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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I could see that the end had not been in his mouth. Therefore heused a holder. The tip had been cut off not bitten off, but the cutwas not a clean one, so I deduced a blunt pen-knife."
2.  "You have neither of you any doubt as to your son's guilt?""How can we have when I saw him with my own eyes with the coronet inhis hands."
3.  "Have you arranged for a search?"
4.  "Of what?"
5.  "He looked surprised and, as it seemed to me, a little startled atmy remark.
6.  "Who are you, sir?"


1.  "I tell you that it is Friday, man. Your wife has been waitingthis two days for you. You should be ashamed of yourself!""So I am. But you've got mixed, Watson, for I have only been herea few hours, three pipes, four pipes-I forget how many. But I'll gohome with you. I wouldn't frighten Kate-poor little Kate. Give me yourhand! Have you a cab?"
2.  "Never, I swear it."
3.  Sherlock Holmes laughed. "Here is the foresight," said he,putting his finger upon the little disc and loop of thehat-securer. "They are never sold upon hats. If this man orderedone, it is a sign of a certain amount of foresight, since he wentout of his way to take this precaution against the wind. Butsince we see that he has broken the elastic and has not troubledto replace it, it is obvious that he has less foresight now thanformerly, which is a distinct proof of a weakening nature. On theother hand, he has endeavoured to conceal some of these stainsupon the felt by daubing them with ink, which is a sign that hehas not entirely lost his self-respect."
4.  Sir Robert glared for a moment, but Holmes's quiet voice and cool,assured manner had their effect.
5.  "Have you that fresh drawing?"
6.  "Well," said he, curtly, "you are nearly half an hour late."So this was the explanation of the unlocked door and of thenocturnal vigil of Milverton. There was the gentle rustle of a woman'sdress. I had closed the slit between the curtains as Milverton'sface had turned in our direction, but now I ventured very carefully toopen it once more. He had resumed his seat, the cigar still projectingat an insolent angle from the corner of his mouth. In front of him, inthe full glare of the electric light, there stood a tall, slim, darkwoman, a veil over her face, a mantle drawn round her chin. Her breathcame quick and fast, and every inch of the lithe figure wasquivering with strong emotion.


1.  A moment later he was in the room. Mr. John Garrideb, Counsellorat Law, was a short, powerful man with the round, fresh,clean-shaven face characteristic of so many American men of affairs.The general effect was chubby and rather childlike, so that onereceived the impression of quite a young man with a broad set smileupon his face. His eyes, however, were arresting. Seldom in anyhuman head have I seen a pair which bespoke a more intense inwardlife, so bright were they, so alert, so responsive to every changeof thought. His accent was American, but was not accompanied by anyeccentricity of speech.
2.  "How long had this maid Dolores been with her?"
3.  "'Have I anything to say? Yes, I have a deal to say. I have tomake a clean breast of it all. You can hang me, or you can leave mealone. I don't care a plug which you do. I tell you I've not shut aneye in sleep since I did it, and I don't believe I ever will againuntil I get past all waking. Sometimes it's his face, but mostgenerally it's hers. I'm never without one or the other before me.He looks frowning and black-like, but she has a kind o' surpriseupon her face. Ay, the white lamb, she might well be surprised whenshe read death on a face that had seldom looked anything but love uponher before.
4.  "Exactly. You would like to tell people how you died. No use writingon paper. That would be seen. If you wrote on the wall someone mightrest upon it. Now, look here! Just above the skirting is scribbledwith a purple indelible pencil: 'We we-' That's all."
5.   by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "They always fill me with a certain horror. It is my belief, Watson,founded upon my experience, that the lowest and vilest alleys inLondon do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does thesmiling and beautiful countryside."


1.  "It was as if the air of Italy had got into his blood and broughtwith it the old cruel Italian spirit. He wrote to me and sent me acopy of his book that I might have the torture of anticipation.There were two copies, he said- one for me, one for his publisher.""How did you know the publisher's had not reached him?""I knew who his publisher was. It is not his only novel, you know. Ifound out that he had not heard from Italy. Then came Douglas's suddendeath. So long as that other manuscript was in the world there wasno safety for me. Of course, it must be among his effects, and thesewould be returned to his mother. I set the gang at work. One of themgot into the house as servant. I wanted to do the thing honestly. Ireally and truly did. I was ready to buy the house and everything init. I offered any price she cared to ask. I only tried the other waywhen everything else had failed. Now, Mr. Holmes, granting that Iwas too hard on Douglas- and, God knows, I am sorry for it!- what elsecould I do with my whole future at stake?"
2.  "Must you interfere? Does it really matter if he marries the girl?""Considering that he undoubtedly murdered his last wife, I shouldsay it mattered very much. Besides, the client! Well, we need notdiscuss that. When you have finished your coffee you had best comehome with me, for the blithe Shinwell will be there with his report."We found him sure enough, a huge, coarse, red-faced, scorbuticman, with a pair of vivid black eyes which were the only external signof the very cunning mind within. It seems that he had dived downinto what was peculiarly his kingdom, and beside him on the settee wasa brand which he had brought up in the shape of a slim, flame-likeyoung, woman with a pale, intense face, youthful, and yet so worn withsin and sorrow that one read the terrible years which had left theirleprous mark upon her.
3.  "I will do my best. How many constables have you?"
4、  "Oh, yes! In a hundred other ways he has helped him. Everybody abouthere speaks of his kindness to him."
5、  When we arrived at the residence of the European Secretary it wasfor Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope that Sherlock Holmes inquired. We wereshown into the morning-room.




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      Her courage was admirable. Even now she would not own defeat."I tell you again, Mr. Holmes, that you are under some absurdillusion."

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      "My dear Watson," said the well-remembered voice, "I owe you athousand apologies. I had no idea that you would be so affected."I gripped him by the arms.

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       "The vicar knew. He was in our confidence. He would tell you thatshe was an angel upon earth. That was why he telegraphed to me and Ireturned. What was my baggage or Africa to me when I learned that sucha fate had come upon my darling? There you have the missing clue to myaction, Mr. Holmes."

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      "It was just about two hours ago. The light was just fading. I wassitting reading in the chair. I don't know what made me look up, butthere was a face looking in at me through the lower pane. Lord, sir,what a face it was! I'll see it in my dreams."

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    {  "Not in the least. Is it possible that even now, when I giveyou these results, you are unable to see how they are attained?""I have no doubt that I am very stupid, but I must confessthat I am unable to follow you. For example, how did you deducethat this man was intellectual?"

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      "Fire!" we all yelled.}

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      "What, you're on his track?"

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      'I was foolish enough to go into the empty wing,' I answered. 'Butit is so lonely and eerie in this dim light that I was frightenedand ran out again. Oh, it is so dreadfully still in there!'"'Only that?' said he, looking at me keenly.

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       "Well, after this fiasco I went into the bedroom and examined thatalso. The blood-stains were very slight, mere smears anddiscolourations, but undoubtedly fresh. The stick had been removed,but there also the marks were slight. There is no doubt about thestick belonging to our client. He admits it. Footmarks of both mencould be made out on the carpet, but none of any third person, whichagain is a trick for the other side. They were piling up their scoreall the time and we were at a standstill.

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    {  "It may be so," answered Holmes, shrugging his shoulders. "I canonly say for certain that Mr. Joseph Harrison is a gentleman towhose mercy I should be extremely unwilling to trust."

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      "You'll never persuade me to believe that."