spoken, every one seemed occupied,Franz with his disembarkment, the sailors with their sails,the smugglers with their goat; but in the midst of all thiscarelessness it was evident that they mutually observed eachother. The man who had disappeared returned suddenly on theopposite side to that by which he had left; he made a signwith his head to the sentinel, who, turning to the boat,said, "S'accommodi." The Italian s'accommodi isuntranslatable; it means at once, "Come, enter, you arewelcome; make yourself at home; you are the master." It islike that Turkish phrase of Moliere's that so astonished thebourgeois gentleman by the number of things implied in itsutterance. The sailors did not wait for a second invitation;four strokes of the oar brought them to land; Gaetano sprangto shore, exchanged a few words with the sentinel, then hiscomrades disembarked, and lastly came Franz. One of his gunswas swung over his shoulder, Gaetano had the other, and asailor held his rifle; his dress, half artist, half dandy,did not excite any suspicion, and, consequently, nodisquietude. The boat was moored to the shore, and theyadvanced a few paces to find a comfortable bivouac; but,doubtless, the spot they chose did not suit the smuggler whofilled the post of sentinel, for he cried out, "Not thatway, if you please."