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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You never were in it?"
2.  We scrambled from rock to rock, until in a few moments we had madeour way to a point from which we could see the front door of theinn. Wilder's bicycle was leaning against the wall beside it. No onewas moving about the house, nor could we catch a glimpse of anyfaces at the windows. Slowly the twilight crept down as the sun sankbehind the high towers of Holdernesse Hall. Then, in the gloom, we sawthe two side-lamps of a trap light up in the stable-yard of the inn,and shortly afterwards heard the rattle of hoofs, as it wheeled outinto the road and tore off at a furious pace in the direction ofChesterfield.
3.  He clutched her hand to detain her. "How are you, Watson?' said hecordially. "I should never have known you under that moustache, andI daresay you would not be prepared to swear to me. This I presumeis your celebrated friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"
4.  .
5.  "'Precisely what I don't want you to do. I had a row over you withMawson's manager. I had gone up to ask him about you, and he wasvery offensive; accused me of coaxing you away from the service of thefirm, and that sort of thing. At last I fairly lost my temper. "If youwant good men you should pay them a good price," said I."'"He would rather have our small price than your big one," said he."'"I'll lay you a fiver," said I, "that when he has my offeryou'll never so much as hear from him again."
6.  .


1.  I shook my head. "Surely, Holmes, this is a little far-fetched,"said I.
2.  "It is very good of you- very noble of you. I appreciate yourspecial knowledge."
3.  It was Holmes's turn to look astonished.
4.  "Well, we may have to apply to you again if Mrs. Barclay shouldprove to be in serious trouble."
5.  "Small, stout-built, very quick in his ways, no hair on hisface, though he's not short of thirty. Has a white splash of acidupon his forehead."
6.  "Ham and eggs," I answered.


1.  The great minister showed perceptible hesitation.
2.  Holmes shook his head. "He did not turn pale. He was pale when weentered the room," said he. "It is just possible that-"His words were interrupted by a sharp rat-tat from the directionof the inner door.
4.  "They have secured the whole gang with the exception of him. Hehas given them the slip. Of course, when I had left the countrythere was no one to cope with him. But I did think that I had putthe game in their hands. I think that you had better return toEngland, Watson."
5.   He sat in deep thought, his gaunt hand tugging at his stragglingbeard. Then he made a gesture of resignation.
6.  .


1.  "I am convinced," said I, "that this Reuben Hayes knows all aboutit. A more self-evident villain I never saw."
2.  Holmes shot out his long, thin arm and picked out Volume "H" inhis encyclopaedia of reference.
3.  "Well," said our engineer ruefully as we took our seats to returnonce more to London, "it has been a pretty business for me! I havelost my thumb and I have lost a fifty-guinea fee, and what have Igained?"
4、  Holmes shot out his long, thin arm and picked out Volume "H" inhis encyclopaedia of reference.
5、  "Under solemn promises-"




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      "I'd be very glad if you could tell me where that lady may be,"Peters answered coolly. "I've a bill against her for nearly ahundred pounds, and nothing to show for it but a couple of trumperypendants that the dealer would hardly look at. She attached herself toMrs. Peters and me at Baden- it is a fact that I was using anothername at the time- and she stuck on to us until we came to London. Ipaid her bill and her ticket. Once in London, she gave us the slip,and, as I say, left these out-of-date jewels to pay her bills. Youfind her, Mr. Holmes, and I'm your debtor."

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      "Remarkable, is it not? But consider the facts. Is it acoincidence that it is found at the very point where the train pitchesand sways as it comes round on the points? Is not that the place wherean object upon the roof might be expected to fall off? The pointswould affect no object inside the train. Either the body fell from theroof, or a very curious coincidence has occurred. But now consider thequestion of the blood. Of course, there was no bleeding on the line ifthe body had bled elsewhere. Each fact is suggestive in itself.Together they have a cumulative force."

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       It was, then, in the spring of the year 1897 that Holmes's ironconstitution showed some symptoms of giving way in the face ofconstant hard work of a most exacting kind, aggravated, perhaps, byoccasional indiscretions of his own. In March of that year Dr. MooreAgar, of Harley Street, whose dramatic introduction to Holmes I maysome day recount, gave positive injunctions that the famous privateagent lay aside all his cases and surrender himself to complete restif he wished to avert an absolute breakdown. The state of his healthwas not a matter in which he himself took the faintest interest, forhis mental detachment was absolute, but he was induced at last, on thethreat of being permanently disqualified from work, to give himselfa complete change of scene and air. Thus it was that in the earlyspring of that year we found ourselves together in a small cottagenear Poldhu Bay, at the further extremity of the Cornish peninsula.It was a singular spot, and one peculiarly well suited to the grimhumour of my patient. From the windows of our little whitewashedhouse, which stood high upon a grassy headland, we looked down uponthe whole sinister semicircle of Mounts Bay, that old death trap ofsailing vessels, with its fringe of black cliffs and surge swept reefson which innumerable seamen have met their end. With a northerlybreeze it lies placid and sheltered, inviting the storm-tossed craftto tick into it for rest and protection.

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      She was an interesting person, this stern Australian nurse-taciturn, suspicious, ungracious, it took some time before Holmes'spleasant manner and frank acceptance of all that she said thawed herinto a corresponding amiability. She did not attempt to conceal herhatred for her late employer.

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    {  "Yes, but with my back towards it."

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      "But I can. I could swear to it. However, we will go back at ourleisure and verify it. What a blind beetle I have been, not to draw myconclusion."}

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      It took some violence to do that," said Holmes thoughtfully. Withhis cane he struck the ledge several times without leaving a mark."Yes, it was a hard knock. In a curious place, too. It was not fromabove but from below, for you see that it is on the lower edge ofthe parapet."

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      "Yes, he is waiting inside." He turned and led us into a large,plainly furnished front room. A man was standing with his back tothe fire, and at the sight of him my client sprang forward withoutstretched hand.

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       "No, she struck him savagely. It is the more terrible as he is apoor little inoffensive cripple." Ferguson's gaunt features softenedas he spoke of his boy. "You would think that the dear lad's conditionwould soften anyone's heart. A fall in childhood and a twistedspine, Mr. Holmes. But the dearest, most loving heart within."Holmes had picked up the letter of yesterday and was reading itover. "What other inmates are there in your house, Mr. Ferguson?""Two servants who have not been long with us. One stable-hand,Michael, who sleeps in the house. My wife, myself, my boy Jack,baby, Dolores, and Mrs. Mason. That is all."

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    {  "You have a theory then?"

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      I was horrified by my first glimpse of Holmes next morning, for hesat by the fire holding his tiny hypodermic syringe. I associated thatinstrument with the single weakness of his nature, and I feared theworst when I saw it glittering in his hand. He laughed at myexpression of dismay and laid it upon the table.