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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  There was a moment of silence, which proved that thecardinal was employed in seeking the terms in which heshould write the note, or else in writing it. Athos, whohad not lost a word of the conversation, took his twocompanions by the hand, and led them to the other end of theroom.
2.  "But when I assure you that you may rely on my tenderness?""I cannot wait till tomorrow."
3.  "De Wardes; I know it," cried D'Artagnan.
4.  "I don't know what you mean," replied Felton, quietly, "and I amignorant of whom you are speaking, my Lord. I killed the Duke ofBuckingham because he twice refused you yourself to appoint me captain;I have punished him for his injustice, that is all."De Winter, stupefied, looked on while the soldiers bound Felton, andcould not tell what to think of such insensibility.One thing alone, however, threw a shade over the pallid brow of Felton.At every noise he heard, the simple Puritan fancied he recognized thestep and voice of Milady coming to throw herself into his arms, toaccuse herself, and die with him.
5.  "The FINGERS," resumed the Jesuit, "St. Peter blessed with theFINGERS. The Pope, therefore blesses with the fingers. And withhow many fingers does he bless? With THREE fingers, to be sure-one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost."All crossed themselves. D'Artagnan thought it was proper tofollow this example.
6.  "There are several branches of the D'Artagnans at Tarbes andin its environs," said the cardinal; "to which do youbelong?"


1.  "Perfectly well."
2.  At thirty-five, which was then his age, he passed, with justtitle, for the handsomest gentleman and the most elegant cavalierof France or England.
3.  "An opportunity will come," replied Rochefort.
4.  "Right. And you go--"
5.  "He was waiting for a woman," continued Treville."He departed immediately after having conversed for a minute withher whom he awaited."
6.  A short gallop brought them to the road of Chaillot; the daybegan to decline, carriages were passing and repassing.D'Artagnan, keeping at some distance from his friends,darted a scrutinizing glance into every carriage thatappeared, but saw no face with which he was acquainted.At length, after waiting a quarter of an hour and just astwilight was beginning to thicken, a carriage appeared,coming at a quick pace on the road of Sevres. A


1.  "The Guards of the cardinal! And why so?" asked Porthos, warmly."Because he plainly perceives that his piquette* stands in needof being enlivened by a mixture of good wine."
2.  "That's true," said the Guardsman, astonished that his name hadnot produced more effect upon the young man.
3.  "Dear lady," said Mme. Bonacieux, "pardon me for interrupting you; butwhat do you advise me to do? Good heaven! You have more experiencethan I have. Speak; I will listen."
4.  "Well; the Englishman and his companion are still here. Iremarked that he regretted the horse furniture very much. Youappear to think much of your horse. In your place I would stakethe furniture against the horse."
5.   "Without reckoning," objected Porthos, "that the queen wouldsave Monsieur de Buckingham, but would take no heed of us.""Gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "what Porthos says is full ofsense."
6.  There was a moment of trouble and confusion in the assembly.Everybody had remarked that something had passed between the kingand queen; but both of them had spoken so low that everybody, outof respect, withdrew several steps, so that nobody had heardanything. The violins began to sound with all their might, butnobody listened to them.


1.  "The one you bought will then become useless to you?""Nearly so."
2.  "It is mine, Monsieur Chevalier; it communicates with mymistress's by that door. But you need not fear. She willnot hear what we say; she never goes to bed beforemidnight,"
3.  "I saw her."
4、  D'Artagnan placed his naked sword under his arm, allowed the dukeand Mme. Bonacieux to take twenty steps ahead, and then followedthem, ready to execute the instructions of the noble and elegantminister of Charles I.
5、  "Let us first withdraw from this house; afterward we shall see."The young woman and the young man, without taking the trouble toshut the door after them, descended the Rue des Fossoyeursrapidly, turned into the Rue des Fosses-Monsieur-le-Prince, anddid not stop till they came to the Place St. Sulpice."And now what are we to do, and where do you wish me to conductyou?" asked D'Artagnan.




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      "Hold my stirrup, Bazin," cried Aramis; and Aramis sprang intothe saddle with his usual grace and agility, but after a fewvaults and curvets of the noble animal his rider felt his painscome on so insupportably that he turned pale and became unsteadyin his seat. D'Artagnan, who, foreseeing such an event, had kepthis eye on him, sprang toward him, caught him in his arms, andassisted him to his chamber.

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      Bazin perceived he was wrong; he bowed and went out."Ah!" said D'Artagnan with a smile, "you sell yourproductions at their weight in gold. You are veryfortunate, my friend; but take care or you will lose thatletter which is peeping from your doublet, and which alsocomes, no doubt, from your publisher."

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       We say the gravel he trod under his feet, for D'Artagnanmade these reflections while walking solitarily along apretty little road which led from the camp to the village ofAngoutin. Now, these reflections had led him further thanhe intended, and the day was beginning to decline when, bythe last ray of the setting sun, he thought he saw thebarrel of a musket glitter from behind a hedge.

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    {  "Then I will not leave you."

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      "Oh, there is no difficulty in that. I shall stop and conceal myself afew leagues hence until my brother can rejoin me. Well, I take you withme; we conceal ourselves, and wait together."}

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      "It was not he, then, you came to seek?"

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       "With the curate of Montdidier and the superior of the Jesuits ofAmiens."

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    {  "Your address at Paris?"

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      "What, then?" said Aramis, blushing."