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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, as to that, Monseigneur, it is true," said Athos; "we doconspire, as your Eminence might have seen the other morning.Only we conspire against the Rochellais."
2.  "Sire," said the queen, "I can send for them to the Louvre, wherethey are, and thus your Majesty's wishes will be complied with.""Do so, madame, do so, and that at once; for within an hour theballet will commence."
3.  "Do not jest about holy things, my friend."
4.  "AU REVOIR; then; that is all I have to say today. Tomorrow Iwill see you again, to take my leave." With these words thebaron went out. Milady had listened to all this menacing tiradewith a smile of disdain on her lips, but rage in her heart.Supper was served. Milady felt that she stood in need of all herstrength. She did not know what might take place during thisnight which approached so menacingly--for large masses of cloudrolled over the face of the sky, and distant lightning announceda storm.
5.  "That is the very truth," cried the mercer; "but Monsieur doesnot tell you--"
6.  "And of what are you so sure?"


1.  "Bah," said Athos, "we were always dry."
2.  "It was, then, a part he was playing?"
3.  "Do I look so?" asked the baron, rising and going a stepbackward.
4.  "The aid of a gentleman, not the watchfulness of a spy.""The word is rather hard."
5.  "He is right," said Porthos; "battle. Besides, we must tryour now arms."
6.  "No, no, madame," said Felton, "only do not sing so loud,particularly at night."


1.  "PARDIEU," cried D'Artagnan, "it will be a double amusing affairto save the queen with the cardinal's money!"
2.  "Gentlemen, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "do not let us lose ourtime in jesting. Let us separate, and let us seek the mercer'swife--that is the key of the intrigue."
3.  "Because, monsieur, some mischief might happen to you.""Of what kind, in the name of wonder?"
4.  He passed along the same corridor as before, crossed one court,then a second side of a building; at length, at the gate of theentrance court he found a carriage surrounded by four guards onhorseback. They made him enter this carriage, the officer placedhimself by his side, the door was locked, and they were left in arolling prison. The carriage was put in motion as slowly as afuneral car. Through the closely fastened windows the prisonercould perceive the houses and the pavement, that was all; but,true Parisian as he was, Bonacieux could recognize every streetby the milestones, the signs, and the lamps. At the moment ofarriving at St. Paul--the spot where such as were condemned atthe Bastille were executed--he was near fainting and crossedhimself twice. He thought the carriage was about to stop there.The carriage, however, passed on.
5.   M. Bonacieux lived on very quietly, wholly ignorant of what had become of hiswife, and caring very little about it. One day he had the imprudence torecall himself to the memory of the cardinal. The cardinal had him informedthat he would provide for him so that he should never want for anything infuture. In fact, M. Bonacieux, having left his house at seven o'clock in theevening to go to the Louvre, never appeared again in the Rue des Fossoyeurs;the opinion of those who seemed to be best informed was that he was fed andlodged in some royal castle, at the expense of his generous Eminence.
6.  "To horse, then, gentlemen; for it is getting late."The attendant was at the door, holding the cardinal's horseby the bridle. At a short distance a group of two men andthree horses appeared in the shade. These were the two menwho were to conduct Milady to the fort of the Point, andsuperintend her embarkation.


1.  "My Lord, Milady de Winter is an angel; you know that she is, and Idemand her liberty of you."
2.  "Yes, yes," said he; "you disturb, you agitate the people wholive in the castle."
3.  He therefore seized the little epistle, and opened iteagerly.
4、  "So far from it, madame, he was too proud of your prudence, andabove all, of your love."
5、  An elegant carriage waited below, and as it was drawn by twoexcellent horses, they were soon at the Place Royale.Milady Clarik received D'Artagnan ceremoniously. Her hotelwas remarkably sumptuous, and while the most part of theEnglish had quit, or were about to quit, France on accountof the war, Milady had just been laying out much money uponher residence; which proved that the general measure whichdrove the English from France did not affect her."You see," said Lord de Winter, presenting D'Artagnan to hissister, "a young gentleman who has held my life in hishands, and who has not abused his advantage, although wehave been twice enemies, although it was I who insulted him,and although I am an Englishman. Thank him, then, madame,if you have any affection for me."




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      "Good," thought Milady; "she takes a pleasure in my conversation. Ifshe is a cardinalist, she has no fanaticism, at least.She then went on to describe the persecutions exercised by the cardinalupon his enemies. The abbess only crossed herself, without approving ordisapproving.

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      "Oh, poor woman, poor woman!" murmured Athos, in a broken voice.Mme. Bonacieux opened her eyes under the kisses of D'Artagnan."She revives!" cried the young man. "Oh, my God, my God, I thankthee!"

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       "Now I am alone, my dear Athos," said D'Artagnan; "open the door,I beg of you."

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      This other Musketeer formed a perfect contrast to hisinterrogator, who had just designated him by the name of Aramis.He was a stout man, of about two- or three-and-twenty, with anopen, ingenuous countenance, a black, mild eye, and cheeks rosyand downy as an autumn peach. His delicate mustache marked aperfectly straight line upon his upper lip; he appeared to dreadto lower his hands lest their veins should swell, and he pinchedthe tips of his ears from time to time to preserve their delicatepink transparency. Habitually he spoke little and slowly, bowedfrequently, laughed without noise, showing his teeth, which werefine and of which, as the rest of his person, he appeared to takegreat care. He answered the appeal of his friend by anaffirmative nod of the head.

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    {  "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.

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      And in spite of himself, the young man began to laugh aloud,looking round carefully, however, to see that his solitary laugh,without a cause in the eyes of passers-by, offended no one."As to Porthos, that is certainly droll; but I am not the less agiddy fool. Are people to be run against without warning? No!And have I any right to go and peep under their cloaks to seewhat is not there? He would have pardoned me, he would certainlyhave pardoned me, if I had not said anything to him about thatcursed baldric--in ambiguous words, it is true, but rather drollyambiguous. Ah, cursed Gascon that I am, I get from one hobbleinto another. Friend D'Artagnan," continued he, speaking tohimself with all the amenity that he thought due himself, "if youescape, of which there is not much chance, I would advise you topractice perfect politeness for the future. You must henceforthbe admired and quoted as a model of it. To be obliging andpolite does not necessarily make a man a coward. Look at Aramis,now; Aramis is mildness and grace personified. Well, did anybodyever dream of calling Aramis a coward? No, certainly not, andfrom this moment I will endeavor to model myself after him. Ah!That's strange! Here he is!"}

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      "Well, monsieur?" asked D'Artagnan.

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      The citizen made a fresh pause and continued, "I have a wife whois seamstress to the queen, monsieur, and who is not deficient ineither virtue or beauty. I was induced to marry her about threeyears ago, although she had but very little dowry, becauseMonsieur Laporte, the queen's cloak bearer, is her godfather, andbefriends her."

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       "It is indeed a favor, young man," replied M. de Treville, "butit may not be so far beyond your hopes as you believe, or ratheras you appear to believe. But his majesty's decision is alwaysnecessary; and I inform you with regret that no one becomes aMusketeer without the preliminary ordeal of several campaigns,certain brilliant actions, or a service of two years in someother regiment less favored than ours."

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    {  Toward the end of the evening, however, the beautifullioness became milder; she smilingly listened to the softspeeches of D'Artagnan, and even gave him her hand to kiss.D'Artagnan departed, scarcely knowing what to think, but ashe was a youth who did not easily lose his head, whilecontinuing to pay his court to Milady, he had framed alittle plan in his mind.

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      It is not my