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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Thank you," returned the manager, and, tipping his hat slightly,went away.
2.  Mrs. Hurstwood gave this bit of information considerable thoughtduring the next few hours, and even days. She took it forgranted that the doctor had really seen her husband, and that hehad been riding, most likely, with some other woman, afterannouncing himself as BUSY to her. As a consequence, sherecalled, with rising feeling, how often he had refused to go toplaces with her, to share in little visits, or, indeed, take partin any of the social amenities which furnished the diversion ofher existence. He had been seen at the theatre with people whomhe called Moy's friends; now he was seen driving, and, mostlikely, would have an excuse for that. Perhaps there were othersof whom she did not hear, or why should he be so busy, soindifferent, of late? In the last six weeks he had becomestrangely irritable--strangely satisfied to pick up and go out,whether things were right or wrong in the house. Why?
3.  There was the least quaver in her voice as she said this.Somehow, the influence he was exerting was powerful. They cameto an understanding of each other without words--he of hersituation, she of the fact that he realised it."No," he said, "you can't make it!" genuine sympathy filling hismind for the time. "Let me help you. You take some of mymoney."
4.  The youth looked exceedingly crestfallen.
5.  Carrie began to feel that there was something exuberant andunnatural in his manner.
6.  "There must be places around here where we could get a couple ofrooms, which would do just as well."


1.  "No," he answered.
2.  He received no answer. Carrie was quieting, however, under theinfluence of his plea.
3.  "He could go along," said Carrie.
4.  This was the atmosphere of the Lyceum--the attitude, for thatmatter, of every managerial office in the city. These littleproprietors of businesses are lords indeed on their own ground.
5.  "A full house!" said the youth, spreading out his cards.
6.  At last, however, troubles became too thick. The hounding ofcreditors, the indifference of Carrie, the silence of the flat,and presence of winter, all joined to produce a climax. It waseffected by the arrival of Oeslogge, personally, when Carrie wasthere.


1.  "I didn't know that," said the manager. "Felt pretty sore, Isuppose, over his defeat.""Perhaps," said the other, winking shrewdly.
2.  Drouet turned to the subject of the clothes she was going to buy.
3.  The new flat was located in Thirteenth Street, a half block westof Sixth Avenue, and contained only four rooms. The newneighbourhood did not appeal to Carrie as much. There were notrees here, no west view of the river. The street was solidlybuilt up. There were twelve families here, respectable enough,but nothing like the Vances. Richer people required more space.
4.  Drouet, all the time, was conducting himself in a model way forone of his sort. He took her about a great deal, spent moneyupon her, and when he travelled took her with him. There weretimes when she would be alone for two or three days, while hemade the shorter circuits of his business, but, as a rule, shesaw a great deal of him.
5.   Drouet followed him with his eyes, much interested.
6.  "That's all right," said Carrie.


1.  This conversation was interrupted by the blare of the orchestraand the sputtering of the calcium lights in the wings as the linewas called to form for a new entrance. No further opportunityfor conversation occurred, but the next evening, when they weregetting ready for the stage, this girl appeared anew at her side.
2.  Yet there was nothing sarcastic or supercilious in the way Amesspoke. He had very little of that in him. Carrie felt that itwas just kindly thought of a high order--the right thing tothink, and wondered what else was right, according to him. Heseemed to notice that she listened and rather sympathised withhim, and from now on he talked mostly to her.
3.  She stood up from her stool and worked that way for a while, butit was a more difficult position. Her neck and shoulders achedin bending over.
4、  Hurstwood went out and made for Broadway. He wanted to think upsome place. Before long, though, he reached the Grand Hotel atThirty-first Street. He knew of its comfortable lobby. He wascold after his twenty blocks' walk.
5、  Coming back, he resumed his place and began again.




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      Already the hard rumble of the city through the open windowsbecame pleasant.

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      A youth with tan-coloured hair, that needed clipping very badly,came shuffling along between the machines, bearing a basket ofleather findings under his left arm, and pressed against hisstomach. When near Carrie, he stretched out his right hand andgripped one girl under the arm.

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       "I think I could break away from this fellow inside of a year,"said Hurstwood. "Nothing will ever come of this arrangement asit's going on now."

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      "She can't be long, now," he said to himself, half fearing toencounter her and equally depressed at the thought that she mighthave gone in by another way. His stomach was so empty that itached.

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    {  "Yes, out near Hoyne Avenue. You were with your husband."

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      "Oh, isn't that too bad?" said Carrie.}

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      Minnie's flat, as the one-floor resident apartments were thenbeing called, was in a part of West Van Buren Street inhabited byfamilies of labourers and clerks, men who had come, and werestill coming, with the rush of population pouring in at the rateof 50,000 a year. It was on the third floor, the front windowslooking down into the street, where, at night, the lights ofgrocery stores were shining and children were playing. To Carrie,the sound of the little bells upon the horse-cars, as theytinkled in and out of hearing, was as pleasing as it was novel.She gazed into the lighted street when Minnie brought her intothe front room, and wondered at the sounds, the movement, themurmur of the vast city which stretched for miles and miles inevery direction.

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      As they went out, he took her arm and helped her into the coach,and then they were off again, and so to the show.

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       He wondered how all these other lodging-house people around himgot along. They didn't seem to do anything. Perhaps theybegged--unquestionably they did. Many was the dime he had givento such as they in his day. He had seen other men asking formoney on the streets. Maybe he could get some that way. Therewas horror in this thought.

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    {  "If you'll do that, we'll call it off for the present and I'llget out."

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      "Four days," she answered.