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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What, without chastising this insolent boy?" asked the lady.The stranger was about to reply; but at the moment he opened hismouth, D'Artagnan, who had heard all, precipitated himself overthe threshold of the door.
2.  "Even on the field of battle, I have never done that."Porthos shrugged his shoulders; Aramis by a movement of hislips endorsed Athos.
3.  "You certainly are a demon sent upon the earth!" said Athos."Your power is great, I know; but you also know that withthe help of God men have often conquered the most terribledemons. You have once before thrown yourself in my path. Ithought I had crushed you, madame; but either I was deceivedor hell has resuscitated you!"
4.  Mousqueton was a Norman, whose pacific name of Boniface hismaster had changed into the infinitely more sonorous name ofMousqueton. He had entered the service of Porthos upon conditionthat he should only be clothed and lodged, though in a handsomemanner; but he claimed two hours a day to himself, consecrated toan employment which would provide for his other wants. Porthosagreed to the bargain; the thing suited him wonderfully well. Hehad doublets cut out of his old clothes and cast-off cloaks forMousqueton, and thanks to a very intelligent tailor, who made hisclothes look as good as new by turning them, and whose wife wassuspected of wishing to make Porthos descend from hisaristocratic habits, Mousqueton made a very good figure whenattending on his master.
5.  "Yes, yes, Constance. Reunited!"
6.  "Well, but," said Aramis, "have you not learned by theletter you found on the wretched corpse that she is in aconvent? One may be very comfortable in a convent; and assoon as the siege of La Rochelle is terminated, I promiseyou on my part--"


1.  "She did not name Madame de Chevreuse, the Duke of Buckingham, orMadame de Vernet?"
2.  "He will be one, as he says," cried Porthos; "he will be one,sooner or later."
3.  "That there shall be five hundred crowns for you, and fivehundred crowns for me."
4.  "I! Not at all. I am dead drunk, that's all, and never did aman more strongly set about getting so. By the Lord, my goodhost! I must at least have drunk for my part a hundred and fiftybottles."
5.  Milady frowned slightly; a scarcely visible cloud passedover her brow, and so peculiar a smile appeared upon herlips that the young man, who saw and observed this tripleshade, almost shuddered at it.
6.  The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down D'Artagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.


1.  At that moment a burst of ironical laughter resounded through thecorridor. The baron, attracted by the noise, in his chambergown, his sword under his arm, stood in the doorway."Ah," said he, "here we are, at the last act of the tragedy. Yousee, Felton, the drama has gone through all the phases I named;but be easy, no blood will flow."
2.  "You are stupid, friend Porthos. Why should we loadourselves with a useless burden?"
3.  "All sorts of misfortunes."
4.  "What do you say, monsieur?" cried the cardinal, astonished; "and ofwhat woman are you speaking thus?"
5.   "Are you sure of it?"
6.  On arriving at the king's private antechamber, M. de Trevillefound La Chesnaye, who informed him that they had not been ableto find M. de la Tremouille on the preceding evening at hishotel, that he returned too late to present himself at theLouvre, that he had only that moment arrived and that he was atthat very hour with the king.


1.  "I should like, however, to comprehend," said Porthos."That is useless."
2.  When D'Artagnan arrived in sight of the bare spot of ground whichextended along the foot of the monastery, Athos had been waitingabout five minutes, and twelve o'clock was striking. He was,then, as punctual as the Samaritan woman, and the most rigorouscasuist with regard to duels could have nothing to say.Athos, who still suffered grievously from his wound, though ithad been dressed anew by M. de Treville's surgeon, was seated ona post and waiting for his adversary with hat in hand, hisfeather even touching the ground.
3.  And bowing to all the astonished persons present, the youngmen took the road to the bastion St. Gervais, followed byGrimaud, who carried the basket, ignorant of where he wasgoing but in the passive obedience which Athos had taughthim not even thinking of asking.
4、  By the aid of the lightening they perceived the village of Erquinheim."Is she there, Grimaud?" asked Athos.
5、  "And she is not to be despised, in my opinion."




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      "Hold my stirrup, Bazin," cried Aramis; and Aramis sprang intothe saddle with his usual grace and agility, but after a fewvaults and curvets of the noble animal his rider felt his painscome on so insupportably that he turned pale and became unsteadyin his seat. D'Artagnan, who, foreseeing such an event, had kepthis eye on him, sprang toward him, caught him in his arms, andassisted him to his chamber.

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      "Yes, monsieur," said the Englishman, bowing.

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       "The punishment of death," replied Lord de Winter."Messieurs Porthos and Aramis," repeated Athos, "you who are her judges,what is the sentence you pronounce upon this woman?""The punishment of death," replied the Musketeers, in a hollow voice.Milady uttered a frightful shriek, and dragged herself along severalpaces upon her knees toward her judges.

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      "What?" said the king, with hauteur.

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    {  The mendicant continued to rip his garments; and drew fromamid his rags a hundred and fifty Spanish double pistoles,which he laid down on the table; then he opened the door,bowed, and went out before the young man, stupefied by hisletter, had ventured to address a word to him.

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      On their part the Musketeers, who had not much to do withthe siege, were not under very strict orders and led ajoyous life. The was the more easy for our three companionsin particular; for being friends of M. de Treville, theyobtained from him special permission to be absent after theclosing of the camp.}

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      "How I came there, or rather why I am there," replied Bonacieux,"that is entirely impossible for me to tell you, because I don'tknow myself; but to a certainty it is not for having, knowinglyat least, disobliged Monsieur the Cardinal."

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      "But if he should be at home and see me?"

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       The abbess looked at her for an instant with uneasiness, as if a freshthought suggested itself to her mind.

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    {  "Athos, you make me shudder."

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      "You have, perhaps, no money?"