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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan felt he had allowed himself to be carried away,and that he had committed an error.
2.  "Gentlemen," said he, "Monseigneur's order is, you know, toconduct that woman, without losing time, to the fort of thePoint, and never to leave her till she is on board."As these words agreed wholly with the order they hadreceived, they bowed their heads in sign of assent.With regard to Athos, he leaped lightly into the saddle andset out at full gallop; only instead of following the road,he went across the fields, urging his horse to the utmostand stopping occasionally to listen.
3.  D'Artagnan already fancied himself, so rapid is the flight of ourdreams upon the wings of imagination, accosted by a messengerfrom the young woman, who brought him some billet appointing ameeting, a gold chain, or a diamond. We have observed that youngcavaliers received presents from their king without shame. Letus add that in these times of lax morality they had no moredelicacy with respect to the mistresses; and that the latteralmost always left them valuable and durable remembrances, as ifthey essayed to conquer the fragility of their sentiments by thesolidity of their gifts.
4.  "The devil! You have been to London! Was it from London youbrought that beautiful diamond that glitters on your finger?Beware, my dear D'Artagnan! A present from an enemy is not agood thing. Are there not some Latin verses upon that subject?Stop!"
5.  "Bravo, Athos! Noble heart!" murmured D'Artagnan. "I know himwell there! And what did the officers do?"
6.  "May I be permitted to inform my wife?" said he.


1.  "A bed, my Lord," replied D'Artagnan. "At present, I confess,that is the thing I stand most in need of."
2.  "I have done with him all that could be done. I have made him aspy upon his wife."
3.  "The Pope is the successor of St. Peter, and represents the threedivine powers; the rest-ORDINES INFERIORES-of the ecclesiasticalhierarchy bless in the name of the holy archangels and angels.The most humble clerks such as our deacons and sacristans, blesswith holy water sprinklers, which resemble an infinite number ofblessing fingers. There is the subject simplified. ARGUMENTUMOMNI DENUDATUM ORNAMENTO. I could make of that subject twovolumes the size of this," continued the Jesuit; and in hisenthusiasm he struck a St. Chrysostom in folio, which made thetable bend beneath its weight.
4.  "Madame," said D'Artagnan, "I have only done what every gentlemanwould have done in my place; you owe me no thanks.""Oh, yes, monsieur, oh, yes; and I hope to prove to you that youhave not served an ingrate. But what could these men, whom I atfirst took for robbers, want with me, and why is MonsieurBonacieux not here?"
5.  The goldsmith knew the duke. He knew all objection would beuseless, and instantly determined how to act.
6.  But as he did not think of giving this order till five hours after theevent--that is to say, till two o'clock in the afternoon--two vesselshad already left the port, the one bearing, as we know, Milady, who,already anticipating the event, was further confirmed in that belief byseeing the black flag flying at the masthead of the admiral's ship.As to the second vessel, we will tell hereafter whom it carried, and howit set sail.


1.  "I am the son of him who served in the Religious Wars underthe great King Henry, the father of his gracious Majesty.""That is well. It is you who set out seven or eight monthsago from your country to seek your fortune in the capital?""Yes, monseigneur."
2.  "I know it," said Athos, coolly, "since here it is."And the three friends did not exchange another word tillthey reached their quarters, except to give the watchword tothe sentinels. Only they sent Mousqueton to tell Planchetthat his master was requested, the instant that he left thetrenches, to come to the quarters of the Musketeers.Milady, as Athos had foreseen, on finding the two men thatawaited her, made no difficulty in following them. She hadhad for an instant an inclination to be reconducted to thecardinal, and relate everything to him; but a revelation onher part would bring about a revelation on the part ofAthos. She might say that Athos had hanged her; but thenAthos would tell that she was branded. She thought it wasbest to preserve silence, to discreetly set off toaccomplish her difficult mission with her usual skill; andthen, all things being accomplished to the satisfaction ofthe cardinal, to come to him and claim her vengeance.In consequence, after having traveled all night, at seveno'clock she was at the fort of the Point; at eight o'clockshe had embarked; and at nine, the vessel, which withletters of marque from the cardinal was supposed to besailing for Bayonne, raised anchor, and steered its coursetoward England.
3.  "But I hope that you will do us the honor to tell us," addedAramis, in his politest tone and with his most graceful bow."He told me that he should henceforth recruit his Musketeers fromamong the Guards of Monsieur the Cardinal."
4.  "I? In what can I have offended her--I who ever since I haveknown her have lived at her feet like a slave? Speak, I begyou!"
5.   And if betrays that hope,
6.  Milady was about to cry out, "Immediately," but shereflected that such precipitation would not be very gracioustoward D'Artagnan.


1.  "Yes, let the sermon be clear," said the curate.
2.  "Yes, monsieur, yes. And as it is three months since you havebeen here, and though, distracted as you must be in yourimportant occupations, you have forgotten to pay me my rent--as,I say, I have not tormented you a single instant, I thought youwould appreciate my delicacy."
3.  "Yes; for I have the proofs."
4、  "Handsome, well-bred, noble lord as you are, my dear Athos,neither princesses nor queens would be secure from youramorous solicitations."
5、  "You certainly are a demon sent upon the earth!" said Athos."Your power is great, I know; but you also know that withthe help of God men have often conquered the most terribledemons. You have once before thrown yourself in my path. Ithought I had crushed you, madame; but either I was deceivedor hell has resuscitated you!"




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      "Have I any need to tell you so? Have you not perceivedit?"

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      "Three hundred livres? Then put down three hundred livres,"said the procurator's wife, with a sigh.

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       The three friends looked at one another and laughed; theywere caught.

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      On entering the court of his hotel, Buckingham sprang from hishorse, and without thinking what became of the animal, threw thebridle on his neck, and sprang toward the vestibule. D'Artagnandid the same, with a little more concern, however, for the noblecreatures, whose merits he fully appreciated; but he had thesatisfaction of seeing three or four grooms run from the kitchensand the stables, and busy themselves with the steeds.The duke walked so fast that D'Artagnan had some trouble inkeeping up with him. He passed through several apartments, of anelegance of which even the greatest nobles of France had not evenan idea, and arrived at length in a bedchamber which was at oncea miracle of taste and of richness. In the alcove of thischamber was a door concealed in the tapestry which the dukeopened with a little gold key which he wore suspended from hisneck by a chain of the same metal. With discretion D'Artagnanremained behind; but at the moment when Buckingham crossed thethreshold, he turned round, and seeing the hesitation of theyoung man, "Come in!" cried he, "and if you have the good fortuneto be admitted to her Majesty's presence, tell her what you haveseen."

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    {  A black point floated on the sea. That was the sloop. While theboat was advancing with all the speed its four rowers could giveit, Felton untied the cord and then the handkerchief which boundMilady's hands together. When her hands were loosed he took somesea water and sprinkled it over her face.

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      "I think so, indeed," cried he.}

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      D'Artagnan, his eye moist with gratitude though beaming with joy, wentback to Athos, whom he found still at table contemplating the charms ofhis last glass of Malaga by the light of his lamp."Well," said he, "they likewise have refused me.""That, dear friend, is because nobody is more worthy than yourself."He took a quill, wrote the name of D'Artagnan in the commission, andreturned it to him.

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      "Not at all," said Athos, calmly.

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       "A person who takes more interest in you than she is willingto confess wishes to know on what day it will suit you towalk in the forest? Tomorrow, at the Hotel Field of theCloth of Gold, a lackey in black and red will wait for yourreply."

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    {  Milady dreamed that she at length had D'Artagnan in her power,that she was present at his execution; and it was the sight ofhis odious blood, flowing beneath the ax of the headsman, whichspread that charming smile upon her lips.

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      D'Artagnan looked at the two women, one after the other, andwas forced to acknowledge that in his opinion Dame Naturehad made a mistake in their formation. To the great ladyshe had given a heart vile and venal; to the SOUBRETTE shehad given the heart of a duchess.