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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, frankly and loyally," replied the cardinal, in thesame tone. "All this negotiation must be carried onopenly."
2.  In fact, at the same instant four shots were fired, and theballs were flattened against the wall around Athos, but notone touched him.
3.  "Monseigneur," said D'Artagnan, "this was what happened tome--"
4.  "He still lives."
5.  "Are you authorized by her Majesty to communicate it to me?""No, monsieur, for, on the contrary, I am desired to preserve theprofoundest mystery."
6.  "What?" asked D'Artagnan.


1.  M. de Treville received him as if he had seen him that samemorning; only, when pressing his hand a little more warmly thanusual, he informed him that the company of Dessessart was on dutyat the Louvre, and that he might repair at once to his post.
2.  "Gentlemen, gentlemen," cried D'Artagnan, who began to get aglimpse of the result of the adventure, "the thing is serious.Let us try not to jest, if we can. Go on Aramis, go on.""All at once, a tall, dark gentleman--just like yours,D'Artagnan."
3.  As to Bazin, he went and lay down on a truss of straw; andas he had more imagination than the Swiss, he dreamed thatAramis, having become pope, adorned his head with acardinal's hat.
4.  While Porthos and Mousqueton were breakfasting, with theappetites of convalescents and with that brotherly cordialitywhich unites men in misfortune, D'Artagnan related how Aramis,being wounded, was obliged to stop at Crevecoeur, how he had leftAthos fighting at Amiens with four men who accused him of being acoiner, and how he, D'Artagnan, had been forced to run the Comtesde Wardes through the body in order to reach England.But there the confidence of D'Artagnan stopped. He only addedthat on his return from Great Britain he had brought back fourmagnificent horses--one for himself, and one for each of hiscompanions; then he informed Porthos that the one intended forhim was already installed in the stable of the tavern.At this moment Planchet entered, to inform his master that thehorses were sufficiently refreshed and that it would be possibleto sleep at Clermont.
5.  "Yes, that disturbs you?"
6.  "What do you say, sire? God forbid that the queen should sufferthe least inconvenience or uneasiness on my account! She hasalways believed me, sire, to be her enemy; although your Majestycan bear witness that I have always taken her part warmly, evenagainst you. Oh, if she betrayed your Majesty on the side ofyour honor, it would be quite another thing, and I should be thefirst to say, 'No grace, sire--no grace for the guilty!'Happily, there is nothing of the kind, and your Majesty has justacquired a new proof of it."


1.  M. de Treville received him as if he had seen him that samemorning; only, when pressing his hand a little more warmly thanusual, he informed him that the company of Dessessart was on dutyat the Louvre, and that he might repair at once to his post.
2.  "Indeed!"
3.  "Wait a minute, then," said Aramis.
4.  "You, madame!" said D'Artagnan, affecting surprise; "isthat possible, my God?--good and beautiful as you are!""A mortal enemy."
5.   "Porthos, you are as vain as Narcissus; I plainly tell you so,"replied Aramis. "You know I hate moralizing, except when it isdone by Athos. As to you, good sir, you wear too magnificent abaldric to be strong on that head. I will be an abbe if it suitsme. In the meanwhile I am a Musketeer; in that quality I saywhat I please, and at this moment it pleases me to say that youweary me."
6.  "Monsieur Boisrenard."


1.  Standing before the chimney was a man of middle height, of ahaughty, proud mien; with piercing eyes, a large brow, and a thinface, which was made still longer by a ROYAL (or IMPERIAL, as itis now called), surmounted by a pair of mustaches. Although thisman was scarcely thirty-six or thirty-seven years of age, hair,mustaches, and royal, all began to be gray. This man, except asword, had all the appearance of a soldier; and his buff bootsstill slightly covered with dust, indicated that he had been onhorseback in the course of the day.
2.  "Come, come! courage!"
3.  "Yes, yes," said Felton; "I understand how he would act. Butwith such men it is not the sword that should be employed; it isthe poniard."
4、  "There it is," cried the Jesuit; "the world still speaks withinyou in a loud voice, ALTISIMMA VOCE. You follow the world, myyoung friend, and I tremble lest grace prove not efficacious.""Be satisfied, my reverend father, I can answer for myself.""Mundane presumption!"
5、  "You will understand, monsieur, I thought there would be stilltime, if you wish, to see Monsieur de Cavois to contradict me bysaying you were not yet gone. The falsehood would then lie at mydoor, and as I am not a gentleman, I may be allowed to lie.""Be of good heart, Planchet, you shall preserve your reputationas a veracious man. In a quarter of an hour we set off.""That's the advice I was about to give Monsieur; and where are wegoing, may I ask, without being too curious?"




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      "That there shall be five hundred crowns for you, and fivehundred crowns for me."

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      "That's true," replied D'Artagnan; "I have not the uniform, but Ihave the spirit. My heart is that of a Musketeer; I feel it,monsieur, and that impels me on."

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       "Hush!" said Milady; "let us not, even here, speak thus of him. All mymisfortunes arise from my having said nearly what you have said before awoman whom I thought my friend, and who betrayed me. Are you also thevictim of a treachery?"

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      "Take Bazin."

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    {  At a hundred paces from the gates of Calais, D'Artagnan's horsegave out, and could not by any means be made to get up again, theblood flowing from his eyes and his nose. There still remainedPlanchet's horse; but he stopped short, and could not be made tomove a step.

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      Milady waited, then, with much impatience, for she feared the daywould pass away without her seeing Felton again. At last, in anhour after the scene we have just described, she heard someonespeaking in a low voice at the door. Presently the door opened,and she perceived Felton.}

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      Quand a Dieu seul vous offrirez vos larmes,

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      "You are right, madame, and I will not finish."

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       "How is that?" cried Porthos and Aramis in a breath.As to Athos, faithful to his system of reticence, he contentedhimself with interrogating D'Artagnan by a look.

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    {  "I am the Chevalier de Rochefort," answered the other, "the equerry ofMonsieur le Cardinal Richelieu, and I have orders to conduct you to hisEminence."

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      "She did not name Madame de Chevreuse, the Duke of Buckingham, orMadame de Vernet?"