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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are sure it is not he?" said she.
2.  During the time which Lord de Winter took to shut the door, closea shutter, and draw a chair near to his sister-in-law's fauteuil,Milady, anxiously thoughtful, plunged her glance into the depthsof possibility, and discovered all the plan, of which she couldnot even obtain a glance as long as she was ignorant into whosehands she had fallen. She knew her brother-in-law to be a worthygentleman, a bold hunter, an intrepid player, enterprising withwomen, but by no means remarkable for his skill in intrigues.How had he discovered her arrival, and caused her to be seized?Why did he detain her?
3.  At eleven o'clock came in his turn Duhallier, captain of theGuards, bringing with him fifty archers, who were distributedimmediately through the Hotel de Ville, at the doors assignedthem.
4.  "In the queen's name?"
5.  "And what is this cause?" demanded Aramis.
6.  We were present at the scene in which the two captives wereconfronted with each other. Athos, who had till that time saidnothing for fear that D'Artagnan, interrupted in his turn, shouldnot have the time necessary, from this moment declared that hisname was Athos, and not D'Artagnan. He added that he did notknow either M. or Mme. Bonacieux; that he had never spoken to theone or the other; that he had come, at about ten o'clock in theevening, to pay a visit to his friend M. d'Artagnan, but thattill that hour he had been at M. de Treville's, where he haddined. "Twenty witnesses," added he, "could attest the fact";and he named several distinguished gentlemen, and among them wasM. le Duc de la Tremouille.


1.  "What, you talk of debaucheries, Madame Messalina, Lady Macbeth!Either I misunderstand you or you are very shameless!""You only speak thus because you are overheard," coolly repliedMilady; "and you wish to interest your jailers and your hangmenagainst me."
2.  "I will not sign this order! And why not?"
3.  "You shall not call," said Felton, throwing himself between the duke andthe bell placed on a stand encrusted with silver. "Beware, my Lord, youare in the hands of God!"
4.  The attention which we have been obliged to give, during thecommencement of the chapter, to the illustrious personages wehave introduced into it, has diverted us for an instant from himto whom Anne of Austria owed the extraordinary triumph she hadobtained over the cardinal; and who, confounded, unknown, lost inthe crowd gathered at one of the doors, looked on at this scene,comprehensible only to four persons--the king, the queen, hisEminence, and himself.
5.  "All my oil is lost!"
6.  "Has anyone an interest in preventing your arrival there?""The cardinal, I believe, would give the world to prevent mysuccess."


1.  "Not the least in the world. Besides, you must have seen thatthe person to whom I spoke was a woman."
2.  "Because we dare not speak aloud in one or the other.""But why did you not dare to speak aloud, Planchet--because youare afraid?"
3.  Dec. 3, 1627
4.  "Reflect, Athos!"
5.   "My brother met some emissaries of the cardinal in the uniform ofMusketeers. You would have been summoned to the gate; you would havebelieved yourself about to meet friends; you would have been abducted,and conducted back to Paris."
6.  "Ah, you gentlemen of policy!" replied the cardinal, knitting hisbrow in his turn, "the secret of many unknown things mightperhaps be found in your brains, if we could read them as youread that letter which you concealed as soon as you saw mecoming."


1.  "In fact," said Aramis, "it is an absolution according to rule.""That paper must be torn to pieces," said D'Artagnan, whofancied he read in it his sentence of death.
2.  "Oh, a day and night soon pass away. Let us return to the objectthat brings me here."
3.  "There, now! Oh, Monsieur Chevalier, do you love that womanstill?"
4、  "They'll kill poor Porthos when he comes up," said Aramis."If Porthos were on his legs, he would have rejoined us by thistime," said Athos. "My opinion is that on the ground the drunkenman was not intoxicated."
5、  The invention of the mousetrap does not date from our days; assoon as societies, in forming, had invented any kind of police,that police invented mousetraps.




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      "What was that letter you were about to read, Monsieur Aramis,and which you so promptly concealed?"

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      "Well, but put on this dressing gown first," said theMusketeer to his friend.

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       "All for one, one for all."

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      "Without reckoning, monsieur," added Planchet to his master'saudibly expressed reflections, "that we perhaps owe our lives tohim. Do you remember how he cried, 'On, D'Artagnan, on, I amtaken'? And when he had discharged his two pistols, what aterrible noise he made with his sword! One might have said thattwenty men, or rather twenty mad devils, were fighting."These words redoubled the eagerness of D'Artagnan, who urged hishorse, though he stood in need of no incitement, and theyproceeded at a rapid pace. About eleven o'clock in the morningthey perceived Ameins, and at half past eleven they were at thedoor of the cursed inn.

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    {  I salute you,

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      "Oh, he won't return; and if he should, he will be told that Ihave brought a woman with me, and that woman is in hisapartment."}

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      They immediately sent their lackeys for Porthos and Aramis,and on their arrival made them acquainted with thesituation.

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      "Pardon me, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, who had profited by themoment he had been left alone to put back M. de Treville's clockthree-quarters of an hour, "but I thought, as it was yet onlytwenty-five minutes past nine, it was not too late to wait uponyou."

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       "The executioner of Lille, the executioner of Lille!" cried Milady, aprey to insensate terror, and clinging with her hands to the wall toavoid falling.

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    {  Athos sipped the last bottle of his Spanish wine.In the meantime D'Artagnan was defiling with his company.Arriving at the Faubourg St. Antoine, he turned round tolook gaily at the Bastille; but as it was the Bastille alonehe looked at, he did not observe Milady, who, mounted upon alight chestnut horse, designated him with her finger to twoill-looking men who came close up to the ranks to takenotice of him. To a look of interrogation which they made,Milady replied by a sign that it was he. Then, certain thatthere could be no mistake in the execution of her orders,she started her horse and disappeared.

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      "Eh, monsieur!" said he, addressing D'Artagnan, "don't youremember that face which is blinking yonder?"