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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; a little nervous, perhaps, but, upon the whole, heappeared tolerable. I was uneasy about him."
2.  "I shall never swim again," replied Faria. "This arm isparalyzed; not for a time, but forever. Lift it, and judgeif I am mistaken." The young man raised the arm, which fellback by its own weight, perfectly inanimate and helpless. Asigh escaped him.
3.  Albert de Morcerf.
4.  "Yes."
5.  "No one had entered the house since I had left it. It wasfive o'clock in the afternoon; I ascended into the red room,and waited for night. There all the thoughts which haddisturbed me during my year of constant agony came back withdouble force. The Corsican, who had declared the vendettaagainst me, who had followed me from Nimes to Paris, who hadhid himself in the garden, who had struck me, had seen medig the grave, had seen me inter the child, -- he mightbecome acquainted with your person, -- nay, he might eventhen have known it. Would he not one day make you pay forkeeping this terrible secret? Would it not be a sweetrevenge for him when he found that I had not died from theblow of his dagger? It was therefore necessary, beforeeverything else, and at all risks, that I should cause alltraces of the past to disappear -- that I should destroyevery material vestige; too much reality would always remainin my recollection. It was for this I had annulled the lease-- it was for this I had come -- it was for this I waswaiting. Night arrived; I allowed it to become quite dark. Iwas without a light in that room; when the wind shook allthe doors, behind which I continually expected to see somespy concealed, I trembled. I seemed everywhere to hear yourmoans behind me in the bed, and I dared not turn around. Myheart beat so violently that I feared my wound would open.At length, one by one, all the noises in the neighborhoodceased. I understood that I had nothing to fear, that Ishould neither be seen nor heard, so I decided upondescending to the garden.
6.  "Certainly."


1.  "Gone out in search of our equipage, by to-morrow it mightbe too late."
2.  "Favorably or otherwise?"
3.  "Really," said Monte Cristo, lowering his voice, "you do notappear to me to be very enthusiastic on the subject of thismarriage."
4.  "Nothing can be easier than to comply with your excellency'swish," said the landlord, opening the door of the chamber;"I have caused one to be placed on the landing, close byyour apartment." Then, taking the tablet from the wall, hehanded it to Franz, who read as follows: --
5.  "I do not think you understand me," replied Caderousse,calmly; "I said without your laying out a sou."
6.  "That assassination was a mysterious affair," saidVillefort, "and the perpetrators have hitherto escapeddetection, although suspicion has fallen on the head of morethan one person." Noirtier made such an effort that his lipsexpanded into a smile.


1.  "Yesterday I was at your house, sir," said the young man;"because then I knew not who you were." In pronouncing thesewords Albert had raised his voice so as to be heard by thosein the adjoining boxes and in the lobby. Thus the attentionof many was attracted by this altercation. "Where are youcome from, sir? You do not appear to be in the possession ofyour senses."
2.  "Then," said Monte Cristo "you went to him?"
3.  "Is your steward also a Nubian?" asked Debray.
4.  "The general has just blown his brains out," replied MonteCristo with great coolness.
5.   "In that case I must say adieu to you, as I am compelled togo to Naples, and shall not return hither before Saturdayevening or Sunday morning. And you, baron," pursued thecount, addressing Franz, "do you also depart to-morrow?"
6.  "He will sully it then," returned Lucien; "for I am low --very low."


1.  "And the worthy man destroyed your compromising letter?"
2.  "And you will always love him?"
3.  "If this law were adopted, sir," said the procureur, "itwould greatly simplify our legal codes, and in that case themagistrates would not (as you just observed) have much todo."
4、  "Suffer me, also, madame," replied Villefort, "to add myearnest request to Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran's, that youwill kindly allow the veil of oblivion to cover and concealthe past. What avails recrimination over matters wholly pastrecall? For my own part, I have laid aside even the name ofmy father, and altogether disown his political principles.He was -- nay, probably may still be -- a Bonapartist, andis called Noirtier; I, on the contrary, am a stanchroyalist, and style myself de Villefort. Let what may remainof revolutionary sap exhaust itself and die away with theold trunk, and condescend only to regard the young shootwhich has started up at a distance from the parent tree,without having the power, any more than the wish, toseparate entirely from the stock from which it sprung."
5、  "Ah, I have been running very fast, mademoiselle, but I mustdo M. Morrel the justice to say that he ran still faster."Noirtier directed their attention to a waiter, on which wasplaced a decanter containing lemonade and a glass. Thedecanter was nearly full, with the exception of a little,which had been already drunk by M. Noirtier.




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      "The chemist who came here with me."

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      "No, father," stammered Villefort; "at least, I hope not."

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       Owing to this change, the worthy shipowner became at thatmoment -- we will not say all powerful, because Morrel was aprudent and rather a timid man, so much so, that many of themost zealous partisans of Bonaparte accused him of"moderation" -- but sufficiently influential to make ademand in favor of Dantes.

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      "It is well for Albert he is not in the army," said Morrel.

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    {  While he was yet at the door of the study he heard thebedroom door open, turned, and saw his father. Instead ofgoing direct to his study, M. Morrel had returned to hisbed-chamber, which he was only this moment quitting. Morreluttered a cry of surprise at the sight of his son, of whosearrival he was ignorant. He remained motionless on the spot,pressing with his left hand something he had concealed underhis coat. Maximilian sprang down the staircase, and threwhis arms round his father's neck; but suddenly he recoiled,and placed his right hand on Morrel's breast. "Father," heexclaimed, turning pale as death, "what are you going to dowith that brace of pistols under your coat?"

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      "Oh, no, never mind that," said the Italian; "it is notworth the trouble."}

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      "Still," said the governor, "I believe it will be requisite,notwithstanding your certainty, and not that I doubt yourscience, but in discharge of my official duty, that weshould be perfectly assured that the prisoner is dead."There was a moment of complete silence, during which Dantes,still listening, knew that the doctor was examining thecorpse a second time.

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       Villefort drew his armchair nearer to Madame Danglars; thenresting both hands upon his desk he said in a voice morehollow than usual: "There are crimes which remain unpunishedbecause the criminals are unknown, and we might strike theinnocent instead of the guilty; but when the culprits arediscovered" (Villefort here extended his hand toward a largecrucifix placed opposite to his desk) -- "when they arediscovered, I swear to you, by all I hold most sacred, thatwhoever they may be they shall die. Now, after the oath Ihave just taken, and which I will keep, madame, dare you askfor mercy for that wretch!"

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    {  "Ah, my dear count," said Albert.

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      From the same drawer she took a man's complete costume, fromthe boots to the coat, and a provision of linen, where therewas nothing superfluous, but every requisite. Then, with apromptitude which indicated that this was not the first timeshe had amused herself by adopting the garb of the oppositesex, Eugenie drew on the boots and pantaloons, tied hercravat, buttoned her waistcoat up to the throat, and put ona coat which admirably fitted her beautiful figure. "Oh,that is very good -- indeed, it is very good!" said Louise,looking at her with admiration; "but that beautiful blackhair, those magnificent braids, which made all the ladiessigh with envy, -- will they go under a man's hat like theone I see down there?"