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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No," said Porthos, "I expected some gentlemen of theneighborhood, who have just sent me word they could not come.You will take their places and I shall not lose by the exchange.HOLA, Mousqueton, seats, and order double the bottles!""Do you know what we are eating here?" said Athos, at the end often minutes.
2.  At seven o'clock in the morning he arose and called Planchet, whoat the second summons opened the door, his countenance not yetquite freed from the anxiety of the preceding night."Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I am going out for all day,perhaps. You are, therefore, your own master till seven o'clockin the evening; but at seven o'clock you must hold yourself inreadiness with two horses."
3.  "That is he--wounded in the shoulder."
4.  They continued at their best speed for two hours, although thehorses were so fatigued that it was to be feared they would soonrefuse service.
5.  By an involuntary movement and in spite of the injunctiongiven, D'Artagnan put his horse into a gallop, and in a fewstrides overtook the carriage; but the window washermetically closed, the vision had disappeared.
6.  "But as you spoke to him you must have seen him.""Oh, it's a description you want?"


1.  "Hold out your hand and swear!" cried Athos and Aramis at once.Overcome by example, grumbling to himself, nevertheless, Porthosstretched out his hand, and the four friends repeated with onevoice the formula dictated by D'Artagnan:
2.  "I do not enter the Church; I re-enter it. I deserted the Churchfor the world, for you know that I forced myself when I became aMusketeer."
3.  "Then he is there? I shall find him there?"
4.  "And you will add to them this knife," said the duke, pressing the handof Laporte. He had just strength enough to place the scent bag at thebottom of the silver casket, and to let the knife fall into it, making asign to Laporte that he was no longer able to speak; than, in a lastconvulsion, which this time he had not the power to combat, he slippedfrom the sofa to the floor.
5.  "In truth," murmured D'Artagnan, to whom M. de Treville'srecommendation recurred, "this animal will end by making meafraid." And he put his horse into a trot.
6.  "That is to say, she was there," replied Milady; "but thequeen has obtained an order from the king by means of whichshe has been conveyed to a convent."


1.  "You would love me, then, if you were not queen! Madame, saythat you would love me then! I can believe that it is thedignity of your rank alone which makes you cruel to me; I canbelieve that you had been Madame de Chevreuse, poor Buckinghammight have hoped. Thanks for those sweet words! Oh, mybeautiful sovereign, a hundred times, thanks!"
2.  This first moment had been delayed five days, which, under anyother circumstances, might have appeared rather long to M.Bonacieux; but he had, in the visit he had made to the cardinaland in the visits Rochefort had made him, ample subjects forreflection, and as everybody knows, nothing makes time pass morequickly than reflection.
3.  "What have you done?"
4.  "Perhaps yes, perhaps no."
5.   Buckingham, left alone, walked toward a mirror. His Musketeer'suniform became him marvelously.
6.  "He was found in your lodging; they took him for you.""And by whom was he arrested?"


1.  Porthos and Aramis did the same.
2.  "I have performed that same distance in forty hours, and by teno'clock in the morning I must be in London."
3.  "Well, if you are cold, Planchet, you can go into one of thosecabarets that you see yonder, and be in waiting for me at thedoor by six o'clock in the morning."
4、  At the first sound of the morning trumpet the friendsseparated; the Musketeers hastening to the hotel of M. deTreville, the Guards to that of M. Dessessart. Each of thecaptains then led his company to the Louvre, where the kingheld his review
5、  "I come to see you," replied Milady, without knowing how much sheaggravated by this reply the suspicions to which D'Artagnan'sletter had given birth in the mind of her brother-in-law, andonly desiring to gain the good will of her auditor by afalsehood.




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      "It appears that these appointments are all made for eleveno'clock," thought D'Artagnan; "that's a settled custom."Milady held out her hand to him, which he kissed tenderly.367

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       "What are you looking at?" asked D'Artagnan.

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      The face of the commissary grew still darker.

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    {  "Come, then, come, then!" cried Milady, trying to drag the young womanalong by the arm. "Thanks to the garden, we yet can flee; I have thekey, but make haste! in five minutes it will be too late!"Mme. Bonacieux tried to walk, made two steps, and sank upon her knees.Milady tried to raise and carry her, but could not do it.At this moment they heard the rolling of the carriage, which at theapproach of the Musketeers set off at a gallop. Then three or fourshots were fired.

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      As long as they were within the circle of the camp, the fourfriends did not exchange one word; besides, they werefollowed by the curious, who, hearing of the wager, wereanxious to know how they would come out of it. But whenonce they passed the line of circumvallation and foundthemselves in the open plain, D'Artagnan, who was completelyignorant of what was going forward, thought it was time todemand an explanation.}

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      "His name; his name!" cried D'Artagnan.

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      At these words he took up a silver bell, and rang it; the officerentered.

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       Toward four o'clock in the morning the doctor arrived; but sincethe time Milady stabbed herself, however short, the wound hadclosed. The doctor could therefore measure neither the directionnor the depth of it; he only satisfied himself by Milady's pulsethat the case was not serious.

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    {  At the end of a hundred paces, the ground began to decline, and he couldonly see the mast of the sloop.

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      "You understand, Treville--an edict is still an edict, it isforbidden to fight, after all."