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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; but in certain circumstances five minutes are five ages.""When one loves."
2.  "Yes, yes, very sure!"
3.  "Would you like better to be hanged in your true name, Milady?You know that the English laws are inexorable on the abuse ofmarriage. Speak freely. Although my name, or rather that of mybrother, would be mixed up with the affair, I will risk thescandal of a public trial to make myself certain of getting ridof you."
4.  "Ah, ah!" said he, "she is asleep; that's well. When she wakesshe can sup." And he made some steps toward the door."But, my lieutenant," said a soldier, less stoical than hischief, and who had approached Milady, "this woman is not asleep.""What, not asleep!" said Felton; "what is she doing, then?""She has fainted. Her face is very pale, and I have listened invain; I do not hear her breathe."
5.  It is true that the enemies of the cardinal said that it washe himself who set these bungling assassins to work, inorder to have, if wanted, the right of using reprisals; butwe must not believe everything ministers say, nor everythingtheir enemies say.
6.  "What would you have?" said the Musketeer. "This fashion iscoming in. It is a folly, I admit, but still it is the fashion.Besides, one must lay out one's inheritance somehow.""Ah, Porthos!" cried one of his companions, "don't try to make usbelieve you obtained that baldric by paternal generosity. It wasgiven to you by that veiled lady I met you with the other Sunday,near the gate St. Honor?"


1.  Whatever command she had over herself, Milady could not helpstarting; and as in pronouncing the last words Lord de Winterplaced his hand upon the arm of his sister, this start did notescape him.
2.  A shade of anger and vengeance passed across the usuallycalm brow of this gentleman.
3.  "That makes in all?" said Athos.
4.  "And did my husband know I had been carried off?""He was informed of it by a letter, written to him by theabductor himself."
5.  While reading this letter, D'Artagnan felt his heart dilated andcompressed by that delicious spasm which tortures and caressesthe hearts of lovers.
6.  "The second reason, Monsieur the Chevalier," replied Kitty,emboldened by the kiss in the first place, and still furtherby the expression of the eyes of the young man, "is that inlove, everyone for herself!"


1.  "By no means."
2.  "What does all this mean?" asked Aramis.
3.  "We shall meet again, shall we not, monsieur?"
4.  "That is true," said his antagonists.
5.   "You have not answered my first note. Are you indisposed,or have you forgotten the glances you favored me with at theball of Mme. de Guise? You have an opportunity now, Count;do not allow it to escape."
6.  "Beware of what you do!" cried the young woman, in a manner soserious as to make D'Artagnan start in spite of himself. "Oh,meddle in nothing which concerns me. Do not seek to assist me inthat which I am accomplishing. This I ask of you in the name ofthe interest with which I inspire you, in the name of the serviceyou have rendered me and which I never shall forget while I havelife. Rather, place faith in what I tell you. Have no moreconcern about me; I exist no longer for you, any more than if youhad never seen me."


1.  "I am ready," said he.
2.  And this double order which the young lieutenant gave to the sameindividuals proved to Milady that her servants were the same menas her guards; that is to say, soldiers.
3.  The color mounted to the face of Athos, and he made a step towardhis Eminence.
4、  "Ah, ah! is that you, dear friend?" exclaimed Porthos. "How do youthink these garments fit me?"
5、  "Well, now, your hand, young man. Perhaps we shall soon meet onthe field of battle; but in the meantime we shall part goodfriends, I hope."




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      "For me?" said D'Artagnan; "are you sure of that?""PARDIEU, monsieur, I can't be more sure. The SOUBRETTE said,'For your master.' I have no other master but you; so-a pretty little lass, my faith, is that SOUBRETTE!"D'Artagnan opened the letter, and read these words:

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      "Look, rather, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, "the clock shows it.""That's true," said M. de Treville; "I believed it later. Butwhat can I do for you?"

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       At the same time D'Artagnan felt that Planchet slipped anote into his hand.

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      But D'Artagnan well suspected that that which was deferredwas not relinquished.

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    {  "Alas, monseigneur, we were not in the plot, as you will soonsee. Monsieur your friend (pardon for not calling him by thehonorable name which no doubt he bears, but we do not know thatname), Monsieur your friend, having disabled two men with hispistols, retreated fighting with his sword, with which he disableone of my men, and stunned me with a blow of the flat side ofit."

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      "Ah, ah!" said Athos. "This clever person is your relative,then?"}

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      And the travelers buried their rowels in their horses' flanks,who thus vigorously stimulated recovered their energies. Theyarrived at Amiens at midnight, and alighted at the AUBERGE of theGolden Lily.

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      Aramis made a bound, seized the letter, read it, or ratherdevoured it, his countenance radiant.

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       "Monday next! Still five days before us. That's more time thanwe want. Patrick!" cried the duke, opening the door of thechapel, "Patrick!" His confidential valet appeared."My jeweler and my secretary."

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    {  "Instantly, monseigneur." And Rochefort went hastily out of theapartment.

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      "I believe I can guess, at least."