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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I don't go much on those things, do you?" asked Drouet.
2.  "Certainly not," she returned. "I wouldn't worry over it."
3.  "All right," he said, passing on, seriously brooding for once,and yet not wholly unconscious of the fact that he was making amost excellent impression upon the chambermaid.
4.  One day Carrie's bell rang and the servant, who was in thekitchen, pressed the button which caused the front door of thegeneral entrance on the ground floor to be electricallyunlatched. When Carrie waited at her own door on the third floorto see who it might be coming up to call on her, Mrs. Vanceappeared.
5.  The little actress was in fine feather. She was realising nowwhat it was to be petted. For once she was the admired, thesought-for. The independence of success now made its first faintshowing. With the tables turned, she was looking down, ratherthan up, to her lover. She did not fully realise that this wasso, but there was something in condescension coming from herwhich was infinitely sweet. When she was ready they climbed intothe waiting coach and drove down town; once, only, did she findan opportunity to express her feeling, and that was when themanager preceded Drouet in the coach and sat beside her. BeforeDrouet was fully in she had squeezed Hurstwood's hand in agentle, impulsive manner. The manager was beside himself withaffection. He could have sold his soul to be with her alone."Ah," he thought, "the agony of it."
6.  Carrie had bathed and was waiting when he arrived. She lookedrefreshed--more delightful than ever, but reserved. Since he hadgone she had resumed somewhat of her cold attitude towards him.Love was not blazing in her heart. He felt it, and his troublesseemed increased. He could not take her in his arms; he did noteven try. Something about her forbade it. In part his opinionwas the result of his own experiences and reflections belowstairs.


1.  Hurstwood was something of a romanticist after his kind. He wascapable of strong feelings--often poetic ones--and under a stressof desire, such as the present, he waxed eloquent. That is, hisfeelings and his voice were coloured with that seeming repressionand pathos which is the essence of eloquence.
2.  Hurstwood rose and took the money, slipping on his overcoat andgetting his hat. Carrie noticed that both of these articles ofapparel were old and poor looking in appearance. It was plainenough before, but now it came home with peculiar force. Perhapshe couldn't help it, after all. He had done well in Chicago.She remembered his fine appearance the days he had met her in thepark. Then he was so sprightly, so clean. Had it been all hisfault?
3.  Always from the man at the corner now he bought two papers--the"Evening World" and "Evening Sun." So now he merely picked hispapers up, as he came by, without stopping.
4.  "Why don't you tell me all about this thing," he said, after atime, "and let's call it off? You don't really care forHurstwood, do you?"
5.  Carrie said nothing, and the horse gambolled on. The weirdnessof the city by night held her attention. She looked at the longreceding rows of lamps and studied the dark, silent houses.
6.  Carrie put on her hat.


1.  Drouet noticed this. He saw the new bow in her hair and the newway of arranging her locks which she affected one morning.
2.  Unfortunately for the smooth progression of this affair, Drouetreturned. Hurstwood was sitting in his imposing little officethe next afternoon when he saw Drouet enter.
3.  "Well, all I have is tied up in there just now. If I had achance to save a while I think I could open a place that wouldgive us plenty of money."
4.  "I want to see her. She's got to do all right. We'll make her,"and the manager gave one of his quick, steely half-smiles, whichwas a compound of good-nature and shrewdness.
5.   "I've been talking with a wholesale liquor company," he said. "Imay go on the road."
6.  "Me? Oh, fine. I'm here now."


1.  "Well," he said, jokingly, "I'll come and get you one of theseevenings," and then he laughed.
2.  "Now, you must do your best to please me," he said encouragingly."Just remember that I want you to succeed. We will make theperformance worth while. You do that now."
3.  Carrie gladly complied, and revealed all the details of theundertaking as she understood it.
4、  He was astonished at the woman's determination, but it onlyirritated him the more.
5、  "I thought you might tell me."




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      "That's your field," he added.

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      "She was good-looking, wasn't she?" said the manager's companion,who had not caught all the details of the game he had played.

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       "Where did you go this morning?" he finally asked weakly.

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      "Oh, no," said Carrie. "I would take anything to begin with."

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    {  In April she learned that the opera would probably last until themiddle or the end of May, according to the size of the audiences.Next season it would go on the road. She wondered if she wouldbe with it. As usual, Miss Osborne, owing to her moderatesalary, was for securing a home engagement.

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      "There's more marching in this opera than ever I did before,"added the girl.}

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      Hurstwood was now hot and waked up. It was a great shaking upfor him, both mental and moral. He wiped his brow as he lookedaround, and then went for his clothes and dressed. Not a soundcame from Carrie; she ceased sobbing when she heard him dressing.She thought, at first, with the faintest alarm, of being leftwithout money--not of losing him, though he might be going awaypermanently. She heard him open the top of the wardrobe and takeout his hat. Then the dining-room door closed, and she knew hehad gone.

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      This confused Carrie considerably, for she realised the flood-gates were open. She didn't know exactly what to answer."I don't know," she answered.

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       When she had gotten safely into the street, she could scarcelyrestrain the tears. It was not so much the particular rebuffwhich she had just experienced, but the whole abashing trend ofthe day. She was tired and nervous. She abandoned the thoughtof appealing to the other department stores and now wandered on,feeling a certain safety and relief in mingling with the crowd.

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    {  "Where are you, Cad?" he said, using a pet name he had given her.

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      "To-morrow," he said at parting, a gayety of manner addingwonderfully to his brave demeanour.