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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "As the jeweller returned to the apartment, he cast aroundhim a scrutinizing glance -- but there was nothing to excitesuspicion, if it did not exist, or to confirm it, if it werealready awakened. Caderousse's hands still grasped the goldand bank-notes, and La Carconte called up her sweetestsmiles while welcoming the reappearance of their guest.`Well, well,' said the jeweller, `you seem, my good friends,to have had some fears respecting the accuracy of yourmoney, by counting it over so carefully directly I wasgone.' -- `Oh, no,' answered Caderousse, `that was not myreason, I can assure you; but the circumstances by which wehave become possessed of this wealth are so unexpected, asto make us scarcely credit our good fortune, and it is onlyby placing the actual proof of our riches before our eyesthat we can persuade ourselves that the whole affair is nota dream.' The jeweller smiled. -- `Have you any other guestsin your house?' inquired he. -- `Nobody but ourselves,'replied Caderousse; `the fact is, we do not lodge travellers-- indeed, our tavern is so near the town, that nobody wouldthink of stopping here. -- `Then I am afraid I shall verymuch inconvenience you.' -- `Inconvenience us? Not at all,my dear sir,' said La Carconte in her most gracious manner.`Not at all, I assure you.' -- `But where will you manage tostow me?' -- `In the chamber overhead.' -- `Surely that iswhere you yourselves sleep?' -- `Never mind that; we have asecond bed in the adjoining room.' Caderousse stared at hiswife with much astonishment.
2.  "Then," replied M. de Villefort, "have the kindness to waithalf an hour; Valentine shall come down into thedrawing-room. I will send for M. Deschamps; we will read andsign the contract before we separate, and this eveningMadame de Villefort; shall accompany Valentine to herestate, where we will rejoin them in a week."
3.  "No," said Valentine; "who could desire my death?"
4.  "Ah, indeed!" said the young man. "A desert island in themidst of the Mediterranean must be a curiosity."
5.  "I give you my word of honor, sir," said Dantes; "but whatis the matter? You are ill -- shall I ring for assistance?-- shall I call?"
6.  "Noirtier!" repeated the abbe; "Noirtier! -- I knew a personof that name at the court of the Queen of Etruria, -- aNoirtier, who had been a Girondin during the Revolution!What was your deputy called?"


1.  "Happy father, happy son!" said the count.
2.  Chapter 9The Evening of the Betrothal.
3.  "You are mistaken; he will not advance two leagues into theinterior of France without being followed, tracked, andcaught like a wild beast."
4.  "Good!" said the gendarme, placing his knee on his chest;"believe soft-spoken gentlemen again! Harkye, my friend, Ihave disobeyed my first order, but I will not disobey thesecond; and if you move, I will blow your brains out." Andhe levelled his carbine at Dantes, who felt the muzzleagainst his temple.
5.  "And who found this father for you?"
6.  "Good-evening, Valentine," said a well-known voice.


1.  "Ah, monsieur," returned Albert, "I would never forgive youthis mistake if you had seen another picture beside this.You do not know my mother; she it is whom you see here. Shehad her portrait painted thus six or eight years ago. Thiscostume is a fancy one, it appears, and the resemblance isso great that I think I still see my mother the same as shewas in 1830. The countess had this portrait painted duringthe count's absence. She doubtless intended giving him anagreeable surprise; but, strange to say, this portraitseemed to displease my father, and the value of the picture,which is, as you see, one of the best works of LeopoldRobert, could not overcome his dislike to it. It is true,between ourselves, that M. de Morcerf is one of the mostassiduous peers at the Luxembourg, a general renowned fortheory, but a most mediocre amateur of art. It is differentwith my mother, who paints exceedingly well, and who,unwilling to part with so valuable a picture, gave it to meto put here, where it would be less likely to displease M.de Morcerf, whose portrait, by Gros, I will also show you.Excuse my talking of family matters, but as I shall have thehonor of introducing you to the count, I tell you this toprevent you making any allusions to this picture. Thepicture seems to have a malign influence, for my motherrarely comes here without looking at it, and still morerarely does she look at it without weeping. Thisdisagreement is the only one that has ever taken placebetween the count and countess, who are still as muchunited, although married more than twenty years, as on thefirst day of their wedding."
2.  "Go on," urged Caderousse.
3.  "Beware," said M. d'Avrigny, "it may come slowly; you willsee it approach after having struck your father, your wife,perhaps your son."
4.  "Yes; but as he said you would make an excellent steward, Iconcluded you had stolen -- that was all."
5.   "Yes, you understand, that explains all. He cannotacknowledge me openly, it appears, but he does it through M.Cavalcanti, and gives him fifty thousand francs for it."
6.  "Yes."


1.  Chapter 54A Flurry in Stocks.
2.  Fernand, probably excited beyond bearing, pricked byDanglars, as the bull is by the bandilleros, was about torush out; for he had risen from his seat, and seemed to becollecting himself to dash headlong upon his rival, whenMercedes, smiling and graceful, lifted up her lovely head,and looked at them with her clear and bright eyes. At thisFernand recollected her threat of dying if Edmond died, anddropped again heavily on his seat. Danglars looked at thetwo men, one after the other, the one brutalized by liquor,the other overwhelmed with love.
3.  "Fifty feet!" responded Dantes, almost terrified.
4、  "Mala ducis avi domum," continued Louis XVIII., stillannotating.
5、  "One by the post, Madame Danglars' footman left the other."




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      "Then you never believed in the principality?"

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       "I am wholly a stranger to Paris -- it is a city I havenever yet seen."

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      "So that," said the abbe, with a bitter smile, "that makeseighteen months in all. What more could the most devotedlover desire?" Then he murmured the words of the Englishpoet, "`Frailty, thy name is woman.'"

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    {  "Yes." Valentine opened it and drew out a bundle of papers."Is that what you wish for?" asked she.

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      "No excellency, I do not recollect telling you that."}

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      The young man overwhelmed by the weight of his anguish, fellheavily on his knees before the bed, which his fingersgrasped with convulsive energy. D'Avrigny, unable to bearthe sight of this touching emotion, turned away; andVillefort, without seeking any further explanation, andattracted towards him by the irresistible magnetism whichdraws us towards those who have loved the people for whom wemourn, extended his hand towards the young man. But Morrelsaw nothing; he had grasped the hand of Valentine, andunable to weep vented his agony in groans as he bit thesheets. For some time nothing was heard in that chamber butsobs, exclamations, and prayers. At length Villefort, themost composed of all, spoke: "Sir," said he to Maximilian,"you say you loved Valentine, that you were betrothed toher. I knew nothing of this engagement, of this love, yet I,her father, forgive you, for I see that your grief is realand deep; and besides my own sorrow is too great for angerto find a place in my heart. But you see that the angel whomyou hoped for has left this earth -- she has nothing more todo with the adoration of men. Take a last farewell, sir, ofher sad remains; take the hand you expected to possess oncemore within your own, and then separate yourself from herforever. Valentine now requires only the ministrations ofthe priest."

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      The brigadier advanced to him, sword in hand. "Come, come,"said Andrea, "sheathe your sword, my fine fellow; there isno occasion to make such a fuss, since I give myself up;"and he held out his hands to be manacled. The girls lookedwith horror upon this shameful metamorphosis, the man of theworld shaking off his covering and appearing as agalley-slave. Andrea turned towards them, and with animpertinent smile asked, -- "Have you any message for yourfather, Mademoiselle Danglars, for in all probability Ishall return to Paris?"

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       "I think, on the contrary, that it is a charming night,"replied the countess, "and those who are here will complainof but one thing -- its too rapid flight."

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    {  "To-day the preliminaries, to-morrow or next day theceremony! You are in a hurry, captain!"

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      They found the door ajar. "Oh, ho," said the brigadier, whothoroughly understood the trick; "a bad sign to find thedoor open! I would rather find it triply bolted." And,indeed, the little note and pin upon the table confirmed, orrather corroborated, the sad truth. Andrea had fled. We saycorroborated, because the brigadier was too experienced tobe convinced by a single proof. He glanced around, looked inthe bed, shook the curtains, opened the closets, and finallystopped at the chimney. Andrea had taken the precaution toleave no traces of his feet in the ashes, but still it wasan outlet, and in this light was not to be passed overwithout serious investigation.