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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The young man, seeing them approach, drew back mechanically,until he found himself stopped by a sycamore-tree in thecentre of the clump; there he was compelled to remain. Soonthe two gentlemen stopped also.
2.  "I will come at once to the point. Do you know the Count ofMonte Cristo?"
3.  "And the cards I ordered to be engraved as soon as you knewthe number of the house?"
4.  "Since 1811."
5.  "Unfortunately," said Monte Cristo, "one's title to amillionaire does not last for life, like that of baron, peerof France, or Academician; for example, the millionairesFranck & Poulmann, of Frankfort, who have just becomebankrupts."
6.  Dantes shuddered; this man had been four years longer thanhimself in prison.


1.  "Fly, then!" cried Mademoiselle d'Armilly, whose pityreturned as her fears diminished; "fly!"
2.  "But how shall I address the minister?"
3.  Morrel was dreaming, and Monte Cristo was looking at thedreamer.
4.  "Yes, look at yourself in that glass; you have turned paleand then red successively, three or four times in oneminute."
5.  "You see," said Danglars, "he fancies himself captainalready, upon my word."
6.  "Come, come," said Monte Cristo, "confess honestly that youhave not perfect confidence in Thomson & French. Iunderstand, and foreseeing that such might be the case, Itook, in spite of my ignorance of affairs, certainprecautions. See, here are two similar letters to that youhave yourself received; one from the house of Arstein &Eskeles of Vienna, to Baron Rothschild, the other drawn byBaring of London, upon M. Laffitte. Now, sir, you have butto say the word, and I will spare you all uneasiness bypresenting my letter of credit to one or other of these twofirms." The blow had struck home, and Danglars was entirelyvanquished; with a trembling hand he took the two lettersfrom the count, who held them carelessly between finger andthumb, and proceeded to scrutinize the signatures, with aminuteness that the count might have regarded as insulting,had it not suited his present purpose to mislead the banker."Oh, sir," said Danglars, after he had convinced himself ofthe authenticity of the documents he held, and rising as ifto salute the power of gold personified in the man beforehim, -- "three letters of unlimited credit! I can be nolonger mistrustful, but you must pardon me, my dear count,for confessing to some degree of astonishment."


1.  "Come," said Boville, with a tone of entire incredulity,"five millions to that gentleman who just left, and whobowed to me as though he knew me?"
2.  My Dear Fellow, -- The moment you have received this, havethe kindness to take the letter of credit from mypocket-book, which you will find in the square drawer of thesecretary; add your own to it, if it be not sufficient. Runto Torlonia, draw from him instantly four thousand piastres,and give them to the bearer. It is urgent that I should havethis money without delay. I do not say more, relying on youas you may rely on me. Your friend,
3.  Danglars saw in the muddled look of the tailor the progressof his intoxication, and turning towards Fernand, said,"Well, you understand there is no need to kill him."
4.  "I was going to ask you," replied the baroness with abeating heart.
5.   "But would you ruin me?"
6.  "Oh, yes," said the count, "you are looking for thesailors."


1.  "I, too," said the young man, "am a musician -- at least, mymasters used to tell me so; but it is strange that my voicenever would suit any other, and a soprano less than any."Danglars smiled, and seemed to say, "It is of noconsequence." Then, hoping doubtless to effect his purpose,he said, -- "The prince and my daughter were universallyadmired yesterday. You were not of the party, M. deMorcerf?"
2.  "You?" cried she, with tones of thrilling tenderness, "youare everywhere!" Monte Cristo took the delicate hand of theyoung girl in his, and was about to raise it to his lips,when the simple child of nature hastily withdrew it, andpresented her cheek. "You now understand, Haidee," said thecount, "that from this moment you are absolutely free; thathere you exercise unlimited sway, and are at liberty to layaside or continue the costume of your country, as it maysuit your inclination. Within this mansion you are absolutemistress of your actions, and may go abroad or remain inyour apartments as may seem most agreeable to you. Acarriage waits your orders, and Ali and Myrtho willaccompany you whithersoever you desire to go. There is butone favor I would entreat of you."
3.  "And see, here it is," said the count. At the moment whenPeppino reached the foot of the mandaia, a priest arrived insome haste, forced his way through the soldiers, and,advancing to the chief of the brotherhood, gave him a foldedpaper. The piercing eye of Peppino had noticed all. Thechief took the paper, unfolded it, and, raising his hand,"Heaven be praised, and his holiness also," said he in aloud voice; "here is a pardon for one of the prisoners!"
4、  "Have you no friends who could assist you?" Morrel smiledmournfully. "In business, sir," said he, "one has nofriends, only correspondents."
5、  "Why?"




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      "I will."

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      "Yes, the third."

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       "Then, I suppose," asked Caderousse, with eager, glowinglooks, "that it was a stone of immense value?"

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      Monte Cristo suddenly struck his finger on his forehead anda smile passed over his lips; then drawing near to Ali, hewhispered, --

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    {  "Why, you said," answered Mademoiselle Danglars, "that youwould be condemned to die like the worst criminals."

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      "I am ready, my son," said Mercedes. Albert ran to fetch acarriage. He recollected that there was a small furnishedhouse to let in the Rue de Saints Peres, where his motherwould find a humble but decent lodging, and thither heintended conducting the countess. As the carriage stopped atthe door, and Albert was alighting, a man approached andgave him a letter. Albert recognized the bearer. "From thecount," said Bertuccio. Albert took the letter, opened, andread it, then looked round for Bertuccio, but he was gone.He returned to Mercedes with tears in his eyes and heavingbreast, and without uttering a word he gave her the letter.Mercedes read: --}

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      "It seems to me," said Danglars, in his coarse tone,ill-concealed by a forced smile, "that you have already gothorses enough." Madame Danglars seldom allowed remarks ofthis kind to pass unnoticed, but, to the surprise of theyoung people, she pretended not to hear it, and saidnothing. Monte Cristo smiled at her unusual humility, andshowed her two immense porcelain jars, over which woundmarine plants, of a size and delicacy that nature alonecould produce. The baroness was astonished. "Why," said she,"you could plant one of the chestnut-trees in the Tuileriesinside! How can such enormous jars have been manufactured?"

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      "In arithmetic?"

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       "Then you see, my good fellow, with a cart and a couple ofoxen our business can be managed. The cart must betastefully ornamented; and if you and I dress ourselves asNeapolitan reapers, we may get up a striking tableau, afterthe manner of that splendid picture by Leopold Robert. Itwould add greatly to the effect if the countess would joinus in the costume of a peasant from Puzzoli or Sorrento. Ourgroup would then be quite complete, more especially as thecountess is quite beautiful enough to represent a madonna."

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    {  "Sire, I am sorry to tell your majesty a cruel fact; but thefeeling in Dauphine is quite the reverse of that in Provenceor Languedoc. The mountaineers are Bonapartists, sire."

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      "But M. d'Epinay, unlike you, bears his misfortunepatiently."