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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I understood that it did not open."
2.  yourself in the meanwhile, for I do not think that there can be adoubt that you are threatened by a very real and imminent danger.How do you go back?"
3.  "Now that you mention it, I did see old Ralph carrying a basket downthe garden walk and going in the direction of this house. The ideaof food did not occur to me at the moment."
4.  "I think that you will find all the main ones in the pressreports. I don't know that I can add anything which will help you. Butif there is anything you would wish more light upon- well, I am hereto give it."
5.  And my words were true, for shortly after eight a hansom dashed upto the door and our friend got out of it. Standing in the window wesaw that his left hand was swathed in a bandage and that his facewas very grim and pale. He entered the house, but it was some littletime before he came upstairs.
6.  "I told you yesterday, and I repeat to-day, that it was not.""You are sure of it! Then let us hurry to him at once to let himknow that the truth is known."


1.  We were in time to overtake the major before he reached the corner."Ah, Holmes," he said, "I suppose you have heard that all thisfuss has come to nothing?"
2.  The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet.
3.  "You were not yourself at fault at all, then?"
4.  "As he spoke we came round the curve of the avenue and saw in thefading light that every blind in the house had been drawn down. Aswe dashed up to the door, my friend's face convulsed with grief, agentleman in black emerged from it.
5.  "But why not eat?"
6.  "I've got my facts pretty clear," said Stanley Hopkins. "All Iwant now is to know what they all mean. The story, so far as I canmake it out, is like this. Some years ago this country house, YoxleyOld Place, was taken by an elderly man, who gave the name of ProfessorCoram. He was an invalid, keeping his bed half the time, and the otherhalf hobbling round the house with a stick or being pushed about thegrounds by the gardener in a Bath chair. He was well liked by thefew neighbours who called upon him, and he has the reputation downthere of being a very learned man. His household used to consist of anelderly housekeeper, Mrs. Marker, and of a maid, Susan Tarlton.These have both been with him since his arrival, and they seem to bewomen of excellent character. The professor is writing a learned book,and he found it necessary, about a year ago, to engage a secretary.The first two that he tried were not successes, but the third, Mr.Willoughby Smith, a very young man straight from the university, seemsto have been just what his employer wanted. His work consisted inwriting all the morning to the professor's dictation, and he usuallyspent the evening in hunting up references and passages which boreupon the next day's work. This Willoughby Smith has nothing againsthim, either as a boy at Uppingham or as a young man at Cambridge. Ihave seen his testimonials, and from the first he was a decent, quiet,hard-worlding fellow, with no weak spot in him at all. And yet this isthe lad who has met his death this morning in the professor's studyunder circumstances which can point only to murder."


1.  "You look surprised, and no wonder! Relieved, too, I fancy! Hum! Youstill smoke the Arcadia mixture of your bachelor days, then! There'sno mistaking that fluffy ash upon your coat. It's easy to tell thatyou have been accustomed to wear a uniform, Watson. You'll neverpass as a pure-bred civilian as long as you keep that habit ofcarrying your handkerchief in your sleeve. Could you put me upto-night?"
2.  "Why, Holmes," I said, "if one believed the papers, you are dying.""That," said he, "is the very impression which I intended to convey.And now, Watson, have you learned your lessons?"
3.  "There are three constables on their way."
4.  It was Holmes's turn to look astonished.
5.   "My dear Holmes, what do you mean?"


1.  .
2.  "No, but I fancy that I may have deduced a little more. I imaginethat you saw all that I did."
3.  "It came about in this way. The instant that the Professor haddisappeared, it struck me what a really extraordinarily lucky chanceFate had placed in my way. I knew that Moriarty was not the only manwho had sworn my death. There were at least three others whosedesire for vengeance upon me would only be increased by the death oftheir leader. They were all most dangerous men. One or other wouldcertainly get me. On the other hand, if all the world was convincedthat I was dead they would take liberties, these men, they wouldsoon lay themselves open, and sooner or later I could destroy them.Then it would be time for me to announce that I was still in theland of the living. So rapidly does the brain act that I believe I hadthought this all out before Professor Moriarty had reached thebottom of the Reichenbach Fall.
4、  "Tropical by birth and tropical by nature. A child of the sun and ofpassion. She had loved him as such women can love, but when her ownphysical charms had faded- I am told that they once were great-there was nothing to hold him. We all liked her and felt for her andhated him for the way that he treated her. But he is plausible andcunning. That is all I have to say to you. Don't take him at hisface value. There is more behind. Now I'll go. No, no, don't detainme! He is almost due."
5、  I have only one further note of this case. It is the letter whichHolmes wrote in final answer to that with which the narrativebegins. It ran thus:




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      "I remember."

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      "You stayed here when your master left?"

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       "Mercer is since your time," said Holmes. "He is my generalutility man who looks up routine business. It was important to knowsomething of the man with whom our professor was so secretlycorresponding. His nationality connects up with the Prague visit.""Thank goodness that something connects with something," said I. "Atpresent we seem to be faced by a long series of inexplicable incidentswith no bearing upon each other. For example, what possible connectioncan there be between an angry wolfhound and a visit to Bohemia, oreither of them with a man crawling down a passage at night? As to yourdates, that is the biggest mystification of all."

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      Milverton had glided as quick as a rat to the side of the room andstood with his back against the wall.

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    {  .

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      "Ah, yes, Watson- severely practical, as usual! What is at theroot of it all? Mrs. Warren's whimsical problem enlarges somewhatand assumes a more sinister aspect as we proceed. This much we cansay: that it is no ordinary love escapade. You saw the woman's face atthe sign of danger. We have heard, too, of the attack upon thelandlord, which was undoubtedly meant for the lodger. These alarms,and the desperate need for secrecy, argue that the matter is one oflife or death. The attack upon Mr. Warren further shows that theenemy, whoever they are, are themselves not aware of thesubstitution of the female lodger for the male. It is very curious andcomplex, Watson."}

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      "Then you could hardly have been overheard?"

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      My companion started. "Well?" he asked in that vibrant voice whichtold of the fiery soul behind the cold gray face.

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       "Well, he wrote so furiously that he broke his pencil, and had, asyou observe, to sharpen it again. This is of interest, Watson. Thepencil was not an ordinary one. It was above the usual size, with asoft lead, the outer colour was dark blue, the maker's name wasprinted in silver lettering, and the piece remaining is only aboutan inch and a half long. Look for such a pencil, Mr. Soames, and youhave got your man. When I add that he possesses a large and very bluntknife, you have an additional aid."

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    {  "`Never mind. I'll have the other, and I'll take it now,'said I.

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      "Well, sir, they were that he was to have a key of the house. Thatwas all right. Lodgers often have them. Also, that he was to be leftentirely to himself and never, upon any excuse, to be disturbed.""Nothing wonderful in that, surely?"