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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  * "Money and sanctity,Each in a moiety.
2.  all the Englishman appeared to know. The agent arose, andhaving bowed to Lord Wilmore, who returned his salutationwith the stiff politeness of the English, he retired. LordWilmore, having heard the door close after him, returned tohis bedroom, where with one hand he pulled off his lighthair, his red whiskers, his false jaw, and his wound, toresume the black hair, dark complexion, and pearly teeth ofthe Count of Monte Cristo. It was M. de Villefort, and notthe prefect, who returned to the house of M. de Villefort.The procureur felt more at ease, although he had learnednothing really satisfactory, and, for the first time sincethe dinner-party at Auteuil, he slept soundly.
3.  "By all means."
4.  "Help!" cried Caderousse; "I require a surgeon, not apriest; perhaps I am not mortally wounded -- I may not die;perhaps they can yet save my life."
5.  "'Tis true, madame," answered he, "that my father was aGirondin, but he was not among the number of those who votedfor the king's death; he was an equal sufferer with yourselfduring the Reign of Terror, and had well-nigh lost his headon the same scaffold on which your father perished."
6.  "Oh, sire, what a dreadful misfortune! I am, indeed, to bepitied. I can never forgive myself!"


1.  "M. Beauchamp," interposed this strange man, "the Count ofMonte Cristo bows to none but the Count of Monte Cristohimself. Say no more, I entreat you. I do what I please, M.Beauchamp, and it is always well done."
2.  "I mean that if there were, it would be impossible to drawup with impunity two such deeds as these. In France, my dearsir, half such a piece of effrontery as that would cause youto be quickly despatched to Toulon for five years, forchange of air."
3.  "Will you not see my sister once more?" asked Maximilian. Alast but final hope was concealed by the young man in theeffect of this interview, and therefore he had suggested it.Morrel shook his head. "I saw her this morning, and bade heradieu."
4.  They waited upwards of ten minutes. Certain Dantes could notescape, the gendarmes released him. They seemed awaitingorders. The orders came.
5.  Behind the sentinel was a staircase with twenty steps. Franzand the count descended these, and found themselves in amortuary chamber. Five corridors diverged like the rays of astar, and the walls, dug into niches, which were arrangedone above the other in the shape of coffins, showed thatthey were at last in the catacombs. Down one of thecorridors, whose extent it was impossible to determine, raysof light were visible. The count laid his hand on Franz'sshoulder. "Would you like to see a camp of bandits inrepose?" he inquired.
6.  "I will," said the count. "Listen -- you know if I may berelied on."


1.  "Thanks, thanks, dear love, adieu!" The sound of a kiss washeard, and Valentine fled through the avenue. Morrellistened to catch the last sound of her dress brushing thebranches, and of her footstep on the gravel, then raised hiseyes with an ineffable smile of thankfulness to heaven forbeing permitted to be thus loved, and then also disappeared.The young man returned home and waited all the evening andall the next day without getting any message. It was only onthe following day, at about ten o'clock in the morning, ashe was starting to call on M. Deschamps, the notary, that hereceived from the postman a small billet, which he knew tobe from Valentine, although he had not before seen herwriting. It was to this effect: --
2.  Chapter 28The Prison Register.
3.  "No, madame, I did not say as much as that," replied thecount with a smile; "quite the contrary. I have studiedchemistry because, having determined to live in easternclimates I have been desirous of following the example ofKing Mithridates."
4.  "No, I really cannot."
5.   "Has your majesty perused yesterday's report?"
6.  "`Luigi Vampa.'"


1.  "Certainly," replied Albert, "seeing that without my title Ishould be nothing; while you, sacrificing the baron, wouldstill remain the millionaire."
2.  Several persons hurried up to M. de Villefort, who sat halfbowed over in his chair, offering him consolation,encouragement, and protestations of zeal and sympathy. Orderwas re-established in the hall, except that a few peoplestill moved about and whispered to one another. A lady, itwas said, had just fainted; they had supplied her with asmelling-bottle, and she had recovered. During the scene oftumult, Andrea had turned his smiling face towards theassembly; then, leaning with one hand on the oaken rail ofthe dock, in the most graceful attitude possible, he said:"Gentlemen, I assure you I had no idea of insulting thecourt, or of making a useless disturbance in the presence ofthis honorable assembly. They ask my age; I tell it. Theyask where I was born; I answer. They ask my name, I cannotgive it, since my parents abandoned me. But though I cannotgive my own name, not possessing one, I can tell them myfather's. Now I repeat, my father is named M. de Villefort,and I am ready to prove it."
3.  "I do not know of any grottos," replied Jacopo. The coldsweat sprang forth on Dantes' brow.
4、  In a moment that part of the floor on which Dantes wasresting his two hands, as he knelt with his head in theopening, suddenly gave way; he drew back smartly, while amass of stones and earth disappeared in a hole that openedbeneath the aperture he himself had formed. Then from thebottom of this passage, the depth of which it was impossibleto measure, he saw appear, first the head, then theshoulders, and lastly the body of a man, who sprang lightlyinto his cell.
5、  "Yes."




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      "Shall I assist you in repairing your negligence?" askedFranz.

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      "I foppish? how do you mean?"

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       "The beautiful Greek of yesterday."

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      "Is it that excellent M. Bertuccio, who understands hiringwindows so well?"

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    {  "For pity's sake," he cried, pale and bewildered, withoutseeing whom he was addressing, -- "for pity's sake do notcall assistance! Save me! -- I will not harm you."

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      "Very well, sir," said Monte Cristo. "Now all that issettled, do let me see the performance, and tell your friendAlbert not to come any more this evening; he will hurthimself with all his ill-chosen barbarisms: let him go homeand go to sleep." Beauchamp left the box, perfectly amazed."Now," said Monte Cristo, turning towards Morrel, "I maydepend upon you, may I not?"}

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      "Yes; I am a supercargo; pen, ink, and paper are my tools,and without my tools I am fit for nothing."

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      "Sir," replied the young man, "honest men are not to be paidwith such coin. I require honorable guaranties."

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       "Yes; for I am a man, and have suffered like yourself, andalso contemplated suicide; indeed, often since misfortunehas left me I have longed for the delights of an eternalsleep."

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    {  "Incomprehensible is not the word," interrupted theprocureur, shrugging his shoulders. "It is an old man'scaprice."

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      "Sir," said Madame Danglars, "you can feel for my emotion,can you not? Spare me, then, I beseech you. When I look atthis room, -- whence so many guilty creatures have departed,trembling and ashamed, when I look at that chair beforewhich I now sit trembling and ashamed, -- oh, it requiresall my reason to convince me that I am not a very guiltywoman and you a menacing judge." Villefort dropped his headand sighed. "And I," he said, "I feel that my place is notin the judge's seat, but on the prisoner's stool."