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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I should like to have a peep at each of them," said Holmes. "Isit possible?"
2.  It was only nine o'clock, and we were off full cry upon the trail atonce. First we drove to Brixton Workhouse Infirmary, where we foundthat it was indeed the truth that a charitable couple had calledsome days before, that they had claimed an imbecile old woman as aformer servant, and that they had obtained permission to take her awaywith them. No surprise was expressed at the news that she had sincedied.
3.  "Well, sir?" asked Holmes sternly.
4.  "'Which way did the woman go?' I cried.
5.  About nine o'clock the light among the trees was extinguished, andall was dark in the direction of the Manor House. Two hours passedslowly away, and then, suddenly, just at the stroke of eleven, asingle bright light shone out right in front of us.
6.  "Of sudden death. I'm expecting something this evening.""Expecting what?"


1.  "Tropical by birth and tropical by nature. A child of the sun and ofpassion. She had loved him as such women can love, but when her ownphysical charms had faded- I am told that they once were great-there was nothing to hold him. We all liked her and felt for her andhated him for the way that he treated her. But he is plausible andcunning. That is all I have to say to you. Don't take him at hisface value. There is more behind. Now I'll go. No, no, don't detainme! He is almost due."
2.  "I am glad to meet you, sir," said he, putting out a broad, fat handlike the flipper of a seal. "I hear of Sherlock everywhere since youbecame his chronicler. By the way, Sherlock, I expected to see youround last week to consult me over that Manor House case. I thoughtyou might be a little out of your depth."
3.  "Exactly, Mr. Holmes, exactly. You put the very question which Ihave asked myself again and again. There can be no doubt that thisfellow must have known the house and its habits. He must haveperfectly understood that the servants would all be in bed at thatcomparatively early hour, and that no one could possibly hear a bellring in the kitchen. Therefore, he must have been in close league withone of the servants. Surely that is evident. But there are eightservants, and all of good character."
4.  The address was "The Three Gables, Harrow Weald."
5.  "Even now they are dark to me."
6.  "Feeling sure that the window had been open at the time of thetragedy, I conceived that there might have been a third person inthe affair, who stood outside this opening and fired through it. Anyshot directed at this person might hit the sash. I looked, andthere, sure enough, was the bullet mark!"


1.  "Was it not very extraordinary that you should do this on the veryday when there were these papers inside?"
2.  "Well, we have nothing else to go upon-no evidence of any kind.""Have you formed any theory about how that bell rang?"
3.  "I simply wrote: 'Shall it be the police, then?' I think that shouldpass us in."
4.  "I suppose that everyone finds his first independent start inbusiness a dreary experience. To me it has been exceptionally so.During two years I have had three consultations and one small job, andthat is absolutely all that my profession has brought me. My grosstakings amount to L27 10s. Every day, from nine in the morning untilfour in the afternoon, I waited in my little den, until at last: myheart began to sink, and I came to believe that I should never haveany practice at all.
5.   "That will do, Mr. Wilson. I shall be happy to give you anopinion upon the subject in the course of a day or two. To-day isSaturday, and I hope that by Monday we may come to a conclusion.""Well, Watson," said Holmes when our visitor had left us,"what do you make of it all?"
6.  "By Jove, the doctor is coming back!" cried Holmes. "That settlesit. We are bound to see what it means before he comes."He opened the door, and we stepped into the hall. The droningsound swelled louder upon our ears until it became one long, deep wailof distress. It came from upstairs. Holmes darted up, and I followedhim. He pushed open a half-closed door, and we both stood appalledat the sight before us.


1.  "You must try round and get on a fresh scent, I fancy," said the sonwith a rather malicious smile.
2.  "He knows it already. When I had cleared it all up I had aninterview with him, and finding that he would not tell me the story, Itold it to him, on which he had to confess that I was right and to addthe very few details which were not yet quite clear to me. Your newsof this morning, however, may open his lips."
3.  Billy glanced with some solicitude at the closed door of thebedroom.
4、  "And the message?"
5、  "I told you yesterday, and I repeat to-day, that it was not.""You are sure of it! Then let us hurry to him at once to let himknow that the truth is known."




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      "Of course I was pleased to hear this. I had always been prettysharp in the office, but I had never dreamed that I was talked aboutin the City in this fashion.

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      The strong, masterful personality of Holmes dominated the tragicscene, and all were equally puppets in his hands. Williamson andCarruthers found themselves carrying the wounded Woodley into thehouse, and I gave my arm to the frightened girl. The injured man waslaid on his bed, and at Holmes's request I examined him. I carriedmy report to where he sat in the old tapestry-hung dining-room withhis two prisoners before him.

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       It was amusing to me to see how the detective's overbearing mannerhad changed suddenly to that of a child asking questions of itsteacher.

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      "In that, Doctor, you will find yourself in agreement with everycriminal in the country," said my friend, quietly.

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    {  "My sister had told me some weeks before that I might have thepick of her geese for a Christmas present, and I knew that she wasalways as good as her word. I would take my goose now, and in itI would carry my stone to Kilburn. There was a little shed in theyard, and behind this I drove one of the birds--a fine big one,white, with a barred tail. I caught it, and, prying its billopen, I thrust the stone down its throat as far as my finger couldreach. The bird gave a gulp, and I felt the stone pass along itsgullet and down into its crop. But the creature flapped andstruggled, and out came my sister to know what was the matter. AsI turned to speak to her the brute broke loose and fluttered offamong the others.

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      "It is very much the sort of thing that I expected," said he. "Ofcourse, we do not yet know what the relations may have been betweenAlec Cunningham, William Kirwan, and Annie Morrison. The resultshows that the trap was skilfully baited. I am sure that you cannotfail to be delighted with the traces of heredity shown in the p'sand in the tails of the g's. The absence of the i-dots in the oldman's writing is also most characteristic. Watson, I think our quietrest in the country has been a distinct success, and I shall certainlyreturn much invigorated to Baker Street to-morrow."}

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      "'As governess?'

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       Lestrade looked startled. "I do not quite follow," he said."How is the glass? Twenty-nine, I see. No wind, and not a cloud inthe sky. I have a caseful of cigarettes here which need smoking, andthe sofa is very much superior to the usual country hotel abomination.I do not think that it is probable that I shall use the carriageto-night."

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    {  A smart maid, the only modern thing which we had seen in thehouse, had brought in some tea. As she was serving it the dooropened and a youth entered the room. He was a remarkable lad,pale-faced and fair-haired, with excitable light blue eyes whichblazed into a sudden flame of emotion and joy as they rested uponhis father. He rushed forward and threw his arms round his neck withthe abandon of a loving girl.

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      "The county police ought to make something of that" said he; "why,it is surely obvious that-"