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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The practical application of what I have said is very close tothe problem which I am investigating. It is a tangled skein, youunderstand, and I am looking for a loose end. One possible loose endlies in the question: Why does Professor Presbury's wolfhound, Roy,endeavour to bite him?"
2.  cross-examination, Professor Coram, since I gather that you were inbed at the time of the crime, and could know nothing about it. I wouldonly ask this: What do you imagine that this poor fellow meant byhis last words: 'The professor- it was she'?"
3.  "Precisely. It is a piece of tarred twine. You have also, nodoubt, remarked that Miss Cushing has cut the cord with a scissors, ascan be seen by the double fray on each side. This is of importance.""I cannot see the importance," said Lestrade.
4.  "I will do so, and I must be quick, for I have promised Mr. Rucastleto be back before three. I got his leave to come into town thismorning, though he little knew for what purpose."
5.  "Exactly. It came by post. 'I send you my temptation. I willfollow your advice.' That was the message. I think, Watson, we canguess the name of the brave woman who sent it."
6.  "Is it furnished?"


1.  During the first week of July, my friend had been absent so oftenand so long from our lodgings that I knew he had something on hand.The fact that several rough-looking men called during that time andinquired for Captain Basil made me understand that Holmes wasworking somewhere under one of the numerous disguises and names withwhich he concealed his own formidable identity. He had at least fivesmall refuges in different parts of London, in which he was able tochange his personality. He said nothing of his business to me, andit was not my habit to force a confidence. The first positive signwhich he gave me of the direction which his investigation was takingwas an extraordinary one. He had gone out before breakfast, and Ihad sat down to mine when he strode into the room, his hat upon hishead and a huge barbed-headed spear tucked like an umbrella underhis arm.
2.  outstretched palm of the other one. He had always laughed at whathe called my cock-and-bull story about the colonel, but he lookedvery scared and puzzled now that the same thing had come uponhimself.
3.  We had not got halfway to the door before she had overtaken us andwas holding his arm. She had turned in a moment from steel to velvet."Come and sit down, gentlemen. Let us talk this matter over. Ifeel that I may be frank with you, Mr. Holmes. You have the feelingsof a gentleman. How quick a woman's instinct is to find it out. I willtreat you as a friend."
4.  "Yes, young Daulat Ras, an Indian student, who lives on the samestair, came in to ask me some particulars about the examination.""For which he was entered?"
5.  Mr. Scott Eccles had fidgeted in his seat during this conversation."I am glad you found the note, since it corroborates my story," saidhe. "But I beg to point out that I have not yet heard what hashappened to Mr. Garcia, nor what has become of his household.""As to Garcia," said Gregson, "that is easily answered. He was founddead this morning upon Oxshott Common, nearly a mile from his home.His head had been smashed to pulp by heavy blows of a sandbag orsome such instrument, which had crushed rather than wounded. It is alonely corner, and there is no house within a quarter of a mile of thespot. He had apparently been struck down first from behind, but hisassailant had gone on beating him long after he was dead. It was amost furious assault. There are no footsteps nor any clue to thecriminals."


1.  "'"But none was recovered,
2.  "'No one.'
3.  "Ah, if I could give it a name it might go a long way towardssolving the case. On the whole, it was probably some creature of theweasel and stoat tribe-and yet it is larger than any of these that Ihave seen."
4.  "What would you do, then?"
5.   Holmes folded up his check and placed it carefully in hisnotebook. "I am a poor man," said he, as he patted it
6.  "How long ago?"


1.  "The butcher's?"
2.  "I tell you they were relatives."
3.  "Very good. jump in, Watson. We must strike while the iron is hot.Simple as the case is, there have been one or two very instructivedetails in connection with it. Just pull up at a telegraph office asyou pass, cabby."
4、  "I expect him here every instant."
5、  "I should imagine not," he said. "And yet, you see, I am here. Coalsof fire, Holmes- coals of fire!"




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      The machine broke down.

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      "Now, Mr. Holmes, you know the people who live under my roof, andI shall continue with my miserable story.

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       "We have just come from his house."

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      "'Almost immediately after you left.'

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    {  She blushed and seemed confused.

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      "So much for Mr. Henry Baker," said Holmes when he had closedthe door behind him. "It is quite certain that he knows nothingwhatever about the matter. Are you hungry, Watson?"}

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      "Well, you know, after a crime of this sort we are very careful tokeep things in their position. Nothing has been moved. Officer incharge here day and night. This morning, as the man was buried and theinvestigation over- so far as this room is concerned- we thought wecould tidy up a bit. This carpet. You see, it is not fastened down,only just laid there. We had occasion to raise it. We found-""Yes? You found-"

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      "That he desired to conceal his handwriting."

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       "That is our signal," said Holmes, springing to his feet; "itcomes from the middle window."

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    {  "Yes, it must be so. Let me explain. I believe that that is thevillage inn over there?"

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      "Inspector Forrester, sir," said the butler, throwing open the door.The official, a smart, keen-faced young fellow, stepped into theroom. "Good morning, Colonel," said he. "I hope I don't intrude, butwe hear that Mr. Holmes of Baker Street is here."