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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then you are ignorant of what has become of your wife since herflight."
2.  "Well," replied Milady, after a moment of silence, "from thepresent time, cease to talk of impossibilities."
3.  "Ah!" said Milady, listening in her turn to the noise of Felton'ssteps, which withdrew in a direction opposite to those of Lord deWinter; "at length you are mine!"
4.  "Well, well! Rochefort, all is not lost; and perhaps--perhapseverything is for the best."
5.  "You will do me honor, monsieur," said D'Artagnan."Well, then, off to the nearest goldsmith's, and sell thatdiamond for the highest price you can get from him. However muchof a Jew he may be, he will give you at least eight hundredpistoles. Pistoles have no name, young man, and that ring has aterrible one, which may betray him who wears it.""Sell this ring, a ring which comes from my sovereign? Never!"said D'Artagnan.
6.  "Yes, the rolling of a carriage."


1.  "Oh, yes, him! I know him; not personally, but from having heardthe queen speak of him more than once as a brave and loyalgentleman."
2.  "Thanks, monsieur."
3.  "You make the demand badly," replied Aramis; "and whileacknowledging the justice of your reclamation, I refuse it onaccount of the form."
4.  Felton continued to descend. Near the bottom of the ladder, whenhe found no more support for his feet, he clung with his hands;at length, arrived at the last step, he let himself hang by thestrength of his wrists, and touched the ground. He stooped down,picked up the bag of money, and placed it between his teeth.Then he took Milady in his arms, and set off briskly in thedirection opposite to that which the patrol had taken. He soonleft the pathway of the patrol, descended across the rocks, andwhen arrived on the edge of the sea, whistled.
5.  "Ah, PARDIEU! Is that you?" said Porthos to D'Artagnan. "Youare right welcome. Excuse my not coming to meet you; but," addedhe, looking at D'Artagnan with a certain degree of uneasiness,"you know what has happened to me?"
6.  The other three were occupied in opening an enormous flagon ofCollicure wine; these were the lackeys of these gentlemen.The cardinal was, as we have said, in very low spirits; andnothing when he was in that state of mind increased hisdepression so much as gaiety in others. Besides, he had anotherstrange fancy, which was always to believe that the causes of hissadness created the gaiety of others. Making a sign to LaHoudiniere and Cahusac to stop, he alighted from his horse, andwent toward these suspected merry companions, hoping, by means ofthe sand which deadened the sound of his steps and of the hedgewhich concealed his approach, to catch some words of thisconversation which appeared so interesting. At ten paces fromthe hedge he recognized the talkative Gascon; and as he hadalready perceived that these men were Musketeers, he did notdoubt that the three others were those called the Inseparables;that is to say, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.


1.  Excitement was at its height among the Musketeers and theirallies, and they even began to deliberate whether they should notset fire to the hotel to punish the insolence of M. de laTremouille's domestics in daring to make a SORTIE upon the king'sMusketeers. The proposition had been made, and received withenthusiasm, when fortunately eleven o'clock struck. D'Artagnanand his companions remembered their audience, and as they wouldvery much have regretted that such an opportunity should be lost,they succeeded in calming their friends, who contented themselveswith hurling some paving stones against the gates; but the gateswere too strong. They soon tired of the sport. Besides, thosewho must be considered the leaders of the enterprise had quit thegroup and were making their way toward the hotel of M. deTreville, who was waiting for them, already informed of thisfresh disturbance.
2.  "Inform the queen!" said Athos; "and how? Have we relationswith the court? Could we send anyone to Paris without itsbeing known in the camp? From here to Paris it is a hundredand forty leagues; before our letter was at Angers we shouldbe in a dungeon."
3.  "The one I have hired for you."
4.  "Nothing would be more easy," said the captain of a vessel readyto set sail, "but this morning came an order to let no one leavewithout express permission from the cardinal."
5.   In fact, as we have said, the whole camp was in motion.More than two thousand persons had assisted, as at aspectacle, in this fortunate but wild undertaking of thefour friends--and undertaking of which they were far fromsuspecting the real motive. Nothing was heard but cried of"Live the Musketeers! Live the Guards!" M. de Busigny wasthe first to come and shake Athos by the hand, andacknowledge that the wager was lost. The dragoon and theSwiss followed him, and all their comrades followed thedragoon and the Swiss. There was nothing but felicitations,pressures of the hand, and embraces; there was no end to theinextinguishable laughter at the Rochellais. The tumult atlength became so great that the cardinal fancied there mustbe some riot, and sent La Houdiniere, his captain of theGuards, to inquire what was going on.
6.  "Was that affair hot?"


1.  Milady reseated herself, foaming. The officer leaned forward,looked at her in his turn, and appeared surprised to see thatface, just before so beautiful, distorted with passion and almosthideous. The artful creature at once comprehended that she wasinjuring herself by allowing him thus to read her soul; shecollected her features, and in a complaining voice said: "In thename of heaven, sir, tell me if it is to you, if it is to yourgovernment, if it is to an enemy I am to attribute the violencethat is done me?"
2.  40 A Terrible Vision
3.  Milady was livid.
4、  "Yes, yes," continued M. de Treville, growing warmer as he spoke,"and his majesty was right; for, upon my honor, it is true thatthe Musketeers make but a miserable figure at court. Thecardinal related yesterday while playing with the king, with anair of condolence very displeasing to me, that the day beforeyesterday those DAMNED MUSKETEERS, those DAREDEVILS--he dweltupon those words with an ironical tone still more displeasing tome--those BRAGGARTS, added he, glancing at me with his tiger-cat's eye, had made a riot in the Rue Ferou in a cabaret, andthat a party of his Guards (I thought he was going to laugh in myface) had been forced to arrest the rioters! MORBLEU! You mustknow something about it. Arrest Musketeers! You were amongthem--you were! Don't deny it; you were recognized, and thecardinal named you. But it's all my fault; yes, it's all myfault, because it is myself who selects my men. You, Aramis, whythe devil did you ask me for a uniform when you would have beenso much better in a cassock? And you, Porthos, do you only wearsuch a fine golden baldric to suspend a sword of straw from it?And Athos--I don't see Athos. Where is he?"
5、  "Good God!" cried he, laughing, "I quite despair of my poorMichon; she will never write like Monsieur de Voiture.""What does you mean by boor Michon?" said the Swiss, who waschatting with the four friends when the letter came."Oh, pardieu, less than nothing," said Aramis; "a charminglittle seamstress, whom I love dearly and from whose hand Irequested a few lines as a sort of keepsake."




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      "I hear a horse's steps; it is my brother setting off again. I shouldlike to offer him a last salute. Come!"

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      "I have given you proof of that, it seems to me.""And I am yours, body and soul!"

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       "And by doing so, Monsieur the Governor," said D'Artagnan, "youwill deserve well of the cardinal."

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      "Where you please, my dear child."

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    {  A flash of terrible joy, but rapid as thought, gleamed from theeyes of Milady.

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      "No," said Felton, "it is nothing."}

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      "It is possible," said Milady.

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      "Gascon-headed man, will you have done?" said the king."Sire," replied Treville, without lowering his voice in theleast, "either order my Musketeer to be restored to me, or lethim be tried."

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       "There is an enormous quantity of rats in that cellar.""You shall pay me for all this," cried the exasperated host."Triple ass!" said Athos, rising; but he sank down againimmediately. He had tried his strength to the utmost.D'Artagnan came to his relief with his whip in his hand.The host drew back and burst into tears.

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    {  "Hold out your hand and swear!" cried Athos and Aramis at once.Overcome by example, grumbling to himself, nevertheless, Porthosstretched out his hand, and the four friends repeated with onevoice the formula dictated by D'Artagnan:

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      "I say, sir, you sir, who are hiding yourself behind thatshutter--yes, you, sir, tell me what you are laughing at, and wewill laugh together!"