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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My comrade knows her, and called her so. It was with himshe agreed, and not with me; he even has in his pocket aletter from that person, who attaches great importance toyou, as I have heard him say."
2.  "Balzempleu!" said the Swiss, who, notwithstanding theadmirable collection of oaths possessed by the Germanlanguage, had acquired a habit of swearing in French."But it is probable," said the light-horseman, "that theywill send pioneers this morning to repair the bastion.""Yes, that's probable," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "PARDIEU!" replied D'Artagnan, "for my part, I am eating vealgarnished with shrimps and vegetables."
4.  "But," replied Felton, "I wish to know."
5.  "Come along, Athos, come along!" cried D'Artagnan; "now wehave found everything except money, it would be stupid to bekilled."
6.  "You have said, my Lord; for truly, at this moment when there isquestion of war, I confess to you that I see nothing in yourGrace but an Englishman, and consequently an enemy whom I shouldhave much greater pleasure in meeting on the field of battle thanin the park at Windsor of the corridors of the Louvre--all which,however, will not prevent me from executing to the very point mycommission or from laying down my life, if there be need of it,to accomplish it; but I repeat it to your Grace, without yourhaving personally on that account more to thank me for in thissecond interview than for what I did for you in the first.""We say, 'Proud as a Scotsman,'" murmured the Duke of Buckingham."And we say, 'Proud as a Gascon,'" replied D'Artagnan. "TheGascons are the Scots of France."


1.  "I will enter a cloister; I will become a nun," said Milady."You were in a cloister," said the executioner, "and you left it to ruinmy brother."
2.  D'Artagnan could no longer endure this conversation, which hadmade him bewildered. Allowing his head to sink upon his twohands, he pretended to sleep.
3.  >From th' abyss he'll give ear to my moan."
4.  "He who just now presented himself to the abbess as a messenger from thecardinal."
5.  "Go and call upon him, in order that he may give evidence if yourhaving been with him at half past nine. In a court of justicethat is called an alibi."
6.  "In the name of heaven!" cried he, "listen to me; I have beenwaiting for someone who has not come. I am dying with anxiety.Has anything particular happened in the neighborhood? Speak!"The window was again opened slowly, and the same face appeared,only it was now still more pale than before.


1.  Athos, wounded anew by Cahusac, became evidently paler, but didnot give way a foot. He only changed his sword hand, and foughtwith his left hand.
2.  After the most disheartening news of the king's health, areport of his convalescence began to prevail in the camp;and as he was very anxious to be in person at the siege, itwas said that as soon as he could mount a horse he would setforward.
3.  When they entered D'Artagan's chamber, it was empty; thelandlord, dreading the consequences of the encounter which wasdoubtless about to take place between the young man and thestranger, had, consistent with the character he had givenhimself, judged it prudent to decamp.
4.  Milady thought she recognized this shadow in the gloom; shesupported herself with one hand upon the arm of the chair, andadvanced her head as if to meet a certainty.
5.   "And yet," said Milady, with a persistence that proved shewished to see clearly to the end of the mission with whichshe was about to be charged, "if he persists?"
6.  All four were to meet the next day at eleven o'clock. If they haddiscovered Milady's retreat, three were to remain on guard; the fourthwas to return to Bethune in order to inform Athos and serve as a guideto the four friends. These arrangements made, the lackeys retired.Athos then arose from his chair, girded on his sword, enveloped himselfin his cloak, and left the hotel. It was nearly ten o'clock. At teno'clock in the evening, it is well known, the streets in provincialtowns are very little frequented. Athos nevertheless was visiblyanxious to find someone of whom he could ask a question. At length hemet a belated passenger, went up to him, and spoke a few words to him.The man he addressed recoiled with terror, and only answered the fewwords of the Musketeer by pointing. Athos offered the man half apistole to accompany him, but the man refused.


1.  "Go on, while I endeavor to recall circumstances.""And now I am convinced," said D'Artagnan, "that this abductionof the queen's woman is connected with the events of which we arespeaking, and perhaps with the presence of Buckingham in Paris.""The Gascon is full of ideas," said Porthos, with admiration."I like to hear him talk," said Athos; "his dialect amuses me.""Gentlemen," cried Aramis, "listen to this."
2.  When the chancellor appeared, the king had already gone out byanother door.
3.  "No doubt. Nobody has a higher opinion of the courage and skillof Athos than I have; but I like better to hear my sword clangagainst lances than against staves. I fear lest Athos shouldhave been beaten down by serving men. Those fellows strike hard,and don't leave off in a hurry. This is why I wish to set outagain as soon as possible."
4、  "Stolen? By whom?"
5、  "Stop--"




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      "And by whom? Do you know him? Oh, if you know him, tell me!""By a man of from forty to forty-five years, with black hair, adark complexion, and a scar on his left temple."

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      "We are about to have the honor of charging you," replied Aramis,lifting his hat with one hand and drawing his sword with theother.

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       A shade of anger and vengeance passed across the usuallycalm brow of this gentleman.

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      "You are afraid, Planchet?"

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    {  Second, Porthos stretched his upon the grass with a woundthrough his thigh, As the Englishman, without making anyfurther resistance, then surrendered his sword, Porthos tookhim up in his arms and bore him to his carriage.

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      "But we are no longer in the city, sir," said she.The young officer preserved silence.}

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      "No, I have left off laughing, now that you speak French.""What, those rich holsters, that velvet housing, that saddlestudded with silver-are they all for me?"

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      Ten paces from the door the cardinal made a sign to hisesquire and the three Musketeers to halt. A saddled horsewas fastened to the window shutter. The cardinal knockedthree times, and in a peculiar manner.

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       It was, however, necessary to affect weakness and pain--not avery difficult task for so finished an actress as Milady. Thusthe poor woman was completely the dupe of the prisoner, whom,notwithstanding her hints, she persisted in watching all night.But the presence of this woman did not prevent Milady fromthinking.

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    {  "No, my Lord, I still plead. And I say to you: one drop of watersuffices to make the full vase overflow; one slight fault may draw downpunishment upon the head spared, despite many crimes.""Mr. Felton," said Buckingham, "you will withdraw, and place yourself atonce under arrest."

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      "I listen to your Eminence with greatest attention," replieda female voice which made the Musketeer start.