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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That is our brave Musketeer, I think," said the cardinal."Yes, monseigneur," said Porthos, "it is he."
2.  "What do you say, sire? God forbid that the queen should sufferthe least inconvenience or uneasiness on my account! She hasalways believed me, sire, to be her enemy; although your Majestycan bear witness that I have always taken her part warmly, evenagainst you. Oh, if she betrayed your Majesty on the side ofyour honor, it would be quite another thing, and I should be thefirst to say, 'No grace, sire--no grace for the guilty!'Happily, there is nothing of the kind, and your Majesty has justacquired a new proof of it."
3.  "At length he interrogates me!" said Milady to herself, at theheight of joy at having obtained so quickly such a great result."Oh, know him? Yes, yes! to my misfortune, to my eternalmisfortune!" and Milady twisted her arms as if in a paroxysm ofgrief.
4.  "I don't find a good musket, twelve cartridges, and a powderflask very useless in the face of an enemy."
5.  "Whom do I see yonder?"
6.  D'Artagnan paused.


1.  "That is because I am not his friend," said she, sighing, "but hisvictim!"
2.  "Then Monsieur takes his horse back again," said the Englishman."Certainly," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "Monsieur Porthos," said the procurator's wife, "will you havethe kindness to offer me your arm for five minutes? I havesomething to say to you."
4.  "Ah, you see how it is," said Athos, becoming still paler, butyet attempting to laugh; "I was sure it was so--the hanging ofpeople is my nightmare."
5.  The young Musketeer was in excellent disposition to die heroically.Richelieu still continued thinking, rolling and unrolling the paper inhis hands.
6.  "No, monsieur, no; I am not called Louis the Just without reason.Tomorrow, then, monsieur--tomorrow."


1.  "Well, then! I can just suit you."
2.  "A tigress, a panther! Ah, my dear Athos, I am greatlyafraid I have drawn a terrible vengeance on both of us!"D'Artagnan then related all--the mad passion of Milady andher menaces of death.
3.  "Infamous!" said Mme. Bonacieux, addressing this epithet to herhusband.
4.  "Tell me who this man was!" cried the young officer.Milady saw at a single glance all the painful feelings sheinspired in Felton by dwelling on every detail of her recital;but she would not spare him a single pang. The more profoundlyshe wounded his heart, the more certainly he would avenge her.She continued, then, as if she had not heard his exclamation, oras if she thought the moment was not yet come to reply to it."Only this time it was no longer an inert body, without feeling,that the villain had to deal with. I have told you that withoutbeing able to regain the complete exercise of my faculties, Iretained the sense of my danger. I struggled, then, with all mystrength, and doubtless opposed, weak as I was, a longresistance, for I heard him cry out, 'These miserable Puritans!I knew very well that they tired out their executioners, but Idid not believe them so strong against their lovers!'"Alas! this desperate resistance could not last long. I felt mystrength fail, and this time it was not my sleep that enabled thecoward to prevail, but my swoon."
5.   "Bah!"
6.  It was thus with Milady. She escaped the cruisers of both nations, andarrived at Boulogne without accident.


2.  "Oh, my God!" said Kitty, "you know how to represent thingsin such a way that you are always in the right. You aregoing now to pay your court to her again, and if this timeyou succeed in pleasing her in your own name and with yourown face, it will be much worse than before."
3.  "Then add that his Grace has, in the precipitation withwhich he quit the Isle of Re, forgotten and left behind himin his lodging a certain letter from Madame de Chevreusewhich singularly compromises the queen, inasmuch as itproves not only that her Majesty can love the enemies of theking but that she can conspire with the enemies of France.You recollect perfectly all I have told you, do you not?""Your Eminence will judge: the ball of Madame the Constable;the night at the Louvre; the evening at Amiens; the arrestof Montague; the letter of Madame de Chevreuse."
4、  "Where is he now?"
5、  "This time," said Athos, first breaking the silence,"D'Artagnan has given us an excellent program, and theletter must be written at once."




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      One day when oppressed with a mortal weariness of mind, withouthope in the negotiations with the city; without news fromEngland, the cardinal went out, without any other aim than to beout of doors, and accompanied only by Cahusac and La Houdiniere,strolled along the beach. Mingling the immensity of his dreamswith the immensity of the ocean, he came, his horse going at afoot's pace, to a hill from the top of which he perceived behinda hedge, reclining on the sand and catching in its passage one ofthose rays of the sun so rare at this period of the year, sevenmen surrounded by empty bottles. Four of these men were ourMusketeers, preparing to listen to a letter one of them had justreceived. This letter was so important that it made them forsaketheir cards and their dice on the drumhead.

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      "By my soul, you had made me forget all that, dear Constance!Yes, you are right; a furlough is needful."

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       "You don't think of holding out against a whole regiment, doyou?" said Porthos.

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      "Monseigneur, I swear to you that I never for an instant had theintention of defending my head against you. I willingly submit to anypunishment your Eminence may please to inflict upon me. I do not holdlife dear enough to be afraid of death."

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    {  "I am sure of it."

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      And D'Artagnan set the example. Then, turning toward Planchet,he made him a sign to uncock his musketoon.}

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      "Bills upon his Majesty's private treasury," answered D'Artagnan,who, reckoning upon entering into the king's service inconsequence of this recommendation, believed he could make thissomewhat hazardous reply without telling of a falsehood."The devil!" cried the host, at his wit's end.

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      "No, but I have just met with a terrible adventure! Are youalone, Athos?"

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       Neither was it, as with our neighbors, the English, anatmospheric influence which darkened his countenance; for thesadness generally became more intense toward the fine season ofthe year. June and July were the terrible months with Athos.For the present he had no anxiety. He shrugged his shoulderswhen people spoke of the feature. His secret, then, was in thepast, as had often been vaguely said to D'Artagnan.This mysterious shade, spread over his whole person, renderedstill more interesting the man whose eyes or mouth, even in themost complete intoxication, had never revealed anything, howeverskillfully questions had been put to him.

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    {  D'Artagnan looked with stupefaction at a man who thus employedthe unlimited power with which he was clothed by the confidenceof a king in the prosecution of his intrigues. Buckingham saw bythe expression of the young man's face what was passing in hismind, and he smiled.

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      "I hear a horse's steps; it is my brother setting off again. I shouldlike to offer him a last salute. Come!"