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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No," she replied impatiently.
2.  "I've got her," said Drouet.
3.  "Certainly," he said, looking in wonder at the money.
4.  "Yes, and you," she added, catching the eye of one of thepolicemen. "You bloody, murtherin' thafe! Crack my son over thehead, will you, you hardhearted, murtherin' divil? Ah, ye----"
5.  "Well, you're in luck," remarked another member of the chorus."There isn't another one of us has got a line."
6.  "To-morrow," he said at parting, a gayety of manner addingwonderfully to his brave demeanour.


1.  At home was Hurstwood, daily giving her cause for thought. Heseemed to get nothing to do, and yet he made bold to inquire howshe was getting along. The regularity with which he did thissmacked of some one who was waiting to live upon her labour. Nowthat she had a visible means of support, this irritated her. Heseemed to be depending upon her little twelve dollars.
2.  Now came in sight, three or four blocks farther on, a heap ofsomething on the track.
3.  "Suppose you come and look at the rooms," he added.
4.  At The Fair, See and Company's, and all the great stores it wasmuch the same. It was the dull season, she might come in alittle later, possibly they would like to have her.
5.  "Whether you're going to send back that money or not."
6.  "Let's have another pot," he said, grimly.


1.  Amid the babel of voices, Hurstwood heard one close beside him.
2.  Carrie, flushed and excited, moved away as he admitted the boy.
3.  The atmosphere which such personalities would create must beapparent to all. It worked out in a thousand littleconversations, all of which were of the same calibre.
5.   Minnie was thinking of the resource which Carrie's board wouldadd. It would pay the rent and would make the subject ofexpenditure a little less difficult to talk about with herhusband. But if Carrie was going to think of running around inthe beginning there would be a hitch somewhere. Unless Carriesubmitted to a solemn round of industry and saw the need of hardwork without longing for play, how was her coming to the city toprofit them? These thoughts were not those of a cold, hardnature at all. They were the serious reflections of a mind whichinvariably adjusted itself, without much complaining, to suchsurroundings as its industry could make for it.
6.  "I came to tell you that--that I can't take the money."


1.  "No, no, Mr. Bamberger," said the director, approaching, "notthat way. 'A pickpocket--well?' so. That's the idea."
2.  "Now, of course," he said, "we want to be fair with you in thematter of salary. Your contract here only calls for thirtydollars a week for the next three months. How would it do tomake it, say, one hundred and fifty a week and extend it fortwelve months?"
3.  "I never did, either," said Carrie merrily, her face flushed withdelight.
4、  "Of course," said Carrie, her lip trembling in a strong effort tomaintain her composure. "But what's the matter with you,anyhow?"
5、  "What's the matter?" said Carrie.




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      "All right," said Carrie.

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      Chapter XXXII

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       "Ask him," she pleaded softly.

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      "No, I won't," said Carrie, flashing up. "I want you to take meout of this, or I'll tell the conductor. I won't go with you.It's a shame," and again sobs of fright cut off her desire forexpression.

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    {  "And you can't remember what the part is like?"

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      Slowly, exceedingly slowly, his desire to greet, conciliate, andmake at home these people who visited the Warren Street placepassed from him. More and more slowly the significance of therealm he had left began to be clear. It did not seem sowonderful to be in it when he was in it. It had seemed very easyfor any one to get up there and have ample raiment and money tospend, but now that he was out of it, how far off it became. Hebegan to see as one sees a city with a wall about it. Men wereposted at the gates. You could not get in. Those inside did notcare to come out to see who you were. They were so merry insidethere that all those outside were forgotten, and he was on theoutside.}

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      "Well, it seems strange to see you way up here," said Mr. Kennygenially. "Stopping here?"

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      "Carrie Meeber."

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       There was a look of confusion and pain in her face. She waswondering why that miserable thought must be brought in. She wasstruck as by a blade with the miserable provision which wasoutside the pale of marriage.

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    {  Now, when Carrie heard Drouet's laudatory opinion of her dramaticability, her body tingled with satisfaction. Like the flamewhich welds the loosened particles into a solid mass, his wordsunited those floating wisps of feeling which she had felt, butnever believed, concerning her possible ability, and made theminto a gaudy shred of hope. Like all human beings, she had atouch of vanity. She felt that she could do things if she onlyhad a chance. How often had she looked at the well-dressedactresses on the stage and wondered how she would look, howdelightful she would feel if only she were in their place. Theglamour, the tense situation, the fine clothes, the applause,these had lured her until she felt that she, too, could act--thatshe, too, could compel acknowledgment of power. Now she was toldthat she really could--that little things she had done about thehouse had made even him feel her power. It was a delightfulsensation while it lasted.

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      She passed, not answering.