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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  My companion seemed to have no further plans for the day, and we didactually use our fishing tackle in the mill-stream, with the resultthat we had a dish of trout for our supper. It was only after thatmeal that Holmes showed signs of renewed activity. Once more wefound ourselves upon the same road as in the morning, which led usto the park gates. A tall, dark figure was awaiting us there, whoproved to be our London acquaintance, Mr. John Mason, the trainer."Good-evening, gentlemen," said he. "I got your note, Mr. Holmes.Sir Robert has not returned yet, but I hear that he is expectedto-night."
2.  "'Trust me, Jack!' she cried. 'Trust me only this once. You willnever have cause to regret it. You know that I would not have a secretfrom you if it were not for your own sake. Our whole lives are atstake in this. If you come home with me all will be well. If you forceyour way into that cottage all is over between us.'
3.  "What about the Hall lake and the chance of a pike?" said Holmes.The face of the innkeeper clouded.
4.  "'Excuse my amusement, Mr. Holmes,' said he, 'but it is really funnyto see you trying to play a hand with no cards in it. I don't thinkanyone could do it better, but it is rather pathetic, all the same.Not a colour card there, Mr. Holmes, nothing but the smallest of thesmall.'
5.  "You like this weather?"
6.  "From where I lay I had a perfect view of the inside of the room andof every one of his movements. He lit the two candles which stood uponthe mantelpiece, and then he proceeded to turn back the corner ofthe carpet in the neighbourhood of the door. Presently he stoopedand picked out a square piece of board, such as is usually left toenable plumbers to get at the joints of the gas-pipes. This onecovered, as a matter of fact, the T joint which gives off the pipewhich supplies the kitchen underneath. Out of this hiding-place hedrew that little cylinder of paper, pushed down the board,rearranged the carpet, blew out the candles, and walked straightinto my arms as I stood waiting for him outside the window."Well, he has rather more viciousness than I gave him credit for,has Master Joseph. He flew at me with his knife, and I had to grasphim twice, and got a cut over the knuckles, before I had the upperhand of him. He looked murder out of the only eye he could see withwhen we had finished, but he listened to reason and gave up thepapers. Having got them I let my man go, but I wired fullparticulars to Forbes this morning. If he is quick enough to catch hisbird, well and good. But if, as I shrewdly suspect, he finds thenest empty before he gets there, why, all the better for thegovernment. I fancy that Lord Holdhurst, for one, and Mr. Percy Phelpsfor another, would very much rather that the affair never got as faras a police-court."


1.  This was raving insanity. He shuddered, and again made a soundbetween a cough and a sob.
2.  "So much so that they are history."
3.  Holmes chuckled heartily. "Your conversation is most
4.  "They're married?" I gasped.
5.  "It seems that the whole camp was roused near midnight by theroars of the animal and the screams of the woman. The different groomsand employees rushed from their tents, carrying lanterns, and by theirlight an awful sight was revealed. Ronder lay, with the back of hishead crushed in and deep claw-marks across his scalp, some ten yardsfrom the cage, which was open. Close to the door of the cage layMrs. Ronder upon her back, with the creature squatting and snarlingabove her. It had torn her face in such a fashion that it was neverthought that she could live. Several of the circus men, headed byLeonardo, the strong man, and Griggs, the clown, drove the creatureoff with poles, upon which it sprang back into the cage and was atonce locked in. How it had got loose was a mystery. It was conjecturedthat the pair intended to enter the cage, but that when the door wasloosed the creature bounded out upon them. There was no other point ofinterest in the evidence save that the woman in a delirium of agonykept screaming, 'Coward! Coward!' as she was carried back to the vanin which they lived. It was six months before she was fit to giveevidence, but the inquest was duly held, with the obvious verdict ofdeath from misadventure.
6.  "I did not say a probable one. But you do not yourself look uponthis as likely?"


1.  "Well, sir, it's this lonely, silent house and the queer thing inthe kitchen. Then when you tapped at the window I thought it hadcome again."
2.  "Excellent, Warner!" cried Holmes, springing to his feet. "Watson,the gaps are closing rapidly."
3.  "The name, you see, is in perfectly black ink, which has drieditself. The rest is of the grayish colour, which shows thatblotting-paper has been used. If it had been written straight off, andthen blotted, none would be of a deep black shade. This man haswritten the name, and there has then been a pause before he wrotethe address, which can only mean that he was not familiar with it.It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important astrifles. Let us now see the letter. Ha! There has been an enclosurehere!"
4.  "I fancy that, for some few years, you will find your time veryfully occupied," said he. "By the way, what was it you put into thewood-pile besides your old trousers? A dead dog, or rabbits, orwhat? You won't tell? Dear me, how very unkind of you! Well, well, Idaresay that a couple of rabbits would account both for the bloodand for the charred ashes. If ever you write an account, Watson, youcan make rabbits serve your turn."
5.   "Among your clothes?"
6.  There are one or two points of contact which I should wish toestablish with Mr. Josiah Amberley. When I have done so we can dismissthe case- or not. I would only ask you to be on hand about threeo'clock, as I conceive it possible that I may want you.S.H.


1.  "One moment," said Holmes; "are you sure about this whistle andmetallic sound? Could you swear to it?"
2.  "Will you not see him?" I suggested.
3.  Lord Holdhurst shrugged his shoulders.
4、  "Farintosh," said he. "Ah yes, I recall the case, it was concernedwith an opal tiara. I think it was before your time, Watson. I canonly say, madam, that I shall be happy to devote the same care to yourcase as I did to that of your friend. As to reward, my profession isits own reward; but you are at liberty to defray whatever expenses Imay be put to, at the time which suits you best. And now I beg thatyou will lay before us everything that may help us in forming anopinion upon the matter."
5、  "Perhaps I have. Perhaps I haven't. I may be able to say moresoon. Anything which will define what made that mark will bring us along way towards the criminal."




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      "Just once more, gentlemen, and all together."

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       "For two days after this I stayed at home, and my wife appeared toabide loyally by our engagement, for, as far as I know, she neverstirred out of the house. on the third day, however, I had ampleevidence that her solemn promise was not enough to hold her backfrom this secret influence which drew her away from her husband andher duty.

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      "Well, it is certainly singular that he should run the risk oftaking originals if he could safely have taken copies, which wouldhave equally served his turn."

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    {  Holmes had recovered his equanimity, though I still seemed to detectgleams of amusement in his expression.

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      "By an inspection of the trains, and by reckoning the time. Thelocal police had to be called in, they had to communicate withScotland Yard, Hopkins had to go out, and he in turn had to send forme. All that makes a fair night's work. Well, here we are atChiselhurst Station, and we shall soon set our doubts at rest."A drive of a couple of miles through narrow country lanes brought usto a park gate, which was opened for us by an old lodge-keeper,whose haggard face bore the reflection of some great disaster. Theavenue ran through a noble park, between lines of ancient elms, andended in a low, widespread house, pillared in front after thefashion of Palladio. The central part was evidently of a great age andshrouded in ivy, but the large windows showed that modern changeshad been carried out, and one wing of the house appeared to beentirely new. The youthful figure and alert, eager face of InspectorStanley Hopkins confronted us in the open doorway.}

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      "How do you do, Lord Cantlemere? It is chilly for the time ofyear, but rather warm indoors. May I take your overcoat?""No, I thank you; I will not take it off."

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      "I believe that you are the devil himself!" he cried.

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       "'I have some recollections, sir, that I had already correspondedwith you and had told you what had become of him. He has gone upon avoyage round the world. His health was in a poor way after his Africanexperiences, and both his mother and I were of opinion that completerest and change were needed. Kindly pass that explanation on to anyother friends who may be interested in the matter.'

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    {  "I was, as you may think, Watson, horrified at this unexpected news."'What has caused it?' I asked.

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      "But of what society?"