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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There are one or two small points which I should desire to clear upbefore I go," said he. "Your absence, Mr. Phelps, will in some waysrather assist me. Watson, when you reach London you would oblige me bydriving at once to Baker Street with our friend here, and remainingwith him until I see you again. It is fortunate that you are oldschool-fellows, as you must have much to talk over. Mr. Phelps canhave the spare bedroom to-night, and I will be with you in time forbreakfast, for there is a train which will take me into Waterloo ateight."
2.  That may prove quite enough," said Holmes grimly. "Now, Mr. Bennett,we shall, I think, come to some conclusion to-night. If mydeductions are correct we should have an opportunity of bringingmatters to a head. In order to do so it is necessary to hold theprofessor under observation. I would suggest, therefore, that youremain awake and on the lookout. Should you hear him pass your door,do not interrupt him, but follow him as discreetly as you can. Dr.Watson and I will not be far off. By the way, where is the key of thatlittle box of which you spoke?"
3.  The two women told their story clearly enough. They had been arousedfrom their sleep by the sound of an explosion, which had been followeda minute later by a second one. They slept in adjoining rooms, andMrs. King had rushed in to Saunders. Together they had descended thestairs. The door of the study was open, and a candle was burningupon the table. Their master lay upon his face in the centre of theroom. He was quite dead. Near the window his wife was crouching, herhead leaning against the wall. She was horribly wounded, and theside of her face was red with blood. She breathed heavily, but wasincapable of saying anything. The passage, as well as the room, wasfull of smoke and the smell of powder. The window was certainly shutand fastened upon the inside. Both women were positive upon the point.They had at once sent for the doctor and for the constable. Then, withthe aid of the groom and the stable-boy, they had conveyed theirinjured mistress to her room. Both she and her husband had occupiedthe bed. She was clad in her dress- he in his dressing-gown, overhis night-clothes. Nothing had been moved in the study. So far as theyknew, there had never been any quarrel between husband and wife.They had always looked upon them as a very united couple.These were the main points of the servants' evidence. In answer toInspector Martin, they were clear that every door was fastened uponthe inside, and that no one could have escaped from the house. Inanswer to Holmes, they both remembered that they were conscious of thesmell of powder from the moment that they ran out of their roomsupon the top floor. "I commend that fact very carefully to yourattention," said Holmes to his professional colleague. "And now Ithink that we are in a position to undertake a thorough examination ofthe room."
4.  "No, thank goodness, she did not."
5.  "Eh? What of it, then? Has it returned to life and flappedoff through the kitchen window?" Holmes twisted himself roundupon the sofa to get a fairer view of the man's excited face."See here, sir! See what my wife found in its crop!" He heldout his hand and displayed upon the centre of the palm abrilliantly scintillating blue stone, rather smaller than a beanin size, but of such purity and radiance that it twinkled like anelectric point in the dark hollow of his hand.
6.  "Not so, Watson. It had struck me even at my first perfunctoryreading as very strange, and now that I am in closer touch with thecase it is my only firm ground for hope. We must look for consistency.Where there is a want of it we must suspect deception.""I hardly follow you."


1.  "Well, it is quite possible, but the case is not clear to me yet.""Not clear? Well, if that isn't clear, what could be clear? Hereis a young man who learns suddenly that, if a certain older mandies, he will succeed to a fortune. What does he do? He says nothingto anyone, but he arranges that he shall go out on some pretext to seehis client that night. He waits until the only other person in thehouse is in bed, and then in the solitude of a man's room he murdershim, burns his body in the wood-pile, and departs to a neighbouringhotel. The blood-stains in the room and also on the stick are veryslight. It is probable that he imagined his crime to be a bloodlessone, and hoped that if the body were consumed it would hide all tracesof the method of his death- traces which, for some reason, must havepointed to him. Is not all this obvious?"
2.  Holmes had swiftly changed his position and was between the peer andthe door.
3.  "Saddle a horse, my lad," said he. "I shall wish you to take anote to Elrige's Farm."
4.  "I understood that it did not open."
5.  "I think I should like to sit quietly for a few minutes and think itout." He seated himself upon the stone ledge of the bridge, and Icould see his quick gray eyes darting their questioning glances inevery direction. Suddenly he sprang up again and ran across to theopposite parapet, whipped his lens from his pocket, and began toexamine the stonework.
6.  "And incidentally exonerates me," remarked Ian Murdoch with a wrysmile. "I do not blame you, Inspector, nor you, Mr. Holmes, for yoursuspicions were natural. I feel that on the very eve of my arrest Ihave only cleared myself by sharing the fate of my poor friend.""No, Mr. Murdoch. I was already upon the track, and had I been outas early as I intended I might well have saved you from thisterrific experience."


1.  "Of what nature are they?"
2.  "Gone to the nearest public-house. That is the centre of countrygossip. They would have told you every name, from the master to thescullery-maid. Williamson? It conveys nothing to my mind. If he isan elderly man he is not this active cyclist who sprints away fromthat young lady's athletic pursuit. What have we gained by yourexpedition? The knowledge that the girl's story is true. I neverdoubted it. That there is a connection between the cyclist and theHall. I never doubted that either. That the Hall is tenanted byWilliamson. Who's the better for that? Well, well, my dear sir,don't look so depressed. We can do little more until next Saturday,and in the meantime I may make one or two inquiries myself."Next morning, we had a note from Miss Smith, recounting shortlyand accurately the very incidents which I had seen, but the pith ofthe letter lay in the postscript:
3.  The station-master had not finished his speech before we were allhastening in the direction of the fire. The road topped a low hill,and there was a great widespread whitewashed building in front ofus, spouting fire at every chink and window, while in the garden infront three fire-engines were vainly striving to keep the flamesunder.
4.  "I owe you an apology," he said, raising his golden pince-nezto his eyes. "I trust that I am not intruding. I fear that Ihave brought some traces of the storm and rain into your snugchamber."
5.   "Let us hear about it," said he.
6.  The European Secretary burst excitedly into the room.


1.  "So much for the Daily Chronicle," said Holmes as I finishedreading. "Now for our friend Lestrade. I had a note from him thismorning, in which he says:
2.  "What! Gorgiano of the Red Circle?"
3.  straight-haired skin, with a leather thong to bind it. Inside was'P.C.' on the flap. There was half an ounce of strong ship's tobaccoin it."
4、  "Had there been women in the house, I should have suspected amere vulgar intrigue. That, however, was out of the question.The man's business was a small one, and there was nothing in hishouse which could account for such elaborate preparations, andsuch an expenditure as they were at. It must, then, be somethingout of the house. What could it be? I thought of the assistant'sfondness for photography, and his trick of vanishing into thecellar. The cellar! There was the end of this tangled clue.Then I made inquiries as to this mysterious assistant and foundthat I had to deal with one of the coolest and most daringcriminals in London. He was doing something in the
5、  "Because I tidied out the wardrobe."




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      Someone was walking in the chapel above. It was the firm, rapid stepof one who came with a definite purpose and knew, well the ground uponwhich he walked. A light streamed down the stairs, and an instantlater the man who bore it was framed in the Gothic archway. He was aterrible figure, huge in stature and fierce in manner. A largestable-lantern which he field in front of him shone upward upon astrong, heavily moustached face and angry eyes, which glared round himinto every recess of the vault, finally fixing themselves with adeadly stare upon my companion and myself.

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      "Who are you, and how do you get my name so pat?" the countrymananswered, with a suspicious flash of a pair of cunning eyes."Well, it's printed on the board above your head. It's easy to see aman who is master of his own house. I suppose you haven't such a thingas a carriage in your stables?"

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       "And are you prepared to meet the cost?"

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      "Well, maybe so," said the millionaire, though for a moment thereproof had brought the old angry gleam into his eyes. "I'm notpretending to be any better than I am. I guess all my life I've been aman that reached out his hand for what he wanted, and I never wantedanything more than the love and possession of that woman. I told herso."

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    {  "Let us, then, form the provisional theory that every nine daysthe professor takes some strong drug which has a passing but highlypoisonous effect. His naturally violent nature is intensified by it.He learned to take this drug while he was in Prague, and is nowsupplied with it by a Bohemian intermediary in London. This allhangs together, Watson!"

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      "The young lady came to London, then, and you renewed youracquaintance?"}

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      "There are many problems of disease, many strange pathologicalpossibilities, in the East, Watson." He paused after each sentenceto collect his failing strength. "I have learned so much during somerecent researches which have a medico-criminal aspect. It was in thecourse of them that I contracted this complaint. You can do nothing.""Possibly not. But I happen to know that Dr. Ainstree, thegreatest living authority upon tropical disease, is now in London. Allremonstrance is useless, Holmes, I am going this instant to fetchhim." I turned resolutely to the door.

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      "This matter, from what you say, seems to have been a shock to heralso."

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       "Really! Does it not strike you as a little singular that thisMcCarthy, who appears to have had little of his own, and to havebeen under such obligations to Turner, should still talk of marryinghis son to Turner's daughter, who is, presumably, heiress to theestate, and that in such a very cocksure manner, as if it weremerely a case of a proposal and all else would follow? It is themore strange, since we know that Turner himself was averse to theidea. The daughter told us as much. Do you not deduce something fromthat?"

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    {  "Well, Miss Hunter, if your mind is made up, that settles thequestion," said Holmes, smiling.

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      It was, then, in a year, and even in a decade, that shall benameless, that upon one Tuesday morning in autumn we found twovisitors of European fame within the walls of our humble room in BakerStreet. The one, austere, high-nosed, eagle-eyed, and dominant, wasnone other than the illustrious Lord Bellinger, twice Premier ofBritain. The other, dark, clear-cut, and elegant, hardly yet of middleage, and endowed with every beauty of body and of mind, was theRight Honourable Trelawney Hope, Secretary for European Affairs, andthe most rising statesman in the country. They sat side by side uponour paper-littered settee, and it was easy to see from their wornand anxious faces that it was business of the most pressing importancewhich had brought them. The Premier's thin, blue-veined hands wereclasped tightly over the ivory head of his umbrella, and his gaunt,ascetic face looked gloomily from Holmes to me. The European Secretarypulled nervously at his moustache and fidgeted with the seals of hiswatch-chain.